Selena Gomez Hates The Word Hypocrite

Selena Gomez Hates The Word Hypocrite

Selena Gomez is almost done filming her new flick, Ramona and Beezus, in Vancouver but popped in on her MySpace to say a few words to her fans. Check out what the 16-year-old starlet had to say:

“The one thing I love about being connected with my fans is that i can grow with you guys. We are all going through lots of the same things and I love that i can relate to all of you. There is one thing that kind of hurts if I may share with you guys, a word that no one should be called when they are growing is… hypocrite.

“My reasoning behind me disliking this word is because I believe we are all changing, growing and learning new things about ourselves everyday. I don’t know about you guys but i feel like a complete different person from when I was 13, 14, and 15 and I’m pretty sure this feeling will occur again.”

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“Things that we may have liked or loved one year ago may be things we won’t ever mention again and don’t want to either. I remember when I was 12 telling my friends I would never ever wear dresses because i thought they were too prissy. Now I own more floral dresses than pants. Or how I hated mustard and gagged at the sight of it, now I will not touch a hot dog without it. I also said that I would never fall in love until I was much older to really understand the word…..

“I am trailing off but my question for you guys is what have you said that may be completely different now? It’s an interesting conversation starter I must say. The bummer about that part for me is I kind of get documented saying it……….The number one thing in my life besides my family and friends is you guys and my job and I would love the chance to grow and CHANGE with you of course, that is if you allow me to…If you give me that chance i will be forever grateful. thank you. God bless – Sel.”

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  • Susannah

    at first i thought she was just some annoying 16 year old. but the more i read about her, the more i actually really like her

  • Lauren

    aaw selena.

  • joanne

    yea, but if someone’s a hypocrite you call them out on it. some people just need to be told

  • Pita pie

    Who is calling her a hypocrite?

  • joanne

    i’m talking about in general, not her specifically

  • diane n.

    am i the only one who caught this?
    ” I also said that I would never fall in love until I was much older to really understand the word…..”
    hmm, i my be reading intot his alot but, who is she talking about. and a lot of people are calling her and demi hypocrites on other sites because they are ‘chnaging’ when really they are growing up.

  • Priya

    “I also said that I would never fall in love until I was much older to really understand the word…”
    omg. she’s in love. with taylor lautner.

  • jbr

    you are amazing sel and we love you so much .

  • diane n.

    @diane n.: if yall didnt catch my drift, i was being sarcastic about the whole who part. her and taylor must be real serious now. and i meant to put ‘changing’


    love her. so effin’ much.
    and I dislike the word ‘hypocrite’ mainly because people who use it tend to not use it correctly. They just constantly throw the word around.

  • blair

    shes a dumb fake hoe get out of here taylor deserves so much better

  • Happymandy

    I think some are calling her hypocrites because in her latest interview from Teen vogue she said she will never date a guy in the hollywood business again…

    that interview was conducted before she met Taylor…and word in the street is the public is confuse over her statment and the fact she is seen with an actor ..

    I love her and I understand that people change their opinion and she’s deff not a hypocrtie…
    so it’s cool in my book

  • Helen walsh

    she’s my favorite disney actress – she seems so honest, it’s nice. she acts her age. she doesn’t act like it’s a bummer to be who she is and to have paparazzi running after her all the time – but at the same time she isn’t a fame whore. she’s sixteen years old, and so sure of things… she seems true to herself to me and I can see what she’s saying. Actually, I know what whe’s saying. People growing up shouldn’t be called hypocrites. We’re changing. things we don’t like now might grow on our eyes in the future…

    I wonder what brought this up…


    shut the fuck up bitch eveeeryone agress sel and tay are perfect for each other so you need to get the fuck out of here blair no one gives a fuck what you think blair if its not nice so go on and get a fucken life you dumbshit/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • angel

    Selena is my favorite Disney star, period. She’s basically my saving grace for the Disney Channel. She just seems so genuine and level headed. It’s nice to see a talented young artist who is grateful and has a passion for their work. It’s rare to see that nowadays. She has a bright future ahead of her–I hope nothing but the best for her.

  • Arielle

    i love her so much! she’s so beautiful and real.


    you freakin rock selena you so much



  • Michelle


    that is what i thought ! selena is definitely telling us something subtly.

  • Happymandy

    She’s in love or starting to develop strong feelings for Taylor?






    sooo hmmm

  • Michelle

    Selena has been my favorite celebrity since the beginning of her Disney Channel career. There is just something about her that made me, and probably many others, feel that she was different. She is such an inspiration from her works to her words, and I can tell that she is definitely growing up. I don’t know what caused her to bring up this subject, but I think this is one of the turning points of her childhood into pre-”adult”hood. Throwing in something like “love” has to mean something… Selena is so talented and seems like a wonderful girl. She is a great role model and I’m glad that there is someone like her for me and many girls/boys to look up to at this age. I’m sure as time passes, people will change, in a sense of growing up and experiencing things and learning. Selena is just making sure that we know that she’s just a normal person who’s hit that stage where things aren’t so childish anymore. I think she’s developing a relationship that makes her different as a person, but only in a good way. I’m happy for Selena and I only wish her good things.

  • Lucy

    Wow, I just love her!

    She is realizing this at such a young age, I’m 3 years older than her and still trying to understand this. She’s so clever.

    More love for Selena, she deserves it!.

  • Smlie

    she ‘s sweet and a wonderful actress…but i think she is trying to tell us something. either something that happened or that she’s going to change .

  • Michelle

    @EVERY1ROXX….FTW!: It may have something to do with Demi. Selena’s only being a good friend and protecting Demi. Although Demi may seem to be changing, it’s all a part of finding out who she are and learning from her experiences. Demi just needs to find her way and who she is, so we should just give her time and space to breathe. Maybe the whole media thing has caught up with her and she’s just lost in the fame… I think this experience will help Selena stay grounded and not get lost in the glory.

  • Therese
  • cc

    The girl needs to just be careful of what she says sometimes…because she always says something then goes back on it…she just isn’t really sure of what she wants and she just needs to say that

  • ASH

    i cant believ she said that, i hate her so much…n yess say wat u will but i donno why i dont cant stand herr

  • Theriza

    Aww….I Love what she said. I really think that she and taylor are really going out now ’cause of what she said.

  • Theriza

    And who ever calls Selena a hypocrite are WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  • Theriza

    @Michelle: WOW!! I love what you’re saying about Selena, I totally agree with you. Also, I got inspired by Selena ever since she first appeared in Disney.

  • team tizz

    i love her soooooooooooo much.
    she so down to earth and very beautiful.
    her, ashley and miley are my favs at disney.

    please support ashley and vote for at mtv
    she really deserves it.
    vote ashley
    vote ashley

  • Dbhb

    she’s so great unlike m****

  • team tizz

    Really? no need to be mean.
    there are amazing girls so stop comparing them.

  • Lauren

    i think it may have something to do with the teen vogue article if people are calling her an hypocrite; you know because of how she said she wasn’t going to date anyone in the industry, go for someone normal, and now shes dating taylor, but if it is to do with that its not hypocritical that much because you can’t help who you end up liking, taylor seems like a really nice, genuine guy, who has morals and comes from a nice family who’s doing a job many people wouldn’t have the chance to do, and so is selena…an i think, that shes a great inspiration to many people, and to say shes only 16 she has a great sensible mind…many people, like myself, at 18 years old are still making mistakes, an trying to figure out what to do in life…her fans should just stick by her, and the haters who are calling her an hypocrite, she shouldn’t listen to her, because all what matters is that she continues to do what she does, and be with people who she wants to be no matter who that may be.

  • Laura

    She’s hypocrite, I don’t know where is his problem…

  • real

    tss, if guys say she is hypocryte, i think that real

    because we hate the reality when they say it

    well selena is hypocryte then

  • Naomi

    Lesson for teen girls:

    -Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

    -If you’re changing, don’t make statements with authority, admit that your views might change as you grow older.

    -Don’t do things for fame or because your studio asks you to but because you believe in them or you know FOR SURE you will never turn back on your words. e,g purity rings, being a goody two shoes.

    -Better to be yourself and be branded a bad girl than start off playing the good girl and find you can’t maintain it. As the hymn says – He that is down needs fear no fall – but when you set yourself on a pedestal that is not you, that word is sure to be used a lot, unfortunately.

    -If that word can’t be used for one person, it can’t be used for any. You can not let her off the hook for making statements that she can not live up to especially when she benefited at the time from making those statements at the expense of others and yet crucify people like Miley (I’m no fan).

    Miley is a year younger than her and has had to do her changing and growing with the whole world watching and using those words on her.
    Both girls have not been consistent with their words, you can’t excuse one and crucify the other.

    Some of these fans admiring her I’m sure were among those ‘disappointed with Ashley for drinking and going clubbing though she’s 24 and entitled to do so. Your disappointment was because she had made a big fuss of never going clubbing and now had to go back on her words.

    It’s common with Disney stars so if you have to give one person a chance, you’ve got to give the others as well else that word-hypocrite-will apply.

    EVERYBODY is changing, some are just more careful about pretending to be Mother Theresa.

    -If you want what others have and can’t get it yet, stop pretending you don’t want it because you can’t get it, when you are able to get it, it makes it harder to go back on your words.

    Do I think she should be given a chance? Of course! Same as everyone else.

    Unfortunately, this is part of the price of fame, people are going to call her out on it just as other teen stars have been called out for going back on their words and they are not entirely wrong, it’s called discipline and accountability.

    I remember pointing out when she burst into the scene with her purity ring statement that she should be careful with making statements as she would take them back as she grows.

    She should take responsibility that she did go back on her words, swallow the criticism and get on with her life much wiser and more careful with her words. She can only get better and be free to be herself.

    It’s a good lesson to learn and it’s good she’s learning it. Be yourself no matter how much people criticize you and sometimes, ‘I don’t know yet’ and ‘I’m not sure’ or ‘It depends’ are perfectly good answers.

  • jenny

    I wasn’t a die-hard fan of her before, but i used to like her! But I now LOVE her! She has changed so much…in a good way!
    And even if she’s changing, i love her even more! She’s such a good role model, and for people saying that she thinks she’s perfect, stop it! She might have her flaws (like everyone else) but she doesn’t want to show it! And for people calling her fake, go check Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt!

    Her show is the only thing good on disney! As much as I LOVE demi, her show just isn’t funny! I still haven’t got a chance to watch JONAS

  • Mona

    @jenny: Aww…..i love selena soooo much! She’s a great role model, and i agree with jenny!

  • rrtrtre

    thats coz she is a hypocrite!!

  • kevin

    wow im surprised you low-life selena fans arnt bashing on poor miley. im so happy, you guys are finaly not being dicks !! good job guys, NOT.

    well i kinda agree with selena we all change wen we grow up, but to be aunist, im a “say it to your face” kind of guy, if theres something i dont like or think you should know baout i say it to your face, thats probably why i dont get along wit most people, cause i basicallycall them out, but were all hypocrits in this world, every single person is, some of us have said things before and some of us still say it now, i stop a long time ago, but we have all said something once that obviously made or makes us a hyporcrit, so beleive it or not, we all were, or still are. selena aparently from my point of view, could have been, i know i usto be a hypocrite. and im not afriad to admit :) cause in this big world, ESPECIALY with teenagers, we all go through life basically being hypocrits. but i know im not one anymore :) and for selena: niceway to tiipping us off “I also said that I would never fall in love until I was much older to really understand the word…..” mmm that should creat up a stir :P

  • Sarah

    @ Naomi # 29
    You wrote a lot of things down for teen girls to learn
    But you forgot the most important one
    and from what i’ve read you have to learn it yourself too.
    The important lesson for girls is to not take everything seriously a 16 year old famous teen said!
    You are also going to say things now and over maybey 10 years doing the opposite.
    We call that growing up!
    Every famous person said things and later on doing something different.
    And haven’t you thought about Selena may be a good kid and doesn’t want to take ‘bad’ pictures.
    She was talking about herself not wanna be called hypocrite.
    If Miley or another person don’t wanna be called that way they should say it there selfs.
    Selena doesn’t have to defend those persons!
    But for the next time, just write down you don’t like her, it saves you a lot of time.
    And I respect your ‘lessons’ and other things you wrote their
    but I have to say I DISAGREE with almost everything you wrote their

  • Sarah

    @ Kevin #31
    At first you’re saying every person is a hypocrite
    And then you’re saying you aren’t any more?
    Good way to make your point. NOT

  • louie

    Selena is always true to herself. I love her! :)

  • kevin

    @ Sarah #33
    haha you should read the details
    i said every person either was or still is a hypocrite
    so beofre you deicde to start a war up with me
    i suggest you should start getting into the post’s detail a bit more
    and nice post in #32 sadly no one cares enough to read it :) good day.

  • sam

    ahahahahahaha kevin XD
    but i love the war.
    basically all i want to say is.
    selena sucks balls.
    and #29 and #31 and 34 was right.
    sarah give it up, no one gives a crap :)

  • lottie

    I agree with her in some sense, that people are allowed to grow and change however I hate hypocrites and some people are just that. Hypocrites.

    For example a girl who is blatently bitchin about someone behind there back and then an hour later is being all best friendy to them Thats not growing and changing, thats plain hypocritical.

  • ME

    1 John 3:15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

  • Sarah

    ‘but were all hypocrits in this world, every single person is’
    hmm so your not saying there that every person’s a hypocrite?
    @ Sam
    You obviously care about the comment I made else, you weren’t
    commenting on it
    And if Selena sucks balls why do you even bother to come on SELENA’S

>>>>>>> staging1