Miley Cyrus is Coffee Bean Cute

Miley Cyrus is Coffee Bean Cute

Miley Cyrus has her hands full with two cups of coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Friday afternoon (May 22) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old actress tweeted earlier this morning, saying, “@emilyosment @mandyyjiroux and @ddlovato rock my sock!!! love ya girls! :) you make me sooo happy!!! ill always be there for you.”

Miley and Emily also had a sleepover on Thursday night. Miley tweeted again, saying, “Going 2 the bathroom alone after watching ‘What Lies Beneath’ – ‘Ems you’re gonna feel real bad if something pops out of toilet and kills me!’”

10+ pics inside of Coffee Bean cutie Miley Cyrus

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Photos: DiCupua/FamePictures
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  • me

    So prety love her

  • bruno

    i love u miley she looks even prettier every day!

  • HMCT

    I am excited about her new movie she will be working on this summer! I also think she would make a great Ariel Moore in the Footloose remake, I have heard that she is being considered for the role.

  • ivanka

    ew whats up with her hair? are those extensions or its her natural hair? cause is 1000000% DAMAGED

  • Misty

    Cute Outfit! I cant wait 2 c the last song :D

    Your amazing miley!

  • asdfghjkl;

    isnt it alittle hot to be wearing those boots. i bet her feet are sweating.

  • melrose

    I LOVE HER!!! she’s sooo pretty and definitely NOT fat!

  • Just r.

    Miley is diva :*


    any shoes you wear your feet are gonna sweat.

  • Victoria

    love <3

  • jen
  • jee

    she must have been really thirsty!! ;P

  • francesca

    she could be so gorgeous if she did something about her hair.

  • joana

    nice legs n boots! her face is not that gr8 tho

    pics of selena n taylor hugging

  • hingman

    Miley is just the cutest girl ever.

  • http://jjj miley

    miley’s awesome and she looks great as always! :)

  • billythekid


    I can’t argue with that. Either she has unruly hair in need of daily attention, or she just isn’t all that concerned about what everyone else thinks. But, yeah, sometimes her hair is done just right and she looks great.

    I dont know about that. That face has made her a freakin fortune! Where you been?

  • Charlie Johnson

    So did she leave Justin and did she decide to go lesbian on us like Lindsey?

  • ‘amyy

    Omg!! So you guys are telling me you do your hair everyday? Just to go for coffe? Don’t think soo!
    Why is it on a post of miley someoneALWAYS brings demi or selena up!?
    Get over yourself there all best friends!!! Don’t think you no about them!!
    Love you miles looking amazing as always :)

  • jo

    She looks cute! So what if shes not having the greatest hair day?? She’s only human.

    i like the boots but its summer! isnt she hot?

  • reginna

    i love her clothes, she looks so pretty (lll)

  • camille

    i love those boots
    where can you get them??

  • .

    Awww #14 I think? Lol those pics of taylena are soooo adorable!!! But back to miley, I love her legs and her bootssss

  • Nala

    I’m starting thinking those Hollywood young stars are not even thirsty or anything when they buy coffee. Probably thinking they look cool with it in the hands, I guess.

  • carolineee


  • kevin

    shes amazing
    everday she looks fantastic, and you loser that says
    her face isnt gr8, well first of all type like a human being, “GREAT”
    look at the dictionary :) slang was soo 3 years ago. AND second her hair
    looks fine ! i agree with @jo SHES ONLY HUMAN! but to be aunist…
    her hair looks fine. so i suggest all the lil haters on here, stop
    looking for her little imperfections, cause shes looks fine :)
    if you want to see imperfections everywhere… go on Selena’s thread :P
    shes loaded with them

  • Kevin learn to spell

    This is to that moron Kevin!! “but to be aunist”…lol IDIOT!! pot meet kettle, It is spelled HONEST you moron, NOT aunist [sic] no wonder you are a miley cyrus fan, all of her fans are stupid and obviously very young. And the guy was right, her face it not that “gr8.” she is about a 3.5 – 4 face wise on a scale of 1-10.

  • sean84

    well shes so beautifull as allways lol nd uts cool dat shes frineds wiff demi emily nd mandy lol i lik them all lol

  • sophie

    she looks awesome, i love u mileyy :)

  • Random guy

    Miley I love u ur the cutesy girl in the world and lucky for u I am still single please marry me

  • mIL3Y (DHC) cYRU5

    thnx 4 all th3 wund3rful comm3nts guys, lov3 u all! AND NO!! my hair i5 a 100% natural in thi5 pic, but ye55 sumtim35 i do w3ar extins!

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