Ashley Tisdale is Sugar Sweet

Ashley Tisdale is Sugar Sweet

Pigtailed Ashley Tisdale shows off her pink pout as she covers the July 2009 issue of UK’s Sugar magazine.

In the mag, the 23-year-old “Acting Out” singer dished to the mag about her upcoming album, HSM and trying to leave behind her villainous character, Sharpay Evans.

Ashley shared, “People only know me as my character [Sharpay]. So I’ve changed my hair and brought out the edgier me that I’ve never had the chance to express. I’m not trying to run away from HSM but I am growing up.”

The July issue of Sugar magazine hits stands May 27. Be sure to pick a copy up!

Don’t Forget! Guilty Pleasure drops Tuesday, June 16!

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  • http://justjared shamilah

    Ashley looks pretty! but her lips have been photo shoped lol
    nice shade though :)

  • http://justjared shamilah
  • de

    gosh, even photoshopped she is ugly!

    Yup, this girl is hopeless.

  • Marie

    Well at least it looks better than
    Vanessa’s orange skin brazil photoshoot
    that was ugly..

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    she looks pretty but there ar5e so much photoshops on her face.
    sugar magazine is not good at this ;]
    i think they tried to make her cuter but no.
    it’s not ashley’s fault,so people just look for something to blame her !!!
    sorry for English(i’m from Turkey )

  • Just Jill

    Again, death threats in any way, shape, or form will not be tolerated.

  • guilty pleasure

    and i can’t wait to her album ”guilty pleasure”

  • Igortizz

    yeees! Ashley is amazing ^^)

  • lUCAS


  • Caro

    para que meten a la vanessa? ¬’ siempre la meten, puro xqee la necesitan, ya qe ashley no es NADA.. no es nadie mas qe la rubia tontaa & mala actriz de hsm & de la aburrida pelicula copiaa de ET

  • Viv (:

    gossshhh, SHE IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL! loviiin the lipstick <3

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    @Luiza: haha,theres always have to be ajerk messing up things tha dont tell me..who´s talking baut vanessa? who asked u???

    she looks..good…i mean is a little photoshooped but still good..ashley´s a good girl…i´m still sad because there´s no more hsm..but they are growing up and i know inside them there stilll the hsm them
    to those who are critizising vanessas photoshoot..please! it was amazing..she was orange ,thats true…but thats not reason to critize..

  • eric

    OH GOSH*-*

  • erin

    Why on earth did they do that to her lips? Other than that she looks gorgeous though.

  • Jana


    ¿Y qué es Vanessa? La novia de Zac Efron famosa porque se filtraron fotos suyas desnuda.
    Por otra parte, Ashley es infinitamente mejor actriz que Vanessa, y cualquiera con unas mínimas nociones en interpretación lo ve.
    Y que conste que me gustan ambas, pero hay que tener un mínimo de criterio…

  • Sarah

    @ erin
    b/c they wanted her lips to match with the title colour…

  • Jannii

    Shes so amazing… just stunning.. but that photoshop thing sucks!!
    Thats not her fault, those ppl tried to make a good job but they didn’t! ^^

    GOO ASHLEY… we CAN’T wait for your Album =DDD

  • nadia

    @de: HEY! YOU SHOULD EFFIN SHUT IT! Like ur any prettier.From ur comments, i’m sure ur the ugliest person on earth.

  • nadia

    @Marie: Haha, ikr?!

  • nadia

    @Bianka: Haha, i don’t care. So keep talking, cuz if that’s like threat form of leave me alone, then guess what, it didn’t work, i don’t care how long i stay on this computer fending for Ashley. So boo you

  • Grace

    Cool i’m gonna get it when it comes out

  • http://jjj miley

    ashley’s awesome but i don’t like the cover.

  • Grace

    Jezze what are people’s problems with Ashley. Why is everyone one being so mean to each other. Ok everyone has there own opinons but your being bad as each other for forcing them on. Just leave it be.

    Anyway i personaly like Ashley, she seems nice and she’s a very good actress. Thats my opinon and i ain’t rtying to force it on.

  • nadia

    @ashtisdalelover1905: Oh My God, I so agree with you!

  • awurbii

    Bianka and identified do not speak for the masses. V fan’s are not ashley haters. Just because two people feel that way doesn’t mean everybody else does. Stop stereotyping everybody. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to read that especially when you don’t know what you are talking about. I am a vanessa fan but i like ashley. I don’t appreciate being told to look for a brain. Don’t pin it on everybody!!

    A high level of immatuity is being displayed by both sides. Even though i think this whole thing is stupid i want to set something straight. Anybody saying that ashley fan’s don’t trash vanessa is lying. There are immature ash fan’s that trash vanessa and immature vanessa fan’s that trash ashley.

    It is even worse when people continue to complain about the criticisms toward their idol but then do it to somebody elses. If you are going to do that you are no better than that person.

    This argument continues to be created by immature fan’s. There is no argument. Ashley and Vanesa are two totally different people and are both talented in their own way. We all have different opinions. Honestly, people need to get over it. Respect others opinions and guys if you are going to criticise, at least make it constructive instead of just trashing the person because that is just juvenile.


    She looks cute (:
    But the photoshop thing suckz.
    Not really good work. But that’s not Ashley’s fault.
    Ash is a beautiful girl.

    @Bianka: You’re really abject.
    Sorry girl (or whatever you are.), but I think no one can help you anymore. Really sad for you.
    @identified: Getting sick of you! Get a Life!
    @de: Hmm, I don’t know what to say about stupid people like you… You’re just pitiable!

    @Marie: Haha, you’re so right xD

  • kara

    ashley said at her kiss 108 performance that guilty pleasure wont be out until august

  • nadia

    @ASH ROCKZ: *agrees*

  • kara

    also has anyone noticed how all of the ashley haters pretty much comment at the exact same time? probably because theyre all the same person trying to make it look like no one likes ashley

  • Scashley Lover; x

    @kara: I think she said that cause she was nervous lol.

    Wow she looks amazing. I love her soo mucchhh.
    Haters stop its soo annoying. Just let it be!

  • nadia

    @kara: Haha, it’s still coming out June 16th ^^

  • Michelle

    it’s so sad to read all these damn annoying bad comments about Ashley.
    I really wish JJJR would stop it!

    @ Bianka: Don’t say anthing about Ashley’s personality! You know what? That’s cursorily and just daffy.
    I totally agree with HOT MESS!
    NO ONE likes to read your comments. I think you don’t have a life if you’re wasting your time on posting stupid comments again and again. Poor you…

    Back to Topic :D
    Ashley is wonderful. But I don’t like the cover. The lipstick is strange ;D
    Still love this girl. I’m so happy we see her that much this time (:
    btw: VOTE for Ashley at!

  • sweetbutterflies

    I just love the word ‘UGH’ today. I have two reasons:

    1) The photoshopping sucks hardcore. Ashley is really pretty, but come on, those lips do NOT look good. Though that’s Sugar’s fault, not Ashley’s.

    2) Gosh, the whole Van/Ash ‘competition’ thing is so immature. To the Ash fans who try to defend Ashley by saying Vanessa sucks and stuff and calling her fans brainless is just as immature. It doesn’t help the case of you saying Ashley’s fans don’t bash Vanessa, because believe me… some of them do. Just like some of the V fans bash Ashley. It’s just weird, because… fact: Ashley and Vanessa are best friends. They’re not Gabriella and Sharpay, people! As for the bashers: just try to ignore them or try to defend Ashley without bashing Vanessa. Okay?

    Back to the cover, Ashley looks cute… except the lips.

  • Alannah

    You all are haters, Ashley’s cover looks great.

  • From Germany

    She’s so famous here in Germany (:

    @ awurbii: Please stop talking about Vanessa. This is about ashley!
    Even if you did it in a good way.

    I don’t mention all the other haters. They’re not worth my time.

    Sorry for my bad english. I’m from Germany.

  • ZJ207

    @kara: haha yeahh.. you’re probably right! lmao
    hopeless jerks=ashley haters

  • ZJ207

    and btw i forgot to say that AShley looks REALLYYY GOOD!!!!!!! <33 :D:D
    she looks super sweet lol

  • emma

    Ashley YOU are BEAYTIFUL no matter what THEY say ! <33

  • kate

    im not gonna lie her lips look bad like that..
    I Loooooovveee ashley tisdale !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    Jared…. Ashley stated at the Kiss concert that her album will be coming out in August

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    she said it will because she was nervous.
    at backstage interwiew,she said i was so enrvous it is not ture,don’t believe !

  • ashmero

    she is my guilty pleasure

  • nina caplan

    she looks hot!

  • Daniel

    She looks hot lol haters go awaay and if its or not photoshopped ashley will always be beatiful *-*

  • Josh

    Wow Beautiful!! <333

  • hate

    P E R F C T <3

  • kate

    she still looks HOT on the cover I LOVE

  • ivanka

    LOL SHE LOOKS LIKE A CLOWN!, well she always looks terrible but this time im peeing myself haha..

  • nadia

    @ivanka: She doesn’t look terrible! You the clown if you think she looks terrible. ): You should clean out ur eyes.

  • Scashley Lover; x

    @ivanka: dw nadia shes just a jelouse hater!

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