Miley Cyrus Rides The Banana Boat

Miley Cyrus Rides The Banana Boat

Miley Cyrus hangs on for dear life as she rides a banana boat around The Bahamas’ Paradise Island on Saturday afternoon (May 16).

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana hottie hung around the beach with younger siblings Noah and Braison.

The Cyrus family has had a blast in The Bahamas this week and even swam with the dolphins!

Miley will be performing TONIGHT as part of the Atlantis Live! concert series.

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Credit: SDFL/Sinky; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jada


  • Rachel

    how can people call her fat? i don’t get it! she’s so skinny!

  • britney

    She looks like she’s having fun [: She deserves a vacation.
    Super cute bikini and such a nice body =)

  • Victoria

    ya definitely not fat!
    she has killer and long legs

  • Michaela

    I’m soo jelous.
    1.shes at the Bahamas.
    2.shes really skinny.
    3.shes really pretty.
    4.I love her bikini.

  • ivanka

    ew her bikini is ugly
    she is always doing dumb facial expressions


    she has a really gorgeous body. but ick at her face. without make-up she looks like a pug.

  • http://jjj miley

    she needs a vaca and she looks really happy! :):):)
    miley rocks!
    ps:vote for her and zac and vanessa’s kiss on please! they deserve it!!! :)

  • mileysupporta4eva



  • LAnet


    lmao wow talk about jealous…get a life!

  • mileysupporta4eva

    UGHH..I’M SO JEALOUS…JUST LIKE MICHAELA SAID…SHE’S IN THE BAHAMAS. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL. SHE’S SO TALENTED…AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON…oh..and ivanka? that bikini is beautiful. you probably don’t even own a bikini because you can’t find one that fits.

  • tay

    i’m so jealous of her stomach!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Even though I don’t really like her, have to admit she has an amazing body and a nice tan. And she’s definitly not fat!
    But also I don’t really like the bikini..

  • Katha

    I’m soo jelous.
    1.shes at the Bahamas.
    2.shes really skinny.
    3.shes really pretty.
    4.I love her bikini.

  • jonaslover!!!

    she looks amazing.
    i dont understand how anyone can call her fat
    she looks awesome.
    her bathing suit is supper cute.


    that bikini is a bit ugly. it doesn’t match and the bikini top doesn’t flatter her half as much as it could.

  • Michaela

    @mileysupporta4eva you go girl.
    Thanks to everyone that agrees with my other comment.

  • jen

    she’s so pretty!! i hate stupid people calling her fat!


    GO!! and vote everyday :)

  • keyla

    hola aww amo a miley cyrus
    y a los jonas brothers si soy de mexico arriba los latinos
    18 y 19 de mayo los jonas brothers en perú wiwi

    los amO

  • nathalia

    she has an AMANZING body!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Miley has a slammin body for a 16 year old! I’m jealous

  • Retah

    The ONLY thing fat on Miley is her wallet. Screw you haters. Jealous bitches, the whole lot of you. Most of you would kill to have Miley’s body. She looks great.

  • CiCi

    she looks really pretty in the pic with her hands on her hips

  • carl

    HOLY Macro miley looks hot and tone in a bikiny!! she has a hot body!

  • mimi

    miley looks great in that bikiny she has a really nice body wow!! why can i look like that!!

  • soda

    amazing body? are u kidding me? her butt nlooks awful and she is just not a pretty girl

  • migui

    she has a nice body , but she could of picked out a better bikini..that one is alright

  • mate

    wow! wow! wahoooo! miley looking hooooot! she has like the best body on disney girl star she not only skinny but tone too! i agreed with carl! The girl look gooooood!! i been dying to see her in a bikiny and this way better than i thought wow!!


    # 22, you must be a kid with a fucking horrible and fat body. don’t be jealous of miley, c’mon. everybody here agrees she has an amazing body even the haters.
    so shut up and get a life. or maybe get a personal trainer haha


    don’t get why ANYONE might call her fat GOSHHH
    she’s got long thin BEAUTIFUL legs and her body’s GREAT!

  • daniella

    oh yeah miley you’re really fat. she has not one bit of flab. i’m sick of her little twitter rants. it’s sad how she always needs attention.

  • arantxa

    jealous ?
    dont tell me you are skinnier & prettier 8-)

  • joecool

    @soda: Jealousy makes people blind!!
    Miley is a beautiful girl!!

  • Miley is amazing!

    i think shes doing that to show those haters that shes not fat at all.
    i mean,shes amazing.she has a nice body,she is not fat.
    so you haters must see this pic and all of ya will have your mouth opened for a few mins.

    plus,her bikini is amazing.super-cuteeeeeee
    i love that pic with her hands on her hips
    she looks so awesomeee.
    ah,i love her!

  • rii

    @daniella: i for one think the first tweet about her thighs was a joke. because everybodys thighs should jiggle, skinny or fat. thighs are supposed to have a lot of fat. if your thighs dont jiggle then there really might be something wrong with you and you should go to the doctors. but then people started saying she was fat or that she was insulting skinny people. its people like you who take everything she says seriously and construe it any way you want.

  • Sarah

    If people think Miley’s fat let them say it!
    They have the rights, they comment about the update,
    That’s were this commentbox is made for!
    And maybey they’re skinnier then Miley, who knows…

  • amy

    wow her figure is amazing she is no way fat they are just jelous haters and dont have her figure

  • billythekid


    Too bad this is a “kid’s site” or I would tell you exactly where you could stick your opinion.

    This is her life – that is, to try to make someone else’s life miserable. Adds up to being a total loser :)


    You can’t even see her butt, so what are you talking about? Maybe Miley isn’t beauty queen pretty, but she is definitely not ugly. Besides, in my opinion what makes Miley Cyrus special isn’t her look, but her general style of being unique. It’s a special quality that leaves everyone else grasping for “the next Miley Cyrus”.

  • sergio

    buena noticia

  • jo

    GREAT BOD!! Cute bikini.

    Her twitter” rants” are a joke and it seems more like she does them so girls would know she is relatable and a normal girl w normal insecurities!

  • ash rockz

    She’s got a hot body!
    Can’t believe some people say, she’s fat.

    She deserves it (:

  • Toni and Angela :)

    OMG! WOW! Miley has an awesome bikini body! People who say she’s fat are either A. Jealous. B. Blind Or C. Anorexic because her body is perfect. Miley is absolutely gorgeous and her legs are stunning! We love her, she’s adorable. Man, you haters are just so full of hatred and jealousy, its not even funny. You’re so insecure that you have to put others down to make yourself feel better. It doesn’t make you cool to make fun of anybody, it just makes you a bunch of jerks and someday you’ll realize how cruel you’re being to this poor girl. God bless all of you guys and have a nice day :)

  • Toni and Angela :)

    Also, she looks like she’s having so much fun. I’m happy for her, she deserves to be happy :) Miley is AMAZING!

  • ivanka

    @LAnet: why do you people always think is jealousy? really, i dont like her bikini okay? not everyone have to like it, for me its horrible its not my style..

  • delsy

    i got a girl crush on her

  • sharpaiy

    omgee her bikini bod is fab!!!! miley dont listen to the haterzz you look fierce!!!

  • delsy

    god i am so jealous of her love her

    don’t forget to vote for miley at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS

  • Zanessa lover

    i’m not a huge fan of mileys but she looks nice and relaxed seeming she doing a show tonight, i just got her milestogo book! [:

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    Miley is sooo fit and
    cute! I <3 her.
    She looks like she’s
    having sooooooooooo
    much fun! I wish
    I could go to the Bahamas
    with Miley! Lol.

  • 251458


>>>>>>> staging1