Selena Gomez & Makena Lautner Make Nice

Selena Gomez & Makena Lautner Make Nice

Selena Gomez is quite the social butterfly!

The 16-year-old Ramona and Beezus actress laughs with Makena Lautner, Taylor‘s lil’ sis, as they stroll through sunny downtown Vancouver on Sunday afternoon (May 17).

The duo, along with Sel‘s costar Hutch Dano and another gal pal, enjoyed an afternoon lunch at Earl’s restaurant before stopping off to pick up some new DVDs and a quick shopping spree at Urban Outfitters.

Looks like Selena‘s fitting right in with the Lautner family!

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • jackie

    FIRST and wow she really likes him she didnt do that with nick ooh hahaha o.O anyways go TAYLENA



    selena looks chilled yet pretty here… always

    wow they must be pretty serious. she’s already meeting the fam ROFL :D

  • yayme!

    Yay Taylena!!

    Im sad you don’t post Taylena pics at this site..there are so many
    yet you only post like a few.

    Taylena would be a great addition for Justjared Jr IMO

  • saudia

    fabulous .. I love Selena .. looks like she’s getting close with Taylor .. love them together though

  • leigh

    I love selena’s outfit! Especially the shirt.

  • http://jjj miley

    selena is so awesome and she looks great as always! :):):):):)

  • ivanka

    she looks like her big bro! hhaha woow

  • Russian girl

    O my! Makena looks absolutely like Taylor! She and her brother both very cute)))

  • dani

    hey i know is selena’s news but

    any1 knows WHERE THE HELL IS VANESSA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    sorry selenas’s fans

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR.COM SELENA fan!!!!!!!!!!!

    FIRST and wow she really likes him she didnt do that with nick ooh hahaha o.O anyways go TAYLENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daniella

    selena is beautiful, looking gorgeous as always.
    she is so sweet, and thats why she’s a “social butterfly”
    love her!

  • Soraya

    Makena is 11!!
    Looks, like Taylor and Selena are serious!! Cute!!

  • Soraya

    And btw, she’s extremely TALL for a 11 year old!! But still cute!!

  • lily

    Selena Fitting In Well Lol
    <3 Her N Hope Taylor n Her Are Dating

  • Sarah
  • Chloe

    i am so jelous of her she went out with nick jonas, now taylor lautner !! shes gets all the hot guys cause shes like reaaallly pretty :)

  • nathalia

    looks like she’s getting close with Taylor cause she didnt do that with nick (: and it also looks like Taylor and Selena are serious.

  • melissa. *

    omg! there both so adorable! x3 looks like there serious.. lol, I wish I was her! Taylor is hottt! xD

  • jo

    Gues shes reallllly ok with everyone knowing they are official!

    I’m a big fan of her acting, not singing, but shes def a cute girl with cute style.

  • tara

    Selena is AWESOME! i live in canada…but not vancuver…i wish i met her.
    she seems so nice :D :D :D

  • Mary KATE

    i really don’t like selena but she seems nice enough and taylor’s little sister is sooo cute

  • mary

    adore selena

  • jilli

    I don’t like selena at all, and its not because of who she dates(which seems to be like every male actor under the age of 17) she just seems overly nice in a very weird way. Idk it’s just something about her I don’t like. Love her show just not her.

  • Jon

    Ever since she met Taylor, she seems MUCH more confident and likeable. I beginning to LOVE Selena.

  • http://deleted leslie

    i’m starting to not like this girl. It’s not official that she’s with Taylor.
    & whats up with her going out or after all the hot new celebs that everyone likes. she needs to calm the heck down -.-

  • yessica

    aawww hermosa mi sel

  • Therese

    Ohwow -____- Look at this! <3;

    Click that (:

  • Leah

    post the hollywood poned video from youtube where Selena gets proposed to!! The girls from that channel are so nice to me!:)

  • Lovethatdoll

    WOW some seriously jealous gals here! BTW – she doesn’t go after the guys, they go after her. On Ryan Seacrest in November, before Twilight came out, Ryan asked Taylor Lautner if he had a celebrity crush and he said “I think Selena Gomez is really cute.” They had met at LAX that same month. I think it’s sweet that Taylor likes being seen with her, unlike Nick who always denied they were ever dating.

  • paolaa!

    ahii sle estaa hermossa eeh me gutaa para teylorrr

  • Ms A/i love nick j

    awwww thats so sweet! I’m happy for the awesome couple! :D

  • jilli

    I’m sure as hell NOT jealous. There is nothing she has that I want. Just cause I don’t like her theres no reason to say I’m jealous. FYI you don’t have to hate someone to be jealous of them.

  • casey

    Well i guess its obvious that TAYLENA is real i mean she wen dinner with his family and now she is shopping with his little sister


  • amy

    @Lovethatdoll: @Lovethatdoll:

    I agree with you. Good for her! Good for them! Cute couple!

  • DemiFan

    She’s so the definition of a famewhore. Every guys she dates is two times more popular than her! I saw a video of her on ocean up and a fan gave her a magazine and she was like “Oh this is so cute can I sign it?” and they talk about Miley being a Diva when she had her body guard holding her freakin umbrella for her like she’s some freakin queen! hate her! She’s so fake! Go away Selena just Go away!

  • jessica

    omg she looks adorable like always.
    go taylor and selena.
    i love them together.
    you should put pics of them together.

  • Tickle me

    She reminds me of that tow truck in Disney Cars how cute. What’s with her, she didn’t even take time to get over Nick and she’s with TL, I guess she’s one of those who can’t be alone.

  • yayme!


    LoL! You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • shannz

    @DemiFan: u dumb ass he’s not her personal body guard he comes with the movie she’s filming its not her choice 2 have him my frenz aunt is part of the production team so thats how i know before u jump down my throat. and how is asking if she can sign something make her a diva why don’t u just grow up and shut up while ur at it 2. and btw so what if her bf’s r more famous they like her 2 that’s why they date her its not like she seeks them out r something as a matter of fact taylor was the one who admitted 2 liking her before they even meet so shut up

  • mia14

    @DemiFan: Are you crazy or something?

    first of all, Selena was signing autographs for her fans and she obviously can’t be signing autographs with an umbrella in her hand and it was raining!

    second of all, Selena didn’t ask for a bodyguard, that was the crew’s idea, because there were a lot of people surrounding her, so of course she needed a bodyguard.

    third of all, Taylor Lautner is just as famous as Selena, they’re equal and we don’t even know if they even are dating! Even if they are, so what? Taylor seems to really like her!

    fourth of all, stop trying to make up reasons to hate Selena, that’s just pathetic!

    last of all, if you’re such a big “Demi fan” then have some respect for her best friend (Selena). She’s like a sister to her, if you’re insulting Selena, then you’re insulting Demi!

  • miss zanessa

    aww bonding with his family already ^^
    hehe looks like they´re getting serious
    cool cuz the are really cute together >_<
    and thnks Therese that pic was just adorable!

  • miss zanessa

    and yeah selena seems like a really sweet and likeable girl so don´t be harsh.
    BTW who´s that guy in pink?? hutch dano? i spy… a total hottie right there hehe he´s super cute :)

  • kc

    @DemiFan: Selena the famewhore?? MORE LIKE DEMI. Demi used Selena, the Jonas Brothers, and Miley to get her truckload of fame. Now she’s out there tanning into a rotisserie chicken and buying all the prada bags she can afford. Sometimes I think Demi is becoming more fame hungry than Miley. Heck, she has a fame addiction.

  • Loren

    Finally a MAN for Selena! Not hiding around like a bit*h cough Nick Jonas cough

  • Zac F Ron

    @kc: LMFAO! Demi is turning into fried chicken. I really think she’s annoying now.

    Selena looks REALLY nice here. whatta cutie

  • a.m./p.m.

    @DemiFan: Demi’s ugly. Selena’s pretty. done.

  • Meagan

    Dam…Selena is pretty clever. Win the sister’s heart before winning the guy’s heart. But c’mon, who wouldn’t want her as a big sister. She is p-r-e-t-t-y! Yes, I said it. Selena should become Makena’s new sister in-law. :)

  • TV

    @DemiFan: You’re calling Selena fake?…Um you’re a fan of someone who eats fake tan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • caroline

    i didn’t know that taylor had a sister !! maybe selena is using makena to hook up with taylor ! ;) haha just joking ! they look cute !

  • casey

    At least Selena made it on her own, she already has a Disney show when she dated Nick. Unlke Demi who got everything for using Joe and his bros to promote her album and took her to their concerts. Now Miley… Poor girl can’t make it on her own.