Miley Cyrus is Smoke House Hot

Miley Cyrus is Smoke House Hot

Fresh off a mini-vacation in The Bahamas, Miley Cyrus keeps a hold on her mom Tish as they leave a late night dinner at The Smoke House on Tuesday (May 18) in Burbank, Calif.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet, who sported big bro Trace‘s band Metro Station on her hoodie, was anxious to leave the restaurant after a long day at work.

Tish was seen carrying a lot of papers in her hands.

Miley & Tish Cyrus leave The Smoke House, 05/18

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Credit: Ahmad Elatab-SaleemElatab; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • http://jjj miley

    she looks great! such a cute outfit! :)
    ps:metro station rocks! :P

  • amanda

    she looks always looks pretty!! not fair!!:D luv her!!

  • Matt

    Simply gorgeous.

  • m

    she was with cast of lats song.she post a picture on her twitter
    page..can’t wait for that film!!

  • gerty

    she looks gorgeous as usual
    she’s awesome :D

  • Delilah_Marie

    Yes. She was meeting with all the cast of The Last Song! :D

  • 251458

    love miley

  • simon

    miley is getting prettier and prettier love her hair like that! she should always do it like that!!

  • tia

    isint it interesting how the paparazzi ALWAYS know where she is going to be. The only they would know that is if someone from her circle was tipping them off. Either she is super pathetic and addicted to the attention or she really shoudnt be trusting someone close to her

  • Toni and Angela :)

    Miley looks absolutely gorgeous here! Of course this isn’t the first post she looked gorgeous in… She looks gorgeous in all of her posts :) I love her and her hair, haha.
    That’s also a cute outfit. I love the Metrostation hoodie, its adorable! :D

  • Daga

    I like Miley, she looked amazing ;)

  • Rochel


  • Sarah


  • Al

    Is she still in Bahamas or is she back in LA?



    the papz said theres a small camp of paps outside her house!!! thats why they know where shes going!!

  • jo


    They follow her from the minute she leaves home.

  • jordanlvsnicky

    Honestly I think Miley tips off the paparazzi to make news. Doesn’t bother me one bit. We are all interested in what she is doing so there ya go. Plus she helps Alison make his money. Did anyone else ever get the impression that jonas was pissed when the paps were at village idiot because miley may have called them? He had such a scowl on his face and miley acted guarded like she didn’t like alison being there either. Just a thought bring on the haters…

  • katie

    @SHARPAIY: the paparazzi haven’t been camped outside her house for nearly a year, since her neighbors gave them a cease-and-desist for disturbing the peace. i’m a huge miley fan but the likelihood that paps would be outside the smokehouse (or anywhere in burbank, really) the SECOND she was there out of pure coincidence is quite telling to me. i do believe that she or her mother calls the paps, especially when she’s with her boyfriend (who is trying to get famous and thus needs the attention). i don’t think it makes her a bad person, she’s just playing the hollywood game.

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    @tia: The same way they know where every other celebrity.

    Anyway she looks pretty.
    And yeah she should deff start wearing eye liner again it makes her eyes look more gorgeous

  • ivanka

    @tia: i agree with you, its simple ,her entire family and that girl love attention

  • anna

    HOT !!

  • anna



  • billythekid


    I agree with your assessment of pathetic, except I would have to tag you with that description if you want everyone to believe that it’s not possible for the paps to actually follow her around UNINVITED. If you really want to take that road – one I find incredibly naive – then you have to call every single celeb out there the exact same thing; even the ones you actually like! A-list celebrities have people who follow their moves. D-list celebrities notify paps of their intentions in ORDER to get some attention. Miley is an A-list celebrity, in case you didn’t already know :).

    In all fairness, Miley has herself to blame for anything, anyone on twitter posted about her weight. She is the one who posted the silly twitter about her jiggly thighs, only to be followed by some nasty remarks. But what did she expect? Plus, I would bet 5 gets you 10, that only 1 out of 10 tweets were negative to her, but she decided to dwell on the negative instead of thanking those who actually said something positive.

    No one really takes you too serious on this site. You are just a hater, and a pathetic one at that. Next time, see if you can actually pop some constructive criticism out of your hat.

  • tara

    I agreee with Ivanka!
    Miley Cyrus and her family are TRAILER PARK TRASH!
    i hope all u little 5 year olds that love her know that

  • Victoria

    love her!

  • lauren

    I agree with ‘Tia’, if they follow her, how is it that when shes pulling up there are already like 30 cameras there?! They ALREADY know where she is going to be and thats because her or someone in her family are tipping them off. And there are clips on youtube where they will ask her where shes going and she tells them. Shes a total attention seeker. Plain and Simple.

  • amy

    the paps hang out at certain hollywood hot spots & so anyone going in or out of these places are caught on camera. It does seem that the paps hang out around her house because they still get here out on the street there walking or riding bikes – but it also seems that she can sneak away from the paps when she wants to – but her fans want to know everything about her – like they all do about other celebs too, so this is news for them. She & her mom look good & it is nice to see her mom acompany Miley when she meets with the cast of her new movie.

  • xogossipgirl


    yup i agree. Sure, paparazzi hang around certian places like Koi or Kitson, but literally they are EVERYWHERE, she goes, and i totally understand that they follow her, but literally you see video clips of it where shes pulling up and they are already there, waiting to snap away. So come on, its pretty obvious that someone is tipping them off. Plus, there was that time when someone asked a photog how they always know where she is and they said ‘they called us’. and while alot of people argue that the pap meant another agency called them, paparazzi agencys DONT call eachother, because they want to get the photograph themselves in order for their agency to profit off it, so its pretty clear they meant miley and her family. I dont know, I love mileys singing and acting, but her as a person?! shes just so egotistical and obsessed with fame and it kind of kills her appeal.

  • jimmy

    She is smoking HOT!

  • lolzzzzz


  • rii

    @katie: actually, there are paps at her house still. her neighbors did file a complaint but nothing legally binding the paps not to follow her in her neighborhood has happened yet.

  • DemiFan

    So I guess, Vanessa, Ashley Tisdale, and Britney Spears tip the paps too eh? Uh HELLO it’s HOLLYWOOD you guys! Paps are everywhere! U don’t need to find them, they find you! And if you watch the pap videos you can tell Miley gets annoyed with them.

  • DemiFan

    So I guess, Vanessa, Ashley Tisdale, and Britney Spears tip the paps too eh? Uh HELLO it’s HOLLYWOOD you guys! Paps are everywhere! U don’t need to find them, they find you! And if you watch the pap videos you can tell Miley gets annoyed with them.

  • Kristy!

    i effin adore her
    and haters why are you commenting?

  • moma

    soo gorgeous!
    love her <3

  • http://. Vic2763

    @lauren – 6:36 pm on 05/19/2009:
    “I agree with ‘Tia’, if they follow her, how is it that when shes pulling up there are already like 30 cameras there?!”

    If you saw Britney last documentary and/or the HTV video that shows how the papz work in teams of 2 & 3; a driver, a camera man, and a video man. They do chase the celeb in cars and the ‘shooter’ jump out and get into position fast. Thats why sometime you notice them falling over each other, b/c the are constantly moving. The big bucks pix bring is a strong motive to act this way.

  • jimmy

    Don’t start spreading rumor about something that you yourself don’t have proof.

  • billythekid



  • heather


    they park their cars 2 houses down from her so wherever she goes, they’re there

  • Ashlee

    she’s getting a belly