Selena Gomez & FTSK - 'Whoa Oh' Preview!

Selena Gomez & FTSK - 'Whoa Oh' Preview!

Selena Gomez and one of her fave new bands, FTSK teamed up for a duet and JJJ has a preview of it, thanks to JCookOnline.

FTSK frontman Jonathan Cook announced on his official Twitter that the duet next Tuesday, May 26th.

Selena and FTSK teamed up back in January at a recording studio in Dallas and decided to have some fun recording some music and filming the process.

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FTSK feat. Selena Gomez – “Whoa Oh (Me vs Everyone)” Preview
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  • teri

    Selena’s voice is very light and soft, kinda like Taylor Swift’s. She needs to sing slow, mellowy songs. Pop/Rock isn’t the right music choice for her.

  • diane n.

    i liked it! :)
    cant wait to hear the full version! :DD
    oh and i loved one in the same. she sounded awesome!

  • kj

    LOVE ITT!!

  • rozza

    wow it sounds pretty awesome cant wail for the full verison

  • ashlee

    the song looks like unoriginal…

    guys, don’t get me wrong, i love selena, she’s awesome, but it really isn’t sounds selena’s voice, maybe too mixed in the studio…

    i didn’t like the song at all, unoriginal title, unoriginal rhythm, strange selena’s voice (i mean, her voice is so sweettttt, but it’s too mixed in that song, i prefer her natural voice)… anyway, i luv u sel no matter what you do, haha

  • sarah

    shes okay.
    i dont think her voice is the best.
    its a little too fake compared to demi and miley
    but she has a cute voice.

  • someone

    Love it!! Finally she is singing without the voice changers. cant wait for it to come out

  • NILEY4evaaa

    EWWWWW…she sounds like a man


  • Alyssa

    I love it!

  • Soy

    They computerized/added special effects to her voice incredibly… I wish I could hear her sing without all of that added tech-y stuff.

  • jenna

    lmao. she sounds liek a man?
    before calling her that, listen to your lovely slutt face first.
    she’s sucks us, Miley is the definition of idiotizm

  • suulaut.nrr

    she’s ok i guess but not for this type of song
    if she wants to sing she should just whisper

  • NILEY4evaaa

    hey jenna i’ll check my face if you check your spelling

  • JackieGo

    awesome!! i cant wait to hear the full version i think her voice is the best. i liked it! n i love it!!!!

  • andrea

    its okay i guess

  • mellissa

    i mean shes not that great and all. but its part of the disney clang trying to take over the world of tweens

  • Saachka


    lmao that made no sense

    she said if youre saying selena sounds like a man, what does miley sound like?
    selena has a soft taylor-swiftish voice
    whereas miley has a rough manly voice…

  • NILEY4evaaa

    have u heard the song..she sounds like a man because they put all of that voice over crap on it

  • asdfghjkl;

    shes not on the original song.

  • JackieGo

    cant wait to hear the full version!

  • jilli

    @sarah: yeah I agree. Demi would sound better singing this her voices is edgier and different

  • jilli

    oh and didn’t read the last part of your comment. I don’t think her voice is cute at all, it sounds sort of edited and like a little girl.

  • Anonymous

    selena’s voice is soft she should sing more sings like colbie caillat’s, jason mraz’s, taylor swift’s…… she would sound good on those songs. i heard her sing leavin and some christmas song and it sound good so she should sing more sings like that(:

  • jo

    I’m NOT trying to be a hater, I like Selena, but her voice is just OK..It’s not anything special or great… just ok.

    Those saying there are no digital effects are wrong.

  • Gossip Girl

    @Saachka: Selena Gomez compared with Taylor Swift?! Oh no sweetheart you’ve got that wrong! Taylor is a Grammy Winning Artist and I rater sound like a man than to sound like someone mubling in the shower,

  • *_*

    @jo: yeah her voice isn’t unique. I think she tries a tad to hard to act hardcore…maybe its just me

    bring on the haters


    yea I agree. she should sing more softer songs it would suite her voice better. but they computerized it on this song because I think that’s what they were going for. I don’t think it had to do with her voice.

    I just think they “computerized” her voice so it wouldn’t sound so soft. FTSK music I think is little to loud and hard core-ish for sel’s voice like demi’s……it over powers her soft voice.

    on the other hand it sounds like it’ll be a fun song!

    and also I have that demi & selena “ONE IN A SAME” song stuck in my head. that’s gonna be like my new fav “disney” song lol CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MUSIC VIDEO!

  • smiley

    omgosh are you ppl serious? you can hardly hear her voice here therefore you cannot judge it from this little snippet geez. the song ‘one in the same’ that she sang with demi was awesome! from that song you can see that she has a sweet voice :) you rock selena and continue being you! xo

  • Bree

    wow I love FTSK, but i think this song was perfectly fine before. i’m not sure if this is the best song for her to be on..

  • Victoria

    its ok, but it sounds very computerized and you can barely here her…

  • Courtney

    She’s alright.

  • shanann


  • tlt

    selena could team up with everybody! i swear she could make world peace better than any pageant winner

  • Wivi

    i HATE selena but this song will be amazing!

  • jessica

    she isn’t that great it’s just ok & it sounds very computerized .
    selena gomez compered too taylor swift come on people taylor swift is much better singer & grammy winning artist NOT KARAOKE SINGER

  • Sarah

    I luv her voice!
    Britney got a lot of awards
    But she sucks at singing
    That’s the reason she never sings live
    Nowadays everbody gets record contracts and awards
    And Selena has this little thing in her voice and I love it!
    But I have to agree this isn’t the best song for her to sing!
    And to all the haters, get the hell out of here if you don’t like Selena at all!
    Go listen to Miley’s crocky voice if that’s what you like!

  • casey


  • kevin

    you guys are awesome ! why in the world would you do a song
    with this hoe that cant even sing, i agree with #8 NILEY FOREVER !!
    A) she sounds like a man and even looks like one, so why in the world.
    you guys are this awesome rock/indie band and just to throw an untalented disney crap in there MIGHT just kill your fame with your fans,
    like i understand a duet with miley or demi, thats cause they have a good light rocker voice, BUT selena? the girl just cant sing. selena, dear, stick to acting :) not even, you stink at that too.

    :l Saachka… what ever the fu*k that means !
    dont you DAE say miley has a man voice. she has a nice
    rocker country voice, NOT a peice opf crap, man voice,
    ahahaha selena soft ? AHAHHA more liek rough
    she killed (in a bad way) my bands favorite song !!
    and dont even compare taylor swift with this homewrecker
    taylor can actually sing and has a great voice,
    selena cant sing, and shes just pointless.

    so before you go start insulting miley id shut up
    cause ill rbing you down. miley, demi, and taylor are fantastic.
    selena waste of time, ESPECIALLY in the studio.

    as for FTSK, you guys just lost a fan :(
    im off to listen to some paramore…
    at least they like miley and demi :)

  • kevin

    #35 sarah
    if it isnt my arch-enemy
    ****** (pfft… thats if you have one) KAY !? miley has a fantastic voice !
    if she doesnt, why would all her albums go straight to #1, exactly !
    STRAIGHT TO NUMBER 2 or 3 like demi, or the jonas brothers (self titeld album) DID ! so before you go saying that she has a crocky voice
    go hide under a little hole. kay? cause this board is for ANYONE who wants
    to entitle there own opinion so dont (and this goes for #36 too) tell us to go elsewhere. cause if we feel like giving our opinion here, we will ! so you get lost ! KAY. and i wouldnt even be here. i just came cause i saw FTSK and selena gomez in the same sentece (title if you prefer) and thats usually no good… so STFU

    you can comment on miley, cause thts your opinion,
    BUT dont tell us to get lost ! you low life loser.

  • josephine m

    it sounds like shit selena needs to stick to acting it would of been better if demi sanged on it or even miley their voice fits it especially demi she can sing rock and soulful music her voice is incredible

  • NILEY4evaaa



    SELENA~~no commentt

  • Nicole

    Everyone seems to love tearing eachother down with names.. The song isn’t really my thing but whatever floats your boat. Haha she can sing so much better than I can, that’s for sure.

  • rebecca

    selena has a terrible voice.


    i can’t wait for the full verision selena rocks ”””””’ please taylor swift and selena gomez make a duet please ……….. make my wish”””””””””

  • kevin

    reply @Nicole
    TRUST me ! :l you propbably do sound better…
    anyone in this board sounds better… know why ?
    cause, she, cant, sing.

    kudos to rebecca, NILEY4evaaa, josephine, and everyone else who actually has good taste in music.

  • maddie

    I love FTSK!!! I do like Selena too, but I think the original song sounds better. This one sounds good, though, too! (:

  • Shir

    I think they sound SO cute together.
    I approve.
    And seriously, if anyone is going to hate on her for working w/ FTSK, i think that you seriously need to check your self. Let the girl have some fun plus, FTSK like her for a reason.


    You know alot of you are saying she can’t sing i half agree with you she can sing she has the voice of taylor swift exept taylor’s sounds MUCH MUCH MUCH better they computerize her voice so much you can hardly hear it and if you hear all her recorded songs none of the sounds the same it’s not her fault it’s the producers and the directors and CRAP she has an album coming out and i’m a huge fan of her! but what i’m worried about is it won’t hit number one on the billboards itl flp and she’ll be really dissapointed because they really need to STOP editing her voice so much i;ve seen some of her videos on youtube where she’s singing and again like taylor swift her voice is so soft delicate and sweet a=i think she should stick to slow songs because she obviosly doens’t have Demi’s hard strong voice yet it’s still nice so this whole Rock thing just isn’t working i’m not gunna say stick to acting you’r voice is nice not bad to oriniary but if you really take the advice tho i highly doubt you’ll read this i think you could do good just stick to slow songs this is not you’r style sorry!

  • Francesca p


    she can’t sing.
    she’s computerized, and it’s blatantly obvious.

  • hingman

    the girl can’t sing…sorry

>>>>>>> staging1