Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus Sing The Last Song

Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus Sing The Last Song

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth has been cast as the love interest for Miley Cyrus in The Last Song, Disney’s upcoming adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel.

According to THR, the story centers on a rebellious teenager (Cyrus) who is forced to spend the summer with the father who left her years earlier. Hemsworth is playing a member of the local cool crowd, an awesome beach volleyball player with Ivy League dreams.

The flick is scheduled to start filming in Georgia on June 15.

P.S. Liam‘s equally-as-handsome older brother Chris Hemsworth was just cast as Thor. And be sure to ceck out Liam‘s audition below for 90210, which he obviously didn’t get.

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  • nathaaalie


  • Anonymous

    he’s pretty hot.

  • martha

    he’s cute:)

  • tori

    No wonder they didn’t choose him to be on 90210. He’s a really bad actor.

  • sharri

    yeah. im soooooooo glad they casted Matt Lanter in 90210 instead!

  • MaRHea

    his ugly..lols

  • cc

    he’s cute and he has potential I just wish he would stop the lip thing

  • Tamara

    omg is so pretty

  • jo

    Cute! Looks like a good fit. We’ll see….

  • tina

    he’s cuteee (: the film’s gonna be so good! <3

  • sah

    omg he is hot! poor nick miley is surrounded by hot looking guys with better bodies than him! he could keep on dating girls that look like they are 12 like selena while miley is around real hot looking guys! well miley does have a great hot looking body! man nick look like such a kid next to him and justin hahah!!

  • listen to mayday parade

    MAN LIAM AND ANNIE KISS!!!! SHOOT I should not have watched that. Now Im bummed. Liam and Naomi are good together!

  • m

    he’s fineeee

  • Shley

    He kind of reminds me of Channing Tatum…some of his mannerisms or facial expressions or something.

  • jo

    he can definitely play a jock but he looks freakin old!

  • LindsAY

    He’s okaay. Oh no with Miley it’s certainly going ot bombb! What idoits, there are better actresses better than her!

  • idk

    how old is he ?

  • ivanka

    he looks like a dork, i think the plot is cool but she just ruins it.. sorry its my opinion

  • billythekid


    As usual your opinion is full of holes, just like swiss cheese. With you it’s always the negative no matter what the topic is regarding Miley. You are just a lame-a*s hater who only seems to have one purpose in your sorry life. A serious critic would have problems with one thing or another, but you have problems with every single thing about her, no matter if it’s her hair, her clothes, music etc etc etc. Therefore, you are just a freakin joke who needs to be put over their mommies knee and spanked like the spoiled brat you are.

  • jamie

    @sah: shut up dats not nice

  • Erin

    He sounds just like Chris!

    He’s cute!

  • lalala

    @LindsAY: yeahh well TOO BAD… nicholas sparks is writting the script FOR HER. plus you’ve never really seen her in any dramatic role…so wait for the movie than you can judge.

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    WOW!!!!! He’s hot!!!! But i could tell this movie won’t be good. It’s a disney. Nicholas Sparks books and movies are mature. And disney isn’t suppose to be or is mature.

  • moma

    he’s kinda cute.

  • lol

    i heard that it gonna be touchstone which is owned by disney

  • natasha


  • carolin

    I believe in miley she did pretty good in hmtm and she can surprice u she has really good skills and may leave u amaze so please don’t judge they haven’t even started filming let the movie come out and see if is goog or not even dough some of this haterzzs will say it suck even if it is a total success because they have something call ”no life” and leave here hating on miley

  • billythekid


    Yeah right. He is lucky to have been picked for the role. Yesterday he was someone MOST people – including yours truly – never heard of and today, he is known for being Miley’s co-star. Sounds like Miley was more than good enough for him or any other Australian you could care to tangle out there. Matter of fact, please don’t tangle any more of them out there; keep them over there!

  • jessica

    yay! i used to love chris hemsworth on home and away (an australian TV show). his brother’s so cute. :)

  • LYla

    did anyone else notice that they changed the characters name from mark to LIAM..

  • rozza

    haha hes from Neighbours he played josh in the wheel chair good luck to him in hollywood hes such a cute and his brother is also

  • anna

    he’s so hot!
    i ca’t wait to see the movie!
    this just makes me more excited!

  • bailey

    this is gunna make people mad, but seriously, they need to cast some more..normal looking guys. I mean, this guy and his brother are drop dead and miley cyrus is one fo the most average(if that) looking girls around. Shes really not attractive in the slightest without her hair and makeup all done up. It just looks random casting these hot guys to be in films with her, when in real life you would NEVER see that pairing. And dont even get me started on Justin Gaston. Think anybody with a brain knows he is pretty much the biggest famewhore around.

  • bianca

    @billythekid: OhMyGosh!!!! LIAM!!! i love you playing Josh!!! and what the heck are you talking about ‘billythekid’? is there something wrong with Australian’s??

  • Vanessa

    hes wicked cutee! ;) but him acting with her isnt very good, i dont think she’ll do very well with him…

  • amanda

    i wonder how old is he? he looks 20 or 21…what do u guys think?

  • victoria

    he is soooooooooooooooooooooo HOT~!
    and he is not that bad… he is trying hard to hide the accent thats what is hurting his acting.

  • fanfan

    Miley is the best teen actress on the planet. This guy is only a co-star, not a love interest. Haters who post on this board are jealous of Miley, of course. They comments don’t make sense and fly in the face of the fact that Miley is the world’s NUMBER ONE TEEN STAR in any media.

  • hingman

    Miley is just about the cutest girl around. You can tell cuz she’s on every magazine cover and so many paparazzi are taking her photo. Whoever says she’s average looking must be reading this with Braille.

  • steph

    HES A HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iloved how he moved his lips that was the hotest!!!!!!!!

  • JuliE UK

    Chris also star in an aussie soap “neighbours”

  • Megan Fox fan

    He’s gorgeous! Can’t wait for this movie. Miley is going to be such a huge success in movies. She has so much talent and just gets more beautiful each day!

  • nkeeyah

    I want to be in this movie! It would be awesome. Any info: email:

  • jimmy

    I don’t think they can beat the legendary Walk To Remember
    ….but if they do…. WOW

  • DAni:)

    Even tho it is going to be a more mature role for miley which is good, I’m happy it’s disney cause it’ll be more like for her age. But I can’t wait:) miley got lucky.. He’s hot!! Lol

  • Kayla

    I think is way too old for her.

  • Kayla

    i think Liam is too old for Miley.

  • princess

    why is miley dating that guy

  • MileyCyrusFan4ever


  • MileyCyrusFan4ever

    shes in love u fool.

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