Ashley Tisdale: New Guilty Pleasure Release Date

Ashley Tisdale: New Guilty Pleasure Release Date

Ashley Tisdale peaks out the door of her parents house before slipping in to an awaiting car on Wednesday afternoon (May 27) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 23-year-old “Acting Out” songstress is heading across the pond (Atlantic Ocean) to promote her upcoming album, Guilty Pleasure.

Tizz‘s album release date in North America has been moved from June 16th to July 28th.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale going to promote in Europe…

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Credit: ANTHONY G, LA; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, FlynetOnline
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  • -Mrslt

    YAY!!! (: I LOVE Ash!!! (:

  • eLLa

    she looks cute

  • Mattie

    NOOOO!!!! I LOVE Ashley Tisdale, and her album got moved to LATER?!?!?! NO!!!! I was like counting down the days until it came out :’( but I still love her :D

  • lisa

    wtf???? july 28th?!?! nooooooooooooooooooo

  • listen to mayday parade

    thats means theres competition coming out on that june date so they pushed her back so she wouldnt have to compete! i hope her album does well shes cute

  • igortizz

    Ashley Is so Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! and lookk at Maui there! hahahaha! I Love her so much! i’ll meet her,and we’ll be grat friends ^^) oh-oh this is my dream! i’ll get married with her! hahaha!

  • zanbells

    yeaa the competetion is probb jonas brothers that comes out june 15th, but she’s amazinggg & i’m defff buying her albumm

  • igortizzz

    Wooooooooow Ashley’s so pretty and amazing! and look at Maui there! hahaha i really love her! i’ll meet her,and we’ll be biggest friends! hahaha this is my dream! we’ll get married! hahaha I Love her too much!♥

  • thetizzforever

    She is first <3
    Has an excellent personality and beauty.
    I love her <3
    Ashley are amazing

  • Jen

    They Changed the date because that’s when the new Jonas brothers album comes out, lines vines and trying times :)

  • jeny

    I changed the date to protest because we have to wait another month for her album, which has reached the gold disc or someone explain to me is that he believes and has the record but not that britney is a super famous lets wait so time. I was disappointed as we can this be, since I removed the desire to buy it, I imagine it to be done to be more developments, if you have not already sold to the best artists to get their records in June and this it would affect sales. ashley and if I like his songs but I better stick with their first album, I do not like this either, but the songs are about but just to wait that long.

  • staceeey

    She’s adorable!

  • snoopy

    aww she looks so adorable
    btw have u guys seen this pics she looks hott

  • Shira

    I know why is cause Lines, Vines, and Trying Times (by the Jonas Brothers) is coming out THAT DAY!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    You have got to be KIDDING me !? NO. I can’t wait any longer !!! ..Damn.
    and @Mattie: ..So was I. I think there was either 20 or 21 days left until it came out…but NO. Now it’s July 28th !? But anyways, she looks fab. I love her hat !! :D Her style’s awesome. :D

  • Daniel

    She looks so hot *_* hahahaha well but according to she will be in europe for all june and will come back to US on july to do lots of appearances and performances on TV shows :D so thats good lol

  • britney

    aww she looks so adorable
    btw have u guys seen this pics she looks hott

  • Tameka

    OMG!! Yay!! It got moved to my birthday!! :)

  • kelly


  • Avril

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!

  • ASH

    so cute¡¡¡¡

    Ashley are amazing

  • Danny McDonald

    Maybe the date of her 2nd album was changed because it will promote her new movie: Aliens in the Attic comes to theaters on July 31st, 2009.

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    @listen to mayday parade: The reason it was changed was because it wouldn’t be successul w/ the new JB album coming out that day

  • ashRocKS

    y di9d the date got delayed so much it cud have 5 july but still the album will rock!

  • jeny

    goes to Europe means that there will be this Sunday at the MTV

  • charlene

    the reason the album was moved was b/c ashey wanted to be in the US when her album wasa released to do appearences and tv shows and fan events. sarah of her officia boards told us this


    She doesnt remind me of Oprah at all.

  • marissa

    She looks so good!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    do you think ? i don’t think so,there is just one week,not important.


    these pictures are amazinggg !
    ashley is too:D

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    and it is a part of sugar magazine interwiew :D
    that’s cute :D
    but i’m suprised about they did not say vanessa hudgens…

    Sugar says: Summer, Ashley says: “My birthday”
    Sugar says: Zac, Ashley says: “My brother”
    Sugar says: Love, Ashley says: “The best feeling ever”
    Sugar says: Miley, Ashley says: “My little sister”
    Sugar says: Karaoke, Ashley says: “Grease”
    Sugar says: Blog, Ashley says: “Perez Hilton”
    Sugar says: Shoes, Ashley says: “Christian Laboutins”
    Sugar says: Pickle, Ashley says: “I love them”
    Sugar says: Jonas, Ashley says: “My homeboys”

  • mia

    OMG, she looks sooooo cute!
    i just love her style, she rocks

  • Lipi

    it’s gonna release on my b’day!!
    i cannot believe it!!
    thanks Ashley for the gift!

  • Lipi

    my b’day is also on the same day!



  • ash rockz

    Hmm. I don’t have a problem with the new release date, cause I’m from Germany :D I will buy her album at 12th June! YAY! So excited (:
    But I think it’s a good desicion.
    The new JB album will be coming out this date, so it’s clever.
    And of course she wants to promote her album!

    Ashley looks gorgeous!
    Love the outfit, exspecially the hat ;D
    Don’t forget to vote for her!

  • katerina

    i like those glasses^^
    i have them

    they are like demi’s lovato*

    Ashley Tisdale 4 life!!!!!
    u r godness my darling*

  • Josh

    SO CUTE!! cant wait for her new amazing album!!

  • bep

    wow! she looks so good!! :D <3

  • bep

    I think the album push back is a good thing… It gives them the chance to promote more and get ashley on TV appearences and stuff like that!

    Sarah (from WBR) said that Ashley won’t be in the US on June 16th so she wants to do “cool stuff” on the release of her album! it sounds good!!

  • ZJ207

    omg! i can’t wait! :)
    i know we’ll have to wait longer, but I think it’s better for the album <3 :D ily ashhh

  • duh

    Her people can make up whatever excuses they want, the only reason it got pushed back was because she had no way succeeding with the the competition that day. Lil Wayne and the Jonas Brothers were some of the best selling acts last year, this girl has nothing on them.

  • begood2me

    that totally sux

  • iluvrobpattz

    yes! a little more time untol all hell breaks loose! yes!

  • ashRocKS

    y is she releasin it in Germany first she would loose SAles!!!

  • mary

    Ashley is a greedy Biatch….I have my connections and heard that her paternal granddad is low on money. Tell me why can’t she help him and give him money….Greedy Biatch!!

  • rayana

    hate her she always is like ohh i’m ashley tisdale i’m a star uuuugggglyyyyy ashley

  • johnson Yip

    Wish her album would be release earlier. I enjoyed her first album.

  • Stephen Farrier

    Stephen’s loves Ashley Tisdale.