The Clique Girlz: Turks & Caicos Twosome

The Clique Girlz: Turks & Caicos Twosome

CliqueGirlz Paris and Destinee Monroe pose together in front of a bright yellow house during their vacation on Turks & Caicos Islands recently.

The singing sisters just returned to L.A. from a two week TV commercial shoot and concert at Beaches Resort & Spa newest property the “Italian Village.” Their song, “Perfect Day,” has been featured in the Beaches commercials for the past year.

The next phase of the campaign will now feature Destinee & Paris in 15 different locations around the resort along with their music.

CliqueGirlz Preview: The Adventures of Destinee & Paris

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  • Katie

    FIRST! (:
    & they are cool!

  • Isabelle
  • zanessa4life

    Wow whenever I hear or read about Turks & Caicos I think of Zac & Vanessa :)

  • HOKU > The Clique Girlz

    They should stop covering other peoples songs and write more of their own

  • Farah


  • miss zanessa

    lol zanessa4life me too hehe they put that place in the map :)

  • zanessa love story

    lol zanessa4life and miss zanessa! me too (whenever I hear or read about Turks & Caicos I think of Zac & Vanessa ♥) [2]
    I love zanessa ♥

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    OMG I love the
    Clique Girlz!!!
    They’re so cute and their
    music ROCKS!!!

  • Zanessa Lover–x3


    haha same…… it seems everyone has the idea their face should be on the map along with Turks & Caicos!! haha i love Zanessa <3 x

  • Katherine

    wait…….they didn’t write that write?


    They are the coolest girls I have ever seen in my life.

  • geezmomletitgo

    “Perfect Day” is actually not their song. It is a cover of a song by Hoku.

  • christeen

    yea…that’s not their song…
    i remember because it was in legally blonde…they sing it almost exactly the same as Hoku

  • Candace

    no they didnt write this song but they covered it because beaches wanted them to do that song.
    They do write their own songs.
    Theyre amazing.
    You should check them out. :)


    Ohhhh I LOVE there new style! <3

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