Ashley Tisdale Covers OK! Magazine

Ashley Tisdale Covers OK! Magazine

Ashley Tisdale has scored the cover of a major celebrity weekly, OK! magazine.

Even though the pic is old — it’s from her Guilty Pleasure album cover photo shoot — congrats, Ash! Here are some interview snippets:

On girl friends being her backbone: “It’s important to have girlfriends, because guys tend to come and go… I hang out with Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens a lot and watch chick flicks and I listen to music like Pink‘s ‘So What’ and Britney Spears’ ‘Out From Under.’ That helps me move on faster. Miley‘s a big sweetheart. She’s stayed true to herself and hasn’t changed for how huge she is. She’s always there to listen.” (Miley spent Memorial Day at Ashley‘s house!)

On her ideal man: “I’m a big romantic, so I love guys who are romantic too. I think it’s important to be with someone that you can be yourself around. I need a guy that I can hang out with in sweats and no makeup and still feel comfortable and beautiful. Someone who’s trustworthy.” (Ashley is currently dating music video director Scott Speer.)

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  • awurbii

    First !!

  • http://jjj miley

    ashley is really awesome and i’m so getting one copy! ;)

  • charlene

    awsome she loosk great the interviews great cant wait to score my copy

  • your mum


  • amber

    HOT boyfriend ?? whaaaat ?? Have they seen him ??

  • laura

    amazing like always

  • nina caplan

    OMG, i have to have it :) @amber: Yeah, scott speer, the music video director! xD

  • ZJ207

    omg! she’s amazing!!! can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! lmao
    the new pics on there website are extremly hot!!

  • ZJ207

    @amber: they may have seen him, but i know you haven’t (in person)
    a lot of ppl are not as hot in pics as they are in person…

  • hannahh

    who cares
    if hes ugly then he will suit her

  • mac

    She’s great and seems happy ! and He’s cute! They seem happy
    Excited for the release of Guilty Pleasure!

  • amber

    @ZJ207: how do you know if i’ve seen him in person or not ?? And he might not be Totally Ugly But he’s definitely NOT Hot …. And sorry but if people think that they have really bad taste..

    Oh and Does anybody know when the last time she was seen with jared was ??..

  • Chris

    Go A!

  • I LOVE asHLey T

    What TF

    vanessa covering the cover of vogue , in style UK , self , and ther’s a photoshot 4 elle soon

    and ashley cover the bad magazines Sugar and new “ok”

    gooad this is unfair

  • aw

    lol sad.

  • london

    i think her hair looked better when it was blond :)

  • london

    + i dont like her nose and mouth in this pic ;)

  • Isabelle
  • http://as abd rhaman


  • igortizz

    She is so so so pretty and perfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect!!!! OMG!! Ashley is amazing! ill save this pic hahah! I Love U Ashley

  • pink sugar

    I wish it had been a better magazine than OK.

  • ..


  • Isabelle

    Ashley being on the front of OK and Vanessa being on Elle, Self, Vouge and Instyle and Zac being in Interview, Elle, GQ.

    It just goes to show that Ashley is really nothing that special. You can tell that she is struggling to stay in the spotlight unlike Vanessa who is being offered big roles in big films right now.

  • undiscovered

    OMG chill out she did not say vanessa isnt true to herself she just said miley is seriously wtf is ppl’s problems on this site either ur a fan or ur not but give the bashing a rest its boring stick to posts about ppl u like. also u do not know vanessa or ashley or any celeb ur a fan of u only like the image they are given and the person they come across as how the hell do u kno if thats true/real ?

    ur a fan of who u want and that is fine but do not bash other ppl for no reason.

    vote for ashley and miley at the mtv awards .

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    @I LOVE asHLey T: ehy hey hey,,why are u so upset? its okay..she´s in a cover and that makes her important as others…

  • zanessahsmxoxo


    PEOLPEq STOPT! they are both different girls,with the same career but DIFFERNET! that doesnt make anything! who cares if ashley is in ok,or vanessa being self,bla blah blah…its ok! that doesnt make u special or not..IS WORK!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    aww..i want she talking more about vanessa…i miss them =(

  • ..


  • Isabelle


    it does actually. It goes to show that Vanessa has a bigger chance than Ashley.

  • ash rockz

    I LOVE to see Ash on magazine covers (:
    She looks stunning!
    Love her so much <3
    It’s cute how she talks about Miley ;D

    Last chance guys!

  • ..


  • rena


    if you ont like ashley plz stop commenting and vanessa may have been on thousands of covers but ashley has been doing (picture thi,Aliens in the Attic ,Phineas and Ferb. and her new album )all vanessa had done is her (new album and will )and the only thing that vanessa has is zac and i bet you thats not going to last long
    and anywyas for your info ashley made more money then vanessa made last year so leave her the f**** alone

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i can not understand you
    vanesssa is on covers of magazines because she spends her time with these.
    but ashley spends her time with her album.

  • marissa

    She looks great! Love ya! :)

  • rachel


    please! Vanessa is on the cover of magazines because she sells and is a hot commodity, period.

    Yeah, she spends her time with fashion yet manages to do many endorsements and sign for new movies and host events for fashion houses and promote her movie and furnish her house and visit sick fans and do events for schools and make quality time for her boyfriend and do photoshoots for fashion magazines all over the world. Superwoman eh?.

    All Ashley is doing is pimping her album and tweeting and tanning.

  • paris H


    Oh yeah and how did you new did she’s twitter you ?

    i think she’s die to be in any magazine Cover

  • ashRocKS


  • kami


    don’t be blinded by hate.

    vanessa has a new movie, “bandslam” coming out in august. upcoming movies she will be doing:

    “sucker punch”
    “dead @ 17″

    all with top notch directors.

    she also has major endorsements with ecko and neutrogena. and none of those have anything to do with zac.

  • Blackberry

    Can we please stop with the whole vanessa/ashely thing?
    As tons of people have said, we shouldn’t even be comparing them/fighting over who’s better.
    They are best friends! I’m sure they are both very proud of each other and supportive of each other.
    There is nothing for us to be arguing about. Ashely is ashley, vanessa is vanessa. Simple as that.
    And I’m sure they hate that people are bashing their best friend, I know I would.
    So just leave it alone!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    her album will be at stores on june so her job is make known people her upcoming album now.
    she doesnt play in movies right now because she is working on album.when V was working on her album,she did not play either.but her album was terrible.
    we must not compare their careers they’re different girl an i do not are about V’s movies,but someone said vanessa is on cover of important magazines,and i(To being such a great ashley fan ) had to support thetiz.
    actually i’m not supporter of bff’s comparing,really.
    but i have to say hosting an event is not an important job,ashley does too..
    please stop vashley comparing,i will stop too..
    BTW sorry for english,i’m from turkey and my english is bad.

  • Josh

    Vanessa never appaears in the cover of Elle, instyle or vogue.. sorry xD

    Ashley cute i love this girl <33

  • rachel


    Just to correct you and tell the truth;

    When vanessa was doing her album and tour she filmed two movies, Bandslam and HSM 3, bought a car, bought a house, promoted her movie which went on to be #1 worldwide, did many photoshoots and ad campaigns even for sears. She worked flat out from December 2007 to November 2008 non-stop.

    vanessa’s album was not terrible, her album got good reviews but did not debut well. We will see the reviews Ashley will get for her album. I will not mention the review for the awful live performance on Kiss.

    Hosting an event for Gucci and for schoolchildren educating them about music is more important than tanning and tweeting and going to clubs.

    What event has Ashley hosted please?

    If you don’t want us to compare them, stop telling lies and leave vanessa alone. If you tell any lie about Vanessa or try to pretend that ashley is doing better then we will have to come and tell the truth.

  • lucia

    so awesome
    love her

  • sean84

    well dats cool butt i dunt fink i wanna gett it lol nd well my gf in my dreams spent the memeriall day at her hawse lol dats cool

  • Daniel

    @rachel wait when you said ”she promoted her movie” did you mean HSM 3 because its not HER movie its of the cast idiot and ashley bought a house too but she didnt told everyone and vanessa’s album wasn’t good and had bad reviews X: lol she’s only famous becuz of zac so STFU :D and stop bashing ashley of you think that she’s not famous or whatever :D ashley looks good! :D want to see the interview

  • ivanka

    she doesnt have another pic or what?

  • Daniel

    Tell* and if* :D hahaha sorry for the mistakes (:

  • bep

    @ivanka: she does… go to the OK’s website you idiot… and her website and everywhere! gosh even when there’s absolutely nothing wrong you make up useless stuff!

  • rena

    waw thats intersting “beastly”
    “sucker punch”
    “dead @ 17″ from their name they lok dum and anyways ashley is in ecko too .
    but the funny part is wih all vanessa’s major endorsements ashley still made more money

  • rachel

    they look as dum as aliens in the attic?

    Hahaha, Ecko dropped ashley like a hot potato and closed her site. guess who they think sells better for them.

    she can build a blanket with all her money, besides she needs it for all her tanning sessions and hair extensions and louis vuitton bags.

    vanessa is actually working and is happy being herself and doing her thing, she has enough for her simple needs.

>>>>>>> staging1