Alyson Michalka & Gaelan Connell Rock Out

Alyson Michalka & Gaelan Connell Rock Out

Alyson Michalka and Gaelan Connell yell at one of their costars in this new still from their upcoming flick, Bandslam.

The duo star as the high school outcast (Connell) and popular girl (Michalka) who bond over their shared love of music and results in them assembling a rock group that looks to win their school’s upcoming battle of the bands competition.

Bandslam also stars Vanessa Hudgens and former Friends star Lisa Kudrow. The movie hits theaters on August 14th.

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Photos: Summit Entertainment
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  • bruno

    im gonna love this movie!!this movie is gona rock!

  • Ix3HSM

    Cant wait till Bandslam comes out!
    Love Vanessa :D


    comment on pic #8

    finally vannessa is taller then her co-stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lmfao)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh, ‘they’ just LOVE teasing us.. it’s only May. It comes out in August. So far yet so close. GR. Can’t wait to see this one !! :D

    @JUSTJAREDJR: Lol..oh and Gaelan looks REALLY creepy in pic. #8 too…wow.

  • ZanessaLuvr

    Can’t wait to see it!
    It’s kind of a coincidence that both Zac & Vanessa’s co-stars were former “Friends” stars

  • BabiiVfanforeva

    OMG I so cant wait to see Bandslam :D
    im so excited about it ..cant wait to see vanessa in it :D

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    @JUSTJAREDJR: @ZanessaLuvr: That is funny that she’s finally taller then her co-stars even if she’s standing & they’re sitting. @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: He does look kinda creepy. @ZanessaLuvr: It is kinda weird how they both got co-stars from Friends.

  • http://jjj miley

    the movie is gonna be awesome! can’t wait! :)

  • zanessa misser

    where is vanessa and where is zac ?

    i havent see zanessa new for 4 weekend

  • V…4ever

    Really can’t wait for the soundtrack. Come on Summit, gi’me more more more.


  • Fersken22
  • lslsharon

    can’t wait for the movie!!!!
    love nessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lslsharon

    can’t wait for the movie!!!!
    love nessa!!!!!

  • Sofia

    @Fersken22: actually the vid shows a piece of ashley’s interview in which she simply says they’ve been together for 3 years, the interviewrs say it’s a long time, they all laught…and that’s all…

  • bridget

    cool. Really want to hear the songs though.

  • evelinilovezanessa

    There is a note that people Magazzi vanessa is in New York with her dad
    I think this note is that last week she traveled to Las Vegas and then to New York to agency ecko. but also bestly and began filming in New York.
    and took the Malente great, but then where is zac because we have not seen that in Japan there is no return pictures that Vanessa was also seen in the terminal flight go to asia and told people that saw the plane with for Japan, and if she went to New York or Montreal to another terminal of the airport is not the truth and to think … if they are together on vacation or working in New York with her father.

    sorry for my inglish

    Where ‘JJJ zac and vanessa?

  • Karen


    It was reported that she had gone to Las Vegas to visit a sick fan and then she was in NYC for Ecko BEFORE she was seen at the LAX airport. So, it would seem that she took a very quick trip earlier in the week to LV and then NY and then back to LA by Friday for the special Bandslam appearance with Aly and Gaelen. THEN came the pictures of her at LAX flying off to what is believed Japan. Considering there were people who twittered she had been seen there and the fact when they were in Japan in January everyone left them alone and there were no paps, then most assume that is where they are. Zac, being alone—no family or “friends” with him when doing the 17 Again promotion—seemed quite happy considering he usually is a little more serious looking when he does these tours alone. Maybe he knew in a few short days Vanessa was going to join him and he felt pretty secure they would not be “papped” on this little vacation so he was extremely happy in doing his promotion.

  • Karen

    BTW, if she would have touched down in JFK she would have been spotted since everyone knew she had been in LAX or at the very least there would be no way she would not have been spotted in NYC by now if she was still there. Considering Zac nor Vanessa have been spotted arriving back in LAX I’m fairly sure they are together somewhere.

    I thought the interviewers with Ashley were snotty. They just couldn’t wait to ask a question about Zac and Vanessa and Ashley was quite serious—she should have told them to mind their own business and that it was HER they were suppose to be interviewing so get around to doing that since they kept playing around trying to get to that Zac and Vanessa question—-and then the interviewers had to be smart alacks like over 3 years of dating in a town like LA is nothing. They must not have heard of John Meyer & Jennifer Aniston or John Meyer and Jessica Simpson or John Meyer and WHOEVER! They just want to make light of Zac and Vanessa because of their ages…these people are pathetic.

  • toni

    LIZA KUDROW!!! :D Hah, I love love love her in Friends. She’s my favorite. When I saw that she was going to be in the movie, I spazzed. o_o BUT ALY! She’s gosh darn gorgeous. (‘: <3 Vah too.

  • dani

    thanks for the information about nessa but how do you know???????????????????????????????????????

  • zanessaloverss123

    ohh ii thinkk they are sooo in vacationn hahahah always that is happen is because they are in vacation lol hahaa cantt waitt forr the movie ness rockss

  • zanessa misser

    where is zanessa ?? is they in japan ??

    plz somebody tell me

  • Karen

    zanessa misser:
    Do you ever READ any other comment or do you just keep asking this question?

  • hannahh

    vanessa looks STUNNINGGG <3 as alwaysss
    i eel sorry for her having to kiss him though. she must have been cringing soooooooo bad. especially as she is used t kissing zac who is gorgusss lol

  • awurbii


    I agree about the interviewers. What was up with that?? The fact that Zac and Vanessa are so young yet they have managed to sustain a relationship for more than 3 years in hollywood is an admirable feat. How many young couples last that long. Especially in hollywood. They’re obviously people that are married and have been in longer relationships so they feel that Vanessa and Zac’s relationship isn’t anything.

  • Karen

    Well, they were making fun of the female interviewer and she was making fun of herself saying she is in love for 3 days and then by the 7th day she isn’t in love anymore. Apparently she is not married so I don’t know why they were making fun of a couple who fell for each other while they were just teenagers but yet are STILL together. Furthermore, half the interview was over before they ever started the actual interview or made any sense. It was all inane jabber. Then they really started off by asking something about Zac and Vanessa… I guess they thought they wouldn’t seem so “obvious” if they acted like they weren’t taking the whole Zac and Vanessa stuff that seriously. I mean after all what difference did it make about whether they are actually in love or not? It was suppose to be an Ashley interview and about all the things she is doing at this time. I think they really came off looking ridiculous and it was very insulting to Ashley. They just wanted to get some information about Zac and Vanessa because they are just as interested in them as anyone else but then they make a joke because they don’t want to look like they are acting like a “tween”. At least people could do is be honest about their curiosity!

  • idk

    @zanessa misser:


>>>>>>> staging1