Drew Seeley Takes 'The Shortcut'

Drew Seeley Takes 'The Shortcut'

Drew Seeley finishes up his bowl of cereal in this new still from his upcoming horror flick, The Shortcut.

In the movie, Drew stars as Derek. The summary: A shortcut through the woods saved a lot of time getting to school, but no kids growing up in a suburban neighborhood dared to take it. The trail ran within sight of a scary house with an eerie old man who would accost its travelers with an ominous message to stay away. Town legend said he was involved in the disappearances of some kids long ago. Now that some of those same kids are in their late teens, they decide to find out the truth about the old man after they learn he’s still at his game.

No U.S. release date has been set as of yet.

“The Shortcut” Official Trailer

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Photos: Minds Eye Entertainment
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  • anna

    hes cutee (:

  • anna

    he is cuteeeeee like totallyy (:

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh dear gawd..now I’m going to get nightmares…AH. But OH !! This is a step up for Andrew. Good for him !! I would watch it…but…I’m really freaked out by it… I’ll watch it when it comes out on D.V.D. Aha, he really is a adorable.. :D

  • Chelsey!

    i wanna see this!!!!!!! =]

  • teri

    the movie looks cheap, boring and obviously very low budget.
    drew seeley is cool and all, but he can do better than this…..

  • V…4ever

    He wasn’t half bad in the cinderella movie so I am curious to see him in that different genre. Good for him.

  • pink sugar

    This is a great opportunity for Drew. A chance to do something away from Disney.

  • http://www.rantsthoughtsmerde.com Nativenyker
  • Lauren

    it does look quite good, and that girl who robert pattinson who was hanging out with him the other day when he was in LA; Shannon Woordward, so it should be quite good.

  • Cindy

    Seems like a rip off of Disturbie, epecially the end, when she screams. thats how the ended the trailer for distubria as well.

  • http://justjaredjr.com ashleytfan

    I have to see this! :D

    drew is gorgeous ;)

  • fdghghg

    the shortcut my ass, i still might go see it with friends but its the same old things, wrong turn, somebody help me , chainsaw massacre , friday the 13th we want something different

  • http://blogdacellelima.blogspot.com Sheycelle

    Ummmm cereal is delicious!!!! hahaha
    Drew you is: cute, beautiful, amazing singer etc,etc……
    Kisses Drew!!
    Hey guys if you don’t know his name is ANDREW and just “DREW” ok?

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