Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Montepulciano Mates

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Montepulciano Mates

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pose with a few friends as they finish up dinner at a restaurant in Montepulciano, Italy on Sunday afternoon (May 24).

The duo are in Italy to finish up filming on their upcoming flick, New Moon.

An extra on the set wrote to RobPattzNews about her experience on the set, saying, “The crew was very quick and organized, and divided all the extras into groups: ‘the drivers,’ ‘the reds,’ and ‘the blacks.’ We felt like the prey of the production company. They then offered us breakfast, which I was grateful for since my stomach was complaining more than Rosalie. Me and all the other drivers (there were about a hundred of us), were then told to park in the front of the main entrance of the town, where a yellow Porsche was also parked! My God, what a beautiful car! The rest of the extras were taken inside the city wall, where they would be shooting the reunion between Edward and Bella later in the week.” (JJJ Note: The yellow Porsche belongs to Alice Cullen, played by Ashley Greene)

15+ pics inside of Robert and Kristen munching in Montepulciano…

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Credit: Ciao Pix; Photos: INFdaily, Alex Jackson/WENN
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  • heart

    I’m so excited for the movie! They really look good together! :)

  • Stacey

    So HOT!! Love him.

    Can’t wait for New Moon.

  • lil

    i hope we get more pictures soon :)

  • Vicky

    omg. so excited!!!!

  • carolina herrera

    hi! it is a wonderful note
    I can´t wait to see new moon!

  • Bree

    He is so hot! can’t wait for New Moon! so excited

  • Isabelle
  • http://justjaredjr dee

    =) they look sooooo good together!!!!!!!
    love them!!!
    they are the best actors eva!!!

    KRISTEN STEWART is so amazing!! she rocks!
    best actress!!!!!
    new moon is going to be awesome!!!!

  • Lauren

    i like her shorts.. bet the film is gonna be good

  • Emma

    I love her shorts too! And I’m pretty sure those are Rob’s sunglasses, seen on Kstew in the last 2 pics. That sure doesn’t help dating rumors if they share clothes/accessories….

  • kaity

    Rob is hot! Kristen Stewart is a pot head =)

  • bri

    Kristen’s acting was really bad in Twilight, hope she does better in New Moon

  • calliope

    Kristen Stewart consistently manages to look like a freakin’ rock star. She is uber-stylish without being prissy. If this girl gets any more awesome I am going to start making up Chuck Norris jokes about her.

  • ashlee

    Yeh #8 i think they are Robs because if you look at a previous interview there wearing glasses very similar and Rob’s was just plain black and Kristen had a bit of blue on the side but these glasses are just plain black, they always wear each others stuff, well Kristen wears Robs stuff e.g. the leather jacket and his shoes!

    by the way i dont think they are just “mates” i think they are more then that, havent seen K’s boyfriend in a pretty looooooooong time and to say he is getting real jealous of Rob and wanting to be with K all the time :| could there romance have just fizzled out?

  • michelle

    I love Kristen! She’s so pretty!

  • mairead

    I love these pics of kristen and rob together……and all d pics of them together don’t help the dating rumors.
    I haven’t seen kristen’s so called bf these days has the romance fizzled? I hope so rob and kristen wud make a cute couple..:)

  • Shakaiya

    Kristen is a hippie type of girl. I love her.

  • leslie

    LOVE THEM <333
    i cant wait for the movie man.
    i hope they are together & if they aren’t that soon
    they will be.

    i hope they hang out while they’re on break before eclipse. the comic con is july 23 i think for new moon :D

  • ashtizz


  • jaymes

    Robsten rock! It’s so obvious that they are in love each other <3
    Kris is amazing, I love her and her rock star look xD

  • migui

    love them love them love them….cant wait for the it me or is kristen gaining some weight she still looks good..

  • calliope

    Bri: your comment about Kstew’s acting makes me wonder what you consider good acting? Maybe you were sucked in by the riveting performances in High School Musical II? Or are you more of a Paul Blart: Mall Cop sort of gal? Perhaps the nuanced portrayal of shallow bitches by those talented actors of The Hills is what floats your boat?

    Kristen Stewart can actually act. Not the hyper-emotive, cartoon yowling that typifies most teen actors, but real, actual, thought-out characterization. A character cannot simply appear on screen as written, since is has to be interpreted by and through the actor. Bella, as written, spends a lot of time (a) crying, and (c) near-fainting (I believe “swooning” is the term. There is no way that a realist actor like Kstew is going to play the character that way. So she played Bella as an introvert, awkward but confident, intense, and a bit sullen. It might not be how you envisioned Bella, but hey, you’re them’s the breaks. But I cannot think of a better actress under the age of 20, and I defy you to.

  • Tameka

    They make a cute couple!! If they aren’t dating already, i hope that they date soon!! :) <3

  • Tameka

    They make a cute couple!! If they aren’t dating already, i hope that they date soon!! :) <3

  • Anne*baby

    I love Kristen!! Her hair always manages to look hot, even when it’s messy! I wish mine was like hers :/ I love her clothes too. She’s the best actress ever, and she’s real. She doesn’t try to be something she isn’t!

    Love ROBSTEN! I hope they really are together!! ♥

  • michelle

    To #13 Calliope, I LOLed at your post. But there already ARE Chuck Norris type jokes about KStew. They’re hilarious.

  • yup

    why are they so tense? is it because of that dumb erika dumtro–or whomever–pics? but i hope they have a great four-day shooting in italy!

  • Jessica

    Love them together. Considering the amount of times she’s been going back to his hotel instead of hers past 1 am I’d assume they are at least somewhat together. You’d have to be slow not to realize they weren’t running lines back at his hotel at 3 am. Good for them. He’s been looking very confident and happy lately. If she makes him that way then more power to them.

  • bri

    To 21, I have’nt seen HSM 2, and why bring Hills into this, it’s a reality TV show. And to tell you the truth Kristen didn’t do a great job in Twilight. Even critics have claimed that. I have’nt seen any of her other movies, but Twilight wasn’t her best performance. Bella is a naive and yet strong (not manly tough) girl. She’s desperately in love with Edward and is emotional at many times. Kristen did not act like she was obsessively or desperately in love with Edward, nor did she act like a naive girl. She blinked way too much, alright forget that maybe its her habbit but I have seen better acting than that and under 20. I bet Emily could have done a better job, who Stephenie recommanded.

  • Winter


    I like Kristen Stewart. I think she’s cool but I have to agree with Bri about her acting in Twilight. It really wasn’t that good. As a matter of fact, it sucked. It was monotonous and boring. All she did was shake her head, blink, and stutter. Bella’s supposed to be interesting that’s why a lot of guys were in love with her. I don’t think Kristen carried out the character well. I really hope she does good in New Moon.

  • cal

    They are awesome. Kristen is a great actress , you can sense that she actually has a brain and is using it unlike Vanessa ‘BLAND’ Hudgens and all the other idiot girl actresses. She also is not a fame whore and i love that about her. She is very misunderstood and i think quite shy. Even the cast say she takes a while to get to know but she is very nice. She’s only 19 and she’s handled all this so well and shows great insight in her interviews. I am fed up of people bad mouthing her. Everyone is jealous that she’s so pretty and successful and apparently has Robert Pattinson. He definitely fancies her. I think they would be great together but either way im looking forward to New Moon.

  • joss

    can’t wait to see it!!

  • calliope

    @ Bri and Winter

    Hmm. So, let’s see what the critics have to say…

    “the most vivid thing in the film is Kristen Stewart. She was the leggy hobo-camp teen in love with Emile Hirsch in Into the Wild, and she’s better at conveying physical longing than any of the actors playing vampires.” (New York Magazine)

    “Nicely played by Kristen Stewart, who has excelled in several real movies including “Into the Wild,” Bella is a lonely girl of the type who broods alone in the cafeteria.” (The New York Post)

    “Stewart (Panic Room, Into the Wild) brings just the right blend of ferocity and feeling to the role of Bella Swan, the loner from Phoenix who leaves her mom to live with her police-chief dad in rarely sunny (hint! hint!) Washington state.” (Rolling Stone)

    “But the performances in “Twilight” — some of which, most notably Stewart’s, are admirably solid — are beside the point.” (Salon)

    “Stewart is an ideal casting choice — she conveys Bella’s detachment, as well as her need to bust through it.”(Entertainment Weekly)

  • Nikkz

    Alot of people don’t like Kristen becuase of her b!tchy/snotty attitude. She’s barely pretty, she just looks average like all the kids at high school, nothing special. Plus her acting is Twilight was horrible, no emotion or expressions what so ever. And why did she act super tough, Bella is supposed to be a little feminine. And at many times Kristen has said that Twilight is phsychotic and etc. The girl does not appreciate all this and its ridiculous. She should have dropped out if she wasn’t interested in making the movie good. Wish a better actress could have played Bella.

    Kristen has been acting longer than Rob, then how come he’s been invited to the Oscars, promoted to Cannes, and is getting major movie roles with, Hugh Jackman, award winning directors and etc. Think about it.

  • may

    They are the cutest couple. I can’t wait till they win Best kiss at MTV movie awards next week. I hope they continue the tradition of kissing on stage.

  • sunny


    You can’t go make insults at other “idiot actors” like VHud and then turn your back and tell us that Kristen is very misunderstood. You don’t know either one, so shut your trap.

    I won’t make comments to Kristen the person, but I don’t think her acting was THE BEST it could have been. Her short raspy breath and stuttering thing annoyed me. I think the producers of the movie just chose actors who looked right for the part, not really on the acting. The first one was pretty terrible as only fangirls were the ones who really liked it (and tried to convince everyone else it was the best movie ever made). They got a new director though, so I hope this one goes better.

  • Tricia

    Kristen was soo bad in Twilight, everyone has said that she was horrible. She probably did a better job in her other movies but in Twilight she did real bad. Some people are taking it offencively but it’s true, I got nothing against Kristen thought.

  • deeana

    I don’t know Kristen as a person but in interviews and stuff she comes off as a what can I say… b*tch. Lets forget her personality but her acting is so bad. Why did she act so tough, emotionless, and not in love with Edward. I hope she acts better in New Moon.


    @Nikkz: okay im not trying to be rude or talk crap but i just want to comment on one thing you said. dont get me wrong, i like rob and i think his acting is pretty good. however,i think he was invited to the oscars to boost their ratings because everyone knows that he is a major heart throb now and he appeals to millions of girls of all ages. most of the attention he’s getting now is mostly based off of his HUGE fan base. directors and producers know that his fans will watch ANYTHING he’s in.

  • kamilah

    i think its really immature to dislike a person because you dont like their persona in interviews. just because she acts a certain way in interviews doesnt mean thats her real personality. its really obvious that shes a shy and private girl. if your not fan of her acting or movies thats your right but you dont personally know her so its not your right to make judgements about the type of person she is. and shes said before that a lot of the things written about her are taken out of context.

  • Pat

    Several sites say Michael Angarano is in Italy. Yet there is not one picture of him. Also he was supposedly seen in LA today. I mean come on everyone’s pic is taken eating and sight seeing, but him. I’m not buying it. I don’t think he’s in Italy.

  • jasmine


    Thank You for posting these. I remember reading the critical reviews when it came out and Twilight as a whole didnt get the best critical praise, i remember nearly all the legitimate/important critics from top magazines singling out and praising Kristen Stewart’s performance. So thanks for posting the proof:) I love her! and its nice that the top critics agree about her amazing acting talent.

  • Anon

    well for sure if Rob and Kristen are dating by the end of this movie and with the increasing rise of his successful career a.k.a being in demand by studios and his welcomed into the fold by the higher ups in Cannes..The two of them will split. Because she is not getting the same welcome mat. And nothing like competing acting careers will be the reason for the demise of a relationship between two actors.

  • mp

    umm…michael angarano’s not there. why does jj think he was in italy? there have been no pics or accounts of him being there at all actually. he was seen looking all sad in los angeles yesterday and apparently overheard telling kate dennings that he was dumped by kristen. looks like you got your facts mixed up. oops.

  • Jamie

    I love Kristen Stewart. She is much better than that skanky and talentless Vanessa Hudgens.

  • Cyn

    i lovee them both..can’t wait for new moon

  • Karina

    I’m so excited to see New Moon. I can’t wait. Kristen looks very pretty, I like her a lot. I like her style, its simple but cute.

  • Winter


    You know one doesn’t have to be a critic to realize good acting from a bad one. I may not be a professional, but I do know and have seen good acting. Surely there are also negative reviews. Many of these were stated by those who have read the book and know “how Bella should be.” I’ve read Twilight like crazy. I even know the lines. I’m such a fan of the series that’s why I got so disappointed when I saw the movie and her terrible acting. I was excited to see the film, I even made a count down and then when I finally saw it I was like, “that’s not Bella.” It’s just so wrong. So it doesn’t mean that because I’m not a professional my perception is automatically invalid.

  • viesa

    love them!! seriously dude, u should post them on JJ, cause they’re adult..

  • cal


    What are you like 12? I havent heard ‘shut your trap’ since the playground.

    I remarked on V Hudgens acting which is hardly earth shattering. Kristen has proved she has the ability and everyone who worked with her has said she is awesome. Check out The Cake Eaters interviews on youtube the cast are glowing about her. Bruce Dern who has worked with Spielberg amongst others says she is unique and special.

    So there !