Miley Cyrus To Step Into Footloose?

Miley Cyrus To Step Into Footloose?

Miley Cyrus has an early dinner/business meeting at Katsu-Ya restaurant on Wednesday (May 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana actress hasn’t auditioned yet but is being considered for the dance flick Footloose. Chace Crawford recently just secured his role in the movie.

“They’ve expressed interest in Miley for the part,” a source tells E! News. “[She's] definitely in the mix.”

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  • Mandyluv

    thatd be really cool!

  • jo

    She looks reallycute.
    I can see why shes in consideration but looks like her next few months are BUSY.



    GO MILES !!!!!!!!!!!! ROCKING THOSE FRINGE BOOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • thecat’smeow

    miley is so cute, i love her. :)

    does she have at&t? i was trying to look at her phone but it’s not close enough


    ohhhhh she’s a great dancer
    great body and attitude LOVE HER!

  • Rose

    No No NO i love miley but keep her out of this flim. She’d ruin it for me.

  • They should get Amanda Bynes she would be amazing. Miley is too out there..

  • jen
  • the.KT

    uuuuh i would be VERRY jealous! come on M.C….. Chace Crawford??


  • dunno

    Julenne Hough would be the better suitor for the role in footloose. I don’t see her in that role.

  • maichi

    I love Miley but GOD NO!


  • anna

    I think she would be perfect for the role.
    She can sing, act, and dance. (:
    I would 100% support the movie if Miley was in it.
    BUt she seems a lil bit busy the next few months.
    Filming the movie in the summer.
    Tour in the fall.
    And Footloose in March 2010?!
    Only time will tell…

  • asdfghjkl;

    did she get her hair dyed?
    it looks blondishh
    who care its cute ;D

  • LindsAY

    og god. She will ruin a classic. >:/

  • LindsAY

    i meant oh

  • Victoria

    love her!
    i think she would be great if she got the part

  • Victoria

    @thecat’smeow: ya i think she does, im pretty sure she has the bold

  • Sarah

    NO.! Miley is already in a huge spotlight. Give it to somebody that needs a little bit more room for the frame. Just like Twilight, the casting was great becasue all the actors and actresses were new, and they did a great job. C’mon give it to somebody that needs more fame.

  • bri



  • ashley hill

    Miley could defiantly NOT pull off the part of Ariel, seriously. Her voice isn’t good enough, that part demands an amazing vocalist who can belt her heart out. Also i pictured the part of Ariel played by a gorgeous girl, Miley is pretty, but she just wouldn’t fit into the role well.

  • Alexis

    ..She’s getting to overrated now… & if shes gonna be on footloose..

  • Lauren

    i don’t know if she’d suit it or not, ive never watched the original, but im just glad chace crawford got it, he needs to become more famous hes a real nice guy…but miley looks great today, although i still want her to go dark brown…if she did get the film, i’d still be happy enough to go watch it

  • http://jjj miley

    she’s awesome and she’ll be great for the part! :)
    Ps:vote for miley on!! she deserves it!!

  • charlie johnson

    Nice hat biznitch!

  • tlt

    not yet, she’s too young right now, though it would be awesome. but i don’t think she should be remembered as the ‘hannah montana played footloose’

  • Natasha

    NOT miley. That would be horrible. First they got chace who is cute but talentless… I mean, the only reason they want to cast miley is because they need the money to come from somewhere. Chace won’t bring a crapload of money in. Miley will. See, they are doing all this because Zac backed out. This move should canned.

  • amanda

    ewwww, no!
    why do the producers always have to bring miley cyrus into a good movie and ruin it with her?!?
    she cant sing, she cant dance.
    she would totally ruin that movie. no matter what role she played.
    i cannot stand her.

  • m

    she looks ADORABLE!!luv herrr

  • billythekid


    She can’t sing? Are you out of your mind or something? Its the one thing she does best. You must have some wax in your ears. I have only Hannah to judge her acting skills – so the jury is still out on that one. She probably isn’t a natural dancer, but she isn’t horrible and she does have the ability to actually learn new stuff. Actually, I take back the part where I said what she does best is sing. What she does best is being Miley, which means the girl can talk up a storm and dance circles around people in an interview. She is very quick!

  • 251458


  • jenny

    We just did this musical at school. And Sorry but I don’t think miley would be right for this role… I think they should pick Amanda or Julianne

  • Captincrunchrocks

    @amanda: So if you can’t stand her why do you feel the need to comment.That is rather pointless.

    @tlt: How is she too young? Filming is set to begin in March 2010 therefore she will be 17. The characters in Footloose are sniors. If anything Julianne and Hayden would be too old.

    Anyway i think she would be great and with practice would make a great addition to the movie.

  • saudia

    she looks good ..what difference does it make if Miley takes the role .. the movie will bomb anyway .. but she’s not the best actress, I think that Julianne Hough would be better cause she can sing and dance! This is a dance movie after all .. ahh I hate that there is a remake

  • colee

    Oh Lord no.

  • lovebug ;)

    oh NO! plaese don’t ruin that film!! please DON’T give miley the part!

  • mark

    oh no… please don’t! julianne should do the role not that little kid. she’s not pretty like julianne, she can’t dance like julianne huh.. what ever

  • Dbhb

    chace crawford must be puke right now. julianne deserves the role not this evil

  • Victoria Brasil

    I love miley!
    this photos are PERFECT!
    I love Justjaredjr!

  • simon

    Miley should definately get the part she a triple threat she can act,she can sing, and she can dance! and she has a great attitude and she will definately bring in on! the girls is ready for it. i saw her in big fish the girl has talent since she was a small girls. i think miley definately will bring in views this is a classic and miley is defrinately prepared a lot more then any of her contenders.
    amanda bines can’t dance or really sing.
    julianne has a big southern accent and screeche voice and she has not acted much.
    and the other girls i forgot her name can’t sing!
    miley is the only one with all three and the one that fits the part the best!!

  • norman

    oh miley is being considered for important roles definately she has awaken hollywood interest in her way to go miley!! That means that she is considered as a serious actress and the age of 16 wow!!
    last song is not disney movie, babysitting movie neither, and now footlloose wow just wow! i hope she get the footloose part she definately the type like arial in real life! like she is brave and not afraid to speak her mind and dare to do what other dont dare to do!!

    yeap! miley is definately arial she should definately go for it. i hope she gets it!! she is so arial!! and i agreed miley is a lot more prepared than any of the other contenders. she is a triple threat!!

  • nessa

    nooo she would ruin a classic!

    a girl that can actually dance.. please!

    when she did her little dance battles on youtube.. she sucked.
    sorry but the girl cant really dance.

  • laguna

    oh no plz not…

  • sinGER

    Miley gets what ever she wants just cuz she is hannah montana. when a person has a movie knowing it would fail would put miley cyrus in it not cuz she has talent she only is very popular. and that would make a lot of people see it. the movie will now be stupid she just had to get the roll unfair.

  • taylorlautnerlove

    I LOVEEE Mileyy but pleaseeee;; dont put her in this filmm! pleaseeeee?! x



  • ivanka

    oh no please , she will spoil everything!

  • pamelaa..


    Amanda it’s not a singer…

  • gingah

    now i’m actually happy Zac isn’t doing it. It would be a nightmare for him. (not saying miley is that bad…but musicals….and disney in one!) What about Julianne Hough? She’s amazing!

  • Bunnie

    Love you Miley!

    I would ♥ black ones!

    Thank you so much for hosting this!

  • Bunnie

    Ooops wrong place XD