Vanessa Hudgens is LAX Lovely

Vanessa Hudgens is LAX Lovely

Vanessa Hudgens covers up her Black Halo dress as she rushes her way through LAX airport
in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (May 15).

Earlier in the day, the 20-year-old Bandslam beauty joined costars Aly Michalka and Gaelan Connell at the Grammy Museum to take part in the Reel Thinking Event.

Bandslam hits theaters on Friday, August 14.

TELL JJJ: Where do you think Vanessa is heading?

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Credit: Stefan; Photos: INFdaily
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  • tabia

    where is she going to start filming her movie

  • Marie

    Vanessa looks beautiful.

  • Emily

    second! maybe shes going to see zac?

  • I dont wanna tell lol

    something happened..

  • hsmzanessafansite

    where is she going?!
    maybe to Japan to meet Zac??
    or maybe she is going on vacation and Zac will meet her there after Japan….
    all ideas…

    can’t wait for pics of wherever she is going….

    OMG, AM I 1st?!
    Doubtful, but that would be cool…

    I LOVE HER!!

  • I dont wanna tell lol

    shes rushing like crazy

  • hsmzanessafansite

    where is she going?!
    I wonder if she’s gonna go to Japan to meet Zac?!
    or she is going on vacation and Zac will meet her?!
    Who knows?!

    can’t wait for the pics…

    I LOVE HER!!!

  • Annabel

    ah, maybe she is going to japan to her love ??

  • Bradley

    Vanessa looks lovely.

  • Bradley
  • istar

    she looks gorgeous.
    im think NY?

  • e

    I think that it’s most likely that she’s heading to Montreal to do some pre-production work for ‘Beastly’, or something else work vise, because I think she’s caring a script in her bag.

  • suzy

    so hot.

  • Katty

    She’s probably going to some island she shouldn’t be going to because of the swine flu to meet Zac for a little mini vaca before they both start filming their movies this summer.
    These people need to stay where the hell they are at least until they have to go to shoot their movies. Geez.
    She’s probably just running late to getting her flight because of the event.

  • linda

    She’s heading to Montreal,filming Beastly!

  • gabrielle

    Montreal!!!! Hope I would meet her. Anyone knows where exactly is the movie shoot????


    i think she is going to see her boyfriend in Japan

  • bee

    Damn she’s all over the place.

    Get it Vanessa.


    shes probably going to film a new movie!!!???who knows ?but we will tomorow

  • susan

    always looks gorgeous!!
    why she’s rushing to get in.
    she might miss the flight?

  • dani

    the curious is gonna kill me

    vanessa where are you going?????????

    v rocks

  • Yasmin

    Maybe japan?
    You can see in one of the pics, that a man walks behind her, and he looks kinda like he’s japanese, it looks like hes headed the same way as her? But yeah, i know that thats only guessing, and that there’s only a slim chance :D

  • zanessa4life

    Oh, it’d be so cute if she’d fly to Zac!
    But it’s possible! I hope they really do a minivacation(or non-mini vacation) because they deserve it!

    Go Zanessa!

  • dani

    is there a video?????????????
    i think vanessa’s late

  • Zanessa Lover–x

    how beautiful is she <3 x

    it would be so cute if she was rushing to see Zac, hopefully she is JJJ keep us up to date with her !! xx

  • zanessa4everr

    i wonder where she’s going




  • zanessa4life

    Hey, lokk at pic 8
    It’s a Japanese walking behind her.
    What could that mean…?

  • Megan


    1:going to zac for the premire in japan

    2:going to on vaca and zacs going straight from japan to her

    3:new york

    i like 1 or 2 better lol

  • biggest vanessa hudgens fan!

    i think and hope that she will go to zac.
    she looks awsome, as always.

  • Nicole

    She loos beautiful as always. (:
    And I think she is going for more Bandslam promos.
    Honestly, everyone?
    He hasn’t been gone that long. I’m pretty sure neither of
    them aren’t THAT clingy.

  • ivanka

    right now she is in las vegas, visiting a sick friend, maybe for a foundation , i read this in zanessa forums..

  • Just Jill

    She was in Vegas earlier this week. These pictures are from TODAY

  • megan

    she is probably going somewhere for beastly

  • SOun

    Maybe supports Ashley.

  • Sinaline

    shes heading to vegas :)

  • Dee

    I hope she is going somewhere that she is going to be able to see Zac.

  • Lyca

    guys, lets calm down. I really doubt shes going to japan to meet zac okay?

  • Hannah

    guys she isn’t filming beastly until the summer that was already confirmed.

  • Lyca

    and no, it really wouldn’t be cool or cute if she was going to japan. I mean come on people, that IS a little too clingy

  • Bradley


    Why would Vanessa be going to New York.

  • Bradley


    Thanks Hannah.

  • dani

    please jjj keep posting vanessa’s news

  • raCHEL

    look it doesn’t matter where van is going. we will find out as soon as

    she land somewhere so everybody calm down bc we will get the

    new where she landed when it come out in the mean time just relax

    and wait for the news to come to us ok

  • veerocks!!!!!!!!

    @Sinaline: How do you know that she’s going to vegas? whats the url for the forums???

  • Zanesa4ever

    Maybe Japan I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mech


  • riana

    i think shes going on vacation- maybe not probably going to new york or maybe more promotion for bandslam??????

  • http://JJJ daydreamer

    maybe V and ZAC are meet6ing for a mini vacation after the premiere.I f she wasw to go to the premiere it would not be clingy if ZAC wanted her there, They are very close.

  • hunny

    Vanessa was in Vegas earlier this week visiting a sick fan. She was in NYC on Thursday shooting an Ecko Gear commercial. She was in LA on Friday and now is leaving for somewhere else! Busy girl. Just takes a little research to find these things out.

    She is looking great!