V Factory is Love Struck

V Factory is Love Struck

Wesley Quinn, Nicky T and Jared Murillo show off their dance moves in an underground garage in their new music video, “Love Struck.”

V Factory, which also includes Asher Book and Nathaniel Flatt, just returned from a nationwide road trip where they promoted their new single. Wes recently tweeted, saying, “Just gettin’ up, first time I’ve slept in my bed in weeks! so nice.”

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V Factory – “Love Struck” Official Music Video
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  • Lisa

    Love it! Jared and Nathaniel are so hot!

  • http://www.abv.bg Veselka

    First It’s good

  • mh

    so great!

  • joanne

    the choreography was really good

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    …Oh my. Scott is one HECK of a director !!! And the choreo. just made everything else so amazing !!! This video really made my day !! ..Plus, I can finally see whose voice belongs to who !! ..Lol, when I listened to ‘Lovestruck’ before the music vid. came out, I didn’t know whose voice was singing at the time…all I know is that it’s such a catchy song. :D All 5 are so amazing. ♥ Love these boys.


  • Katty

    I’ve never heard their stuff before, and I am not into boy bands, but even I have to admit it’s catchy, they have pretty good voices, and the dancing is really good.
    Over all, good video.

  • kelseyyyy

    The choreography was soooo good. They are defintely under appreciated. Asher Brook and Jared Murillo are so hot. The rest of their music is good too. Not a typical boy band.

  • Lauren

    I LOVED it!! My new Favorite Song! It is So good & Catchy! im so Lovestruck With V Factory! Amazing Video!

  • kalie

    omg! how CAN THEY GET ANY HOTTER!!!! ahh i love them all and ashey gave up JARED? wow big mistake hes so sexy!! i love him!!!!!!

  • Caro

    Oh Gosh! they are… wow, i love v factory xdd Jared is sexy :$

  • veronica

    I Love LoveStruck!!!!! The dancing is amazing. love you Jared!!!!

  • tlt

    i love this song, the band and the video!

  • olIVIa

    So exciting to see LoveStruck Video!!!!!! It is great, watched it over and over!!!!!!! Really good song and great dancing. Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ale

    OMG!!!!! It’s AMAZING!!!!!! Jared is sexy…:-)

  • Julie

    Love it a lot ;)

  • georgiegirl

    i absolutley LOVED it, it was so catchy!! its already in my head!
    LOVE these boys!

  • suzy

    I LIKE IT.

  • Lauren

    @katty: i second your comment lol, ive never heard any of there songs an i only knew about their band through ashley dating jared (hes much better looking than scott i must say lol) an now ive heard that song and the video..its great, its very catchy, an the dancing is amazing, the band has got great potential to be a big hit, not just in america but globally…it was really good lol

  • Clémentine

    Awesome !!! I love V Factory ^^ All the songs are so great. The group is perfect, they can sing, dance,… My fav’ is Asher (so hot) and Jared and Wes are so cute ^^
    Great job guys ;) You desserve this success :D
    Hope see you soon in Europe !!!!

  • http://www.vfactoryfans.com LIsa

    AAAW V Factory! LOL, I’m so proud of these boys! They’re going to be big! They all did a great, no AMAZING job!

  • ashley

    omygosh AMAZINNNGG. i knew they werent going to disappoint . i love them. i agree w/ everyone they are DEF. gunna blow up.

  • maria

    Really liked it, surprisingly!! Good song, good moves.

  • sarah

    Wow! They’r so Hot!
    I luv them….

    They really rock!
    Love struck is a great song!
    luv it!

  • LOL

    Theres nothing more than to say abouf the Vid then its amazing. The boys deserve all the sucess there gonna get as they have worked so hard for it.

    Just Jared why have you missed Ashers name off the write up?

  • Leah.

    It was really good! :D

  • http://www.vfactorysocal.com V factory socal

    words cannot describe how proud we are of our boys!!

  • erin

    that really wasn’t that amazing in my opinion. it was just them doing the choreography, which we’ve all seen before. They just added a bunch of flashing lights and a random chick dancing. Nothing special.

  • ashleigh

    asher makes me quiver in secret places LOL

  • sophia

    the choreography was fricken awesome!!! and the song is pretty damn catchy… wow totally a surprise to me

  • Sarah

    Oh my gosh, how sexy was Jared in this music video!?
    They all looked so good.

  • http://no Catherine

    I love this video!! so cute Asher!! i love u! ^^

  • :]]]

    i loved it asher book is so hottttt!

  • Hanna Devonne


  • ashtisdalelover1905

    good job !
    i love jared and wesley <3

  • Ayan


  • Dianna

    omg!!! i love this song !!! jared is so cutteee!

  • Dianna

    omg!!! i love this song!! jared is so cuttee!

  • taylorlautnerlove

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Beenn waitingg for this for like FOREVERRRRR! Lovee love love loveeeeeeeeeee itt! Asherr Book; Wesley Quinn && Jared Murrillooo! (L)

  • asher book is HOT!

    WOW. I didn’t think they were going to be that good! I’ve heard of them only because of Ashley Tisdale, but they definitely have potential! Asher Book had such an edgy kind of hot look in this video that I kept playing it all morning, LOL.

  • Lauren

    was asher the one with the hood on? because i only know jared, i don’t know what anyone else looks like in the band lol?

  • LOL

    @Lauren: yep asher was the amazingly hot guy with the hood on!

  • L.L.L.

    OMG they are so freakin’ HOT!! all of them!:)!! They are my new favorite group i know they are gonna be the next big thing!:) ANd yeah scott spear did a really good job with their video! the dancing was amazing as well!:)

  • Caro

    i like jared, asher… everybody (?) (Yo hablo español 99) supermodel is a good song ;) amam, they are good (YY)

  • Justine

    they’re all so amazing, but asher book is totally my fave.

  • kalie

    jared is absolutely the best i love him can you ssay sexy?!! yes i love jared ah!!!!!!!

  • briqqitte

    omqqqq ii lovee itt there sooo hotttt,ii lovee themm all.WORTHH THEE WAITTT=)

  • Aida Boo

    i LOVE this song,
    ahhhmazinq <3
    qreat video.
    and the quy with the hoodie..
    hes totally hot!!!
    so is jared..who is very sexxxyyy miqht i add

  • Shir

    V factory is so hot.
    I wasn’t loving the “sexy” girl in the vid though
    Great song, fun video <33


    video is soooooooooooooooooooo good!!!! finally! so excited it came out! that girl is hot!

  • MKay

    Song is catchy, but to be honest there isnt anything original about them.

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