Jonas Brothers - Europe Tour Dates Announced!!!

Jonas Brothers - Europe Tour Dates Announced!!!

The Jonas Brothers crouch down to pose with some of their Peruvian fans on Tuesday afternoon (May 19) in Lima.

Nick, Kevin and Joe tweeted, saying, “We got to meet some of our amazing fans in Peru today! Thanks for all your love guys! Can’t wait for tonight’s show!!!! -JB.”

The JoBros just announced additional Europe Tour Dates!! Click inside to see if they’re coming to your city…

Jonas Brothers – European World Tour Dates

November 3 – Italy – Milan Forum
November 4 – Italy – Pesaro Adriatic Arena
November 6 – Italy – Turin Pala Olimpico
November 7 – Switzerland – Zurich Hallenstadion
November 13 – Netherlands – Rotterdam Ahoy
November 14 – Belgium – Antwerp Sportpalais
November 24 – Ireland – Dublin O2 Arena

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  • reginna




  • reginna

    i wish so badly that JBs do not cancel concert in mexicooo!!!

  • kara

    theyre all ugly and cant sing

  • reginna

    no spain ?

    weird :/

  • m

    these are additional tour dates…go to their official site for more.
    and they are coming to spain…

  • Luis

    I wish they could come to Guatemala… I think its gonna be in the next time or maybe sooner than that… anyways I have to be in one of their concerts… someday! JJJ you rock!

  • ciara

    i lahhvvv joe<3[:

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    It seems JB is losing more fans. It seems like Joe changed a lot cause if anybody saw that new picture w/ the red shirt & he was wet it looks like he’s trying to hard to be sexy. I miss the Joehawk. Hopefully their new CD hasn’t changed to much, because when I was listening to paranoid it sounded REALLY different.

  • tara

    I LOVE U BOYS :) i wish i was ther to c y a:)
    im comign in da summmmer :)

  • lori ezzedine

    omg, november 24th is my birthday! :)

  • Caroline Jonas

    OMG! that is wonderfall!
    BUT WHATT!¿¿?? if when I went right there the jonas brothers DONT LET TAKED PICTURES.!!!!!!!!!!!! why… abuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  • christine

    they’re ugly fags

    who are overrated, &doesn’t deserve all this fame

  • Lauren

    #12 not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shayylee

    more tour dates for europe? how about austrlaia?
    they havent made any for here yet.
    unfaiiir :/

  • naomi

    @reginna: They already did!

  • overated.

    @christine: I actually find it true. Their overrated. I used to like them but that was before the fame got into their heads.

  • harvey

    They will be in Australia early December – dates to be confirmed soon.

  • Megan

    Americans: I’m Canadian and can’t vote… But idol is my fav show.. Pls vote KRISS ALLEN nowwwwwww!!!! Now :) please! Adam screams too much :p. Ph and vhudge 4 MTV movie awards !

  • Ella1170

    I bet Peru is beautiful cause the fans look very pretty! ;) I wish I was there!

  • annie


    u are so WRONG in all u already said….!!!

  • annie

    JB has a good and solid TRUE fans around the world (not USA only) they are amazin…. so if somebodY says that “JB are losing fans” and PRETEND to be a “fan” but critize everything of what the boys are doing is because is “not a real fan” is a hater
    the JB are growin up and changing and like me and many other TRUE FANS ( and we are a lot by the way) we are so happy with the decision they are doing now….”

    JB rocks !! and for the “haters” suck it…losers!!

  • Cris

    just came back from their concert!!!! DEMI was amazing!!! the brothers were like SOOO COOL all of them… Demi told us that she’s coming back to Peru again but single and im SOO going! im still exited!! cant bealive it! i saw them leaving the place such a rockstars! i was about to follow them to the hotel.. but i was like… hmmm school tomorrow no way grrr but i love them soo much… grate gratee

  • Javo


    yes alot of cute girls here

  • suzette

    agree with all those saying they’re ugly and have no talent :)
    thank god they’re not stepping on germany
    at least not yet

  • kayla

    hey look they’re wearing justin’s white shirt lol!

  • ponytail

    then why are you wasting your time in a jb post if they are ugly and have no talent???

  • Sarah.

    Yay, their coming to the Netherlands in november! and it’s my favourite city; Rotterdam.

  • marilina

    no greece????:’(

  • mehr

    come on!!!! please come to asia!!!!! ive been sitting and

    ill wait
    for them
    to come
    they wont break my heart
    cuz they are
    jonas brothers

    COME ON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we love you!

  • Christinitza

    no serbia…..soooooooooooooo lame :(((((((((((((

  • flora

    what about Asia and Australia?!!! :(

  • http://- Bogyi

    no hungary :’(((

  • Daga

    They should visit Poland…

  • shan

    still no scotland.
    yet, they said on NATIONAL tv that they would,
    great way to dissapoint fans :/

  • Michaela

    i wish they can go to Monaco =(

  • Sarah

    haha i love how nick & joe are wearing those sexy white v necks and kevin isn’t,
    kevin is sexy:D


    Whats up with Barcelona, Spain?
    Where is November 11!!!!!??

  • Ellie

    Oh JoBrossssss
    Especially for coming to Italy 3 times *__*
    i Love youuu
    Italy loves you
    (God bless you)

  • lllriollll

    I bought my tickets for their show in Holland :)

  • Yvonne

    Kevin keeps getting hotter by the day :)

  • G

    yeoooo their comin to ireland
    they wer so getting killed by me nd mi friends if the didnt lol
    failte to ya bois thats welcome in irish
    (i think thats how u spell it)

  • Edward Cullen

    Are those the only tour places that they are touring ?

  • camille

    Ehm?? They are coming to Denmark november 1st??

  • kj

    They just get better and better. Can’t wait to see them in a few weeks!

  • flora

    @Edward Cullen: actually there is alot more on their official site,but its only America and Eroup,hopefuly they will add Asian and Australian dates 2,as they promised!,i just hope they do! :(

  • Luana

    This guys are AMAZING!!!The two concerts were a blast!I can’t believe how many fans they could have here in Perú!they were like sleeping outside the hotel!it was OMG!!!The thing I love the most bout the concert was when they were singing “when u look me in the eyes”, Kevin was so cute, Nick was playing the piano while OMG!Joe was holding Peru’s flag while singing and I was about to cry,was a very special moment for all peruvian boys and girls here! They’re very great boys and they just showed it that’s why I love them more now,they’ve demostrate they have a beautiful heart. *JB PERU LOS AMA! GRACIAS POR ESTA EXPERIENCIA!! VUELVAN PRONTO!!!!*

  • jb rocker meghan

    omg ive got tickets to manchester i sooooo cnt wait it will be the first time ive got to c JB bc there always in lodon an dat like 4 / 5 ours away from liverpool

  • flora

    @Luana: aww thats the sweetest thing ever! it shoes they r not like other celebs!
    they rock <3

  • pia

    Jobros in Argentina!!!!

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