Taylor Swift Takes 'Dateline' on Tour

Taylor Swift Takes 'Dateline' on Tour

Taylor Swift and Lucas Till sandwich in JJJ reader Lauren outside a local ice cream parlor in Nashville earlier this week.

Lauren writes to us, saying, “My friends and I decided to go and eat ice-cream and we ran into Taylor Swift and Lucas Till again. They were holding hands and acted like a couple. But they still were really nice and talked to us. Both are really nice and down to earth, they were pretty normal just getting ice-cream on a date night.”

FYI: Go behind-the-scenes on Taylor‘s Fearless tour by tuning into Dateline: On Tour With Taylor Swift. The one-hour special offers an inside look at her tour, including concert and backstage footage from three continents, interviews with Taylor and her band and crew. You even go inside her tour bus!

Dateline: On Tour With Taylor Swift will air Sunday, May 31 @ 7PM/ET on NBC.

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  • ceren

    They’re totally dating and it’s really cute! Team Taylor all the way baby

  • mej1031

    noo, if its true that lucas and taylor are a couple that suckss!
    cause lucas is suppose to be singlee(: haha. hes to cute for her.
    not saying that taylors not pretty cause shes GORGEOUSEE!!!(idk that i spelt that right / : ) butt yeahhh, well tahts cooll! first?

  • smiley

    awww i think lucas and taylor look so cute together and also selena and taylor lautner are adorable. i see selena and taylor(swift) both have boyfriends now haha :)

  • http://jjj miley

    i love taylor and they make a cute couple! :)

  • britney

    I hope they’re dating :) And if they are – I hope they just say it – we’ll be happy for them!
    Adorable couple and they deserve each other. It’s cute that Taylor was Lucas’ celebrity crush.

  • Jess

    Aww, they’re cute together.
    Good for her…and him!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com kate

    OMG i LOve them sooo much xoxo Lucas is Hot and taylor is beautiful Perfect couple
    Laylor 4 ever!!!!!!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com kate

    Lucas and taylor = Love <33

  • J

    Why’s the girl’s face blacked out in the photos?

  • m

    well it’s kinda became obvious that they r dating…
    they r cute! but it kinda bugs be that taylor is dating her friend ex
    aka miley…

  • born3o

    awww…..LOVE them together!!!!!

  • jordanlvsnicky

    finally she is dating someone taller than her….cute couple.

  • ivanka

    @jordanlvsnicky: jaja sotruee!

    ilovetheem as a couplee=)
    a good rebound..

  • diane

    The girl in the top photo is named Marissa not Lauren. And that lacrosse game took place in mid April!

    So whoever sent in this story is lying! And she clearly stole those photos from Marissa’s myspace. I know cause I’m friends with her on MySpace.

  • diane

    JJJ you need to remove this story. If you want I can give you the link to the real owner of those photos. I also talked to Marissa on MySpace a couple days after the lacrosse that took place on April 18th I think… not “the other day” as suggested.

  • amy

    aww thats cute, since taylor was lucas’s crush. they aare both gorgeous, and would make a great couple :D woop

  • Just Jill

    The story was altered on Marissa’s request.

  • diane

    Do you mean to tell me that your gonna keep this story on here EVEN THOUGH the person stole photos that didn’t belong to her and is clearly lying about when this all took place???

    They were not at ice cream parlor a couple days ago. Clearly since both Taylor and Lucas are wearing the same outfits they wore in photos posted on here weeks ago taken during the YBWM photo shoot. Also, Taylor is on tour so these photos were not taken in Nashville. Nor were they taken the other day…

  • mileycyrusfan

    Omg, I hope I win this contest to meet or get a phone call from Miley Cyrus :



  • mileycyrusfan

    Omg, I hope I win this contest to meet or get a phone call from Miley Cyrus :



  • sjs

    Well, good for them. I hope they’re happy. But I do NOT find Lucas attractive at all. And I’m pretty sure he is not taller than her. He actually looks a tad shorter in that pic.

  • Don’tmesswithme


  • tia

    i think it was clear to anyone with a brain they were dating.

  • ponytail

    Is Lucas Till the rebound boyfriend of all the Jonases ex-girlfriends?
    He said he dated Miley ,and now is he really dating Taylor?

  • Nel

    Guys don’t believe this story. As suggested by Diane, its A LIE!!! You’d be foolish to believe any of this. However, it would be easy since nothing on this site is screened for the truth. Taylor nor Lucas have been anywhere near Nashville in a minute.

  • http://gmail michelle

    really cute couple go see the music video of You Belong With me they are so cute together

  • anon

    I say he could do SO much better. Whatever happened to him and Emily Osment, anyway?

  • ash

    This story is a lie! The pictures are from when they filmed Taylor’s latest music video, “You Belong With Me.”

  • Phil i.

    Have to agree with Diane above, the picture looks totally fake and cropped by using several different images.

  • ashanz

    sooo cute! he has been at a few of her concerts so i think they are :] waaay better than joe…plz jobro fans don’t kill me

  • trishh jonas

    i hope they are dating :] and we will of course support them so they should just come out and say it .. it really bugs me when they try to hide it .. he is always at her shows and everything .. cute couple :]

  • born3o

    @ashanz: support ya….joe is kinda midget for her…lucas’s jus rite…and i love his deep voice…not kiddy like ‘that’ guy…

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com kate

    he does have a Hot voice

  • trish

    @diane: so what gives? are they a couple or what? I hate when ppl post crap. that is how it gets all crazy, I hope they are together, I have been waiting on it but now I dk to believe it.

  • Kristy


    He’s not Miley’s ex.. Miley was dating Justin Gaston before, during and after the filming of ‘hannah montana’… Miley and Justin are still dating.

  • diane


    I don’t know if they’re dating. Judging from the Mojo interview Taylor gave recently, she’s single. I know one thing for sure though and that is this story is a complete lie. Trust me!

  • Nel


    Get you facts straight honey! Lucas himself confirmed in a radio interview not so long ago that he in fact DATED Miley.

  • Nel

    @Phil i.:

    I have to agree as well. And the photo does look photo shopped.

  • irene.

    awww so cute<3
    if that’s really true,it will be great:)
    they’re perfectly together.

  • Carol

    If they are dating i wish them luck but the person that posted this should be ashamed taylor and lucas could get asked about this in interviews and be made to look liars if they denie it

  • Jenny Diffley


    TEAM LAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nada

    RUN LUCAN RUN !!!! .. god if something happens between her and lucas well his career will be over before it ever started she’ll probably write a song about him and bash infront of 10000 of fans but what the hell as long as she’s finally happy then that’s ok i guess she’s cool !!

  • daynahrose

    Wow i hope they are dating.He is so so good for her.She deseves someone who will care about her and not muck her about like that scum-bag joe jonas.They look so cute together and Lucas is way way hotter than Joe..i hope they are dating and if not get together..

  • daynahrose

    @nada: Well if he treats her badly..then so what if she writes a song about him..and if it ends his career then he’ll think twice about treating a girl badly..but on a lighter note it hasnt been confirmed they are dating and if they are Taylor hasnt been hurt..so im happy

  • Nel


    The person who posted this should be ashamed on two grounds:
    1) for stealing photos that aren’t hers.
    2) conjuring up this tale

  • Mandyy

    oh my gosh im histerical crying!!!!! theyre sooo freakin cuteeeeeeeeee

  • tara


    Her face is blocked out because she doesnt want the world knowign who she is. she doesnt want her face all over the internet

  • Masirissa jane

    Well i do think they should go out and they actually might be but if this story isn’t treu whoever made it should be ashamed

  • Boo

    This picture looks really photo shopped…… And not just because of the black x’s over the girls eyes but lucas look 5x’s smaller than taylor and the othwr girl

  • http://justjared ali cat

    Cute the video they did really well together now there dating just to cute…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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