Vanessa Hudgens: Official Bandslam Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens: Official Bandslam Poster!

Not only did we get the official trailer earlier this week, we now have the official poster!!!

Vanessa Hudgens holds onto her Gibson Flying V guitar as she stands front and center on the official poster for her upcoming flick, Bandslam.

In the flick, a high school outcast (Gaelan Connell) bonds with a popular girl (Alyson Michalka) over their shared love of music and results in them assembling a rock group that looks to win their school’s upcoming battle of the bands competition.

Bandslam hits theaters on Friday, August 14th.

JJJ note: This is NOT the official poster. Just another version. Thanks!

Bigger poster inside…

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official bandslam poster 01

  • jamie

    looks great
    love you vanessa



    tis movie is a joke!!!!!!!!!! going to see it for a good laugh!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao

  • Ellyne

    First again =D it lookss cuteee

  • biggest vanessa hudgens fan!

    i like it so bad:D
    i just can’t wait 4 the movie 2 come out.

  • Ellyne

    woah harsh man

  • LOLA


  • bruno

    loved it!

  • suzy

    I can’t wait to see this film.

    also vote for V

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    I can’t wait for the movie!
    Me and a bunch of friends are going to go see the movie the day it comes out!
    I love the poster btw!

  • dani

    yeahhhhh I CAN’T WAIT

  • cami


  • EAC

    this movie looks so bad! haha

  • dani


  • dani


  • crazy for JONAS

    seriously, i don´t think this movie is gonna be a hit…

  • kimmy

    Nessa looks so cute!♥

  • babygurrl

    Aww it looks like it will be a fun summer movie!!!

  • Rich


    Have fun wasting your money on something you don’t like.

  • ashley

    The more talented and beautiful one aka Aly Michalka should be front and center.

  • CT

    is she really the main character in this movie or did they put her in the front for ticket sales? i mean i like vanessa & all that but i couldof sworn she wasnt the MAIN character… mhm.


    Looks amazinggggggggg!!!!!!!@CT: yea i totally agree with you.

  • ashlee

    will (gaelan) is the main character.

  • ivanka

    @Rich: LMAO I KNOW!

    this posteer looks supeer and vanessa looks more than gorgeous

  • Ari

    Yay im so0o0o0o excited for this it come out :)

  • saudia

    cool poster.. the movie will bomb though, should have gone straight to DVD, would have been more successful that way .. can’t compete with all the major summer blockbusters :)

  • fan

    This movie is not expected or hyped to be a blog buster hit. It is a low budget indie movie with limited cinema theater showing. The movie’s leading stars are Gaelan Connell and Aly. Vanessa has the supporting role in the movie. Therefore, Gaelan and Aly will be the ones to carry the movie. This movie belongs to Gaelan, and he does a very good job. The rest of the casts did what they are instructed to do by the director and apparently did just fine. It is a fun, feel good, light weight, entertaining movie for family enjoyment. The movie will give fans of Vanessa, Aly, Gaelan, Lisa K of Friend, and other casts members to enjoy.

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA

    love the poster
    vanessa this beautiful
    increasingly pamper for this movie

  • awurbii


    I understand where you are coming from but I don’t think it will bomb. Even though i don’t think it will top the box office or anything. It wasn’t made on a large budget. It will probably make a modest profit becuase it seems to be the only teenage film out of the summer blockbusters.

    Not only that but it comes out after most of all the huge summer bockbusters have been out for at least two weeks so it has a chance. We won’t know till it comes out though

  • Karen

    Yes, Gaelan and Aly are the leads in this movie. Yes, Vanessa is front and center on this poster. Yes, it proves who has the most clout of the three. Yes, it would appear that they powers that be of this movie are using Vanessa’s popularity to promote this movie. So, those of you who think she is nothing are apparently wrong.

  • janelle

    even though i LOVE vanessa i still think it’s messed up that vanessa is in the front and center all big and important when the movie really focuses on aly and gaelon and not HER. I mean vanesa is the third main character…not the number one main!!

  • Boji

    Well, the powers that be know what they’re promoting. I for one am prepared to pay for a companion to go see this movie with me.

    For those of you who think this movie is lame and a waste of time, why bother posting repeatedly on the Bandslam threads and giving it your precious time?!

  • ZanessaLuvr

    Ah-mazin! Can’t wait to see it!

  • lslsharon

    can’t wait for the movie!!!!
    love nessa!!!!!!!!!

    keep voting!!!!!!

  • AllieC

    Hold on, is JUSTJAREDJR Jared posting?? Because that is really immature….

    It’s immature no matter who it is, but for someone who likes Vanessa to her face and says that behind her back is lame.

    but im really stoked to see this, i’ll probably go see it a bunch just like I did 17 again with Zac. Im really looking forward to it, and Im on the list for the premire too. I’ll bet she’ll steal the night from the others looking gorgeous as always!!!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    aww,they loook geatttttttt,speciall vanessa!! :D

  • Cam…


  • laura daniela

    I’m really looking forward to watching this movie. The poster looks awesome, speaking of wich, Vanessa is not the main character, she shouldn’t be in the center of the poster. I think she’ll be great in this movie, but the producers are using her to promote Bandslam because obviously she has a HUGE fanbase. Anyway, that’s how Show bussines works. I’m hoping I won’t have to wait too long to see this movie in my country.

  • laura daniela

    business* . That’s what I meant

  • Thao

    Wow what a great picture! I love her smile!

  • Naomi


    Darling it’s not your money at stake.

    You didn’t have to click on the thread BOTH on JJ and JJJ to tell us that.

    It appears someone is paying undue attention to an already bombed movie. Hmm.

  • yets

    Wow Vanessa in the front
    Love it!!!!

  • Naomi

    I love the poster and can’t wait for the movie.

    I think Vanessa is in front mainly because she’s the most recognizable name and partly because she’s so small as well, she would have been lost behind Aly and Gaelan.

    On Yahoo, when they were introducing the trailer, it’s clear she was standing on a little box to match their height and was looking very pleased with herself. She’s just so adorable and so comfortable with herself and her height.

    I’m sure Aly understands that Vanessa’s name would reach a wider audience than hers and it’s all for the benefit of their movie. Aly has been doing some promos as well. It doesn’t take anything from her or her talent.

    The important thing is that Aly’s name is billed first. Gaelan is actually the central character but because he’s unknown, he’s name is being billed third.

  • Naomi

    Just had to add that I love Vanessa’s smile on that poster. I just want to pinch her cheeks!

    I hope they release the soundtrack a bit earlier. I love the snippets of the musical performances we’ve heard so far including the hip-hop one in the trailer. So glad they went for real music.

  • Kat

    Make sure you vote for Vanessa for the MTV awards!!!!!!!!!!


  • troy


    This movie is coming out in late August AFTER movies like “Transformers,” “Terminator:Salvation”, and “Harry Potter” etc, have been in the theaters for a while. It is not competing with them directly.

    Plus I don’t think people realize how hard it is for a movie like “Bandslam” to “bomb.” This is a film with a very modest budget, it does not need to rake in $100+million dollars to be successful. I mean if it does that that will be lovely but it’s success does not requrie it.

  • lslsharon

    love nessa!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sweetnessa

    i can’t wait!!!!!

  • marie

    this movie will be a FLOP

  • Marie

    looks soo boring

  • http://deleted drak night

    i love it , and i think they but vanessa becus she’s a sexy

    i love you baby V

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