Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Cute & Cuddly

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Cute & Cuddly

Ashley Tisdale and boyfriend Scott Speer snuggle up together as they lunch on sunny Sunday afternoon (May 24) in Malibu, Calif.

Upon returning from her radio tour, Ashley, 23, and Scott have been inseparable. The duo dined together on Saturday at La Loggia restaurant.

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Guilty Pleasure hits shelves on Tuesday, June 16.

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Credit: MP/WG; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • anny


  • ashlee;

    she looks pretty [:

  • BittenbyEDWARD.


  • Maria-Chiara


  • z-a-n-e-ss-a

    is he 30

    he look soo big

    but they look soo cute

    i hope we see zanessa pic soon

  • http://jjj miley

    they are a nice couple but i still don’t like him! dk why….
    ps: ashley looks great!

  • Isabelle
  • britney

    hehe isnt that jacket that ashley is wearing the one scott was waring the other day
    awww cuteness
    hmmm love the mark ashley left on his neck xD
    omg !!! according to IMBD ashley is preforming at the mtv movie awards

  • rockstar

    They really are cute together. (:
    Ashley looks so happy with him.


    Now we need Zanessa pictures and this day will be lovelyyy. :D

  • tanii

    I really do not like Ashley Tisdale. She can’t act or sing to save her life. Prefer Vanessa Hudgens.

  • Larah


  • jen

    i think i kinda agree with tanii.. but i like ashley too!!!

  • ladysdsandiego

    please don’t bring vanessa into this discussion. we do not need another vanessa/ashley argument.

  • Daniel

    @tanii really? We dont care who you prefer just keep your mouth shut :D ashley can act and sing (: and you’re nobody to tell if she can’t wat did you win 10 oscars and grammys or something?

  • alice

    They look cute!Remember to vote for Ashley at MTV! :)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw, they are too cute..but I still prefer Jared. But I’ll get used to Scott soon, I guess. I find it adorable that he’s so tall and she’s short.

  • ivanka

    lame couple..

  • biggest vanessa hudgens fan!

    they are cutee 2gether.
    i’ll get used 2 scott.

  • kara

    for the first time in my life i actually agree with ivanka, but only because of scott. i know hes only using her for the recognition because he pays more attention to the cameras than he does to her and it’s really pathetic, she needs to go back to jared or find a guy who wants her for her and not her fame`

  • ashleytfan

    Ugh. No offense, but I hate them together.
    I hope they break up soon. Ash needs to get back with Jared.
    He was a much better choice.

  • Divine Goddess

    i am SO glad she’s dating someone her age. finally a man and not some teen. they look cute together and she seems really happy.

  • a

    fug long face..dont know what scott sees in her

  • Avril

    I love Ash!!!!
    she look so cute!!!!!!
    but I still prefer Jared!
    I miss those Jashley moments!!!!!


  • noe

    ashley and scott are like so cute together! love them!

  • loges

    I always know that she would end up with him.

  • ashley tisdale

    ashley you look so beautiful..!! <3

  • dee

    poor jared

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    OMG !
    really she is !
    let’s get excited <3
    tnkx for tell us sweety :D

  • Lily

    They look cute together ^.^

  • britney

    idk if its true tho !! i hope so
    btw keep voting guys

  • z-a-n-e-ss-a
  • RTT’s

    Come onnnn. If Ashley is happy with Scott then so be it.
    I prefer Jared too, but I guess nothing lasts and that’s life.

  • RTT’s

    Come onnn. If Ashley us happy with Scott than so be it.
    I prefer Jared too, but they have moved on and that’s life.
    Nothing lasts forever.

  • ashRocKS


  • ash rockz

    They’re so cute together <3
    Ashley looks really happy (:
    I wish her only the best!
    btw: She looks good!

    and DON’T bring Vanessa to this. I’m getting sick of it!

  • ina

    She’s sooo great!
    Cute couple
    Love you Ashley!

  • ELLÄ

    I really dont like him :S I dont know why but he’s just weird. I mean Jared was so much cuter and he seemed nicer. Omg, is it a hickey in his neck? Hope not!

  • ♥RTT; scashley

    come onnn people.
    If she’s happy with Scott then so be it.
    I prefer Jared more too, but they broke up and the both moved on.
    That’s life.

  • x3x3x3

    They look soo cute together although it’s sad that Jared and her aren’t still together.
    And I think that he’s a little bit too heavy for her.
    But.. THEY LOOK SO CUTE!!! x3x3x3

    I’m happy for her : )

    GO Ashley !!!

  • isabella aka Izzy

    OMG WHAT HAPPENED TOO JARED?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DID THEY BREAKUP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    POOR JARED;(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ASHLEY PLEASE GET BACK WITH JARED;(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZJ207

    awww.. they’re so cute together
    and for all the people who said they’re not good together, it’s not u who decide, lol sry
    but it’s up tp Ashley… if you had a BF and someone told u you don’t look good together, u’ll breakup with him? i don’t think so… lol
    I’m really glad Ashley is happy
    and I agree with someone who said that she’s finally dating someone her age, not another teen boy!
    and Ashley is NOT performing at the MTV Movie Awards… i really hoped so thought…

  • zanessa love story

    he is very very very very very TALL!!
    she is Very very very very SHORT!!

  • lea

    Scott Speer is more handsome than Jared.

  • ashley_fans

    why the all people blame ashley tisdale about jashley split ?
    jared’s dad said jared is very happy about this.he wanted to break up with ashley !
    so ashley can find another boyfriend,except cry at home !

  • Cloud Nguyen

    I hate them together.
    I hope they break up soon.

  • Carrie

    How trashy she gave him a hickey! Who would want to listen to her songs?

  • Carrie

    @ZJ207: Of course she’s not! She doesn’t sound good when she sings live!

  • naza

    me encantan (L)