Demi Lovato: I'm Looking For A Boyfriend!

Demi Lovato: I'm Looking For A Boyfriend!

Demi Lovato is single…and looking!

The 16-year-old Sonny actress dished to Popstar! mag at her photo shoot today (May 28) that she’s looking for a boyfriend.

Looks like Aliens in the Attic star Carter Jenkins is up for the role. He tweeted back to Popstar!, saying, “hey popstar- wanna play cupid for me?”

Demi announced the titleHere We Go Again — of her upcoming album today.

WHO DO YOU THINK Demi should date?

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  • bruno

    demi really need a bf! =]

  • niczzz_14

    She and Carter don’t look good together…

  • izzie

    awww, carter is cute :]
    they would be a cute couple!

  • lin

    She should date Joe. They’re perfect together

  • o7rjche

    Joe ftw! :)

  • dreamer

    she shud date asher book of vfactory and fame

  • Gabi

    I don’t think sooo…
    some guy who rock with her!!

  • Ariane

    whoever demi date. i love her. demi you and miley are the best.

  • lais

    joe is to much for her

  • diane n.

    @dreamer: oh he is so cute! i agree!

  • Emi

    She should date Joe Jonas they are the perfect couple. love you demi!

  • jessica

    noooo wayy shes wayyyyyyy too pretty for him

  • Aimy

    Joseph Adam Jonas & Demetria Devonne Lovato = Love :D

  • m

    the would be a cute couple actually!! i think he kinda looks like Joe thought…LOL!

  • Paige


  • smile

    i thoguth she didn’t like relationships

  • nessa

    doesn’t matter as long as he’s cuute and makes her happy!

    but joe jonas would be good.


  • mery

    she should date anyone

    they look awful together,
    besides, they’re friends !

  • JBlover

    Someone whos a good guy, that will not break her heart, Carter doesnt match Demi, But i sure hope she would get with Joe

  • mech

    Honestly? that guy is really cute for her.. they match really well! :D

  • Becky

    I say joe

  • aNA (:

    I think Demi is such a great and beautiful person e she deserves someone very, very special for her ♥
    Demi Rock’s !!!!

  • MEGAn

    I swear…no David Archuleta.

  • ivan


  • ivan
  • katie

    JOE JOE JOE!!!!
    she HAS to date joe!!! theyre adorable together and beyond perfect for each other!!!

  • alejandra jordan

    she can date joe jonas 8-)
    i love demi for joe instead camilla :s

  • http://iasrg Jay!

    I don’t think they’d look good…. but whatever floats her boat! :D

  • Hannah

    I think Demi should date Sterling Knight. or Alex Deleon or

  • jo

    Aww. Now that 2 of her close friends have bfs, she probably feels a little left out.
    She’s pretty and adorable so she won’t have a problem finding one soon… Triple dates!

  • Jaqueline

    EWWWW POPSTAR DONT PLAY CUPID! WITYH THAT GUY! DEMI NEEDS JOE JONAS! joe jonas needs to frop that other chick! shes changing him!

  • Jaqueline

    JOE JOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON JOE JONAS!!!!!!

  • samantha regino

    True LOVE waits…..I think Joe Jonas bec. they’re besties and they make a wonderful couple..

  • berrypunch

    no.. shes waaay too good for him.. lol, but its cool that he tweeted that..

  • lala

    haha desperate much ?

  • jee

    c’mon ppl shes not going 2 go out w/ joe bc theyre way tooo good of friends and they prob dont want to ruin that relationship!

  • Cynthia

    NIIIICKKK JOOONAS :) ! even if he dated selena, i dont care.

  • Olivia

    She should date Joe or Nick Jonas! I don’t think her and that other guy would look good together…

  • MEGH

    I think we should date each other Demi because we share a lot of similarities and u ar the most beautiful & cutest girl I have ever seen.

  • MARY

    joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, wohoo go team jemi

  • samantha regino

    1.Joe Jonas
    2.David Archuleta
    3.Sterling Knight
    4.David Henrie
    5.Nick Santino
    6.Taylor Launter
    7.Zac Farro
    8.Roger Gonzalez
    9.Nicholas Braun
    10.Mitchel Musso

  • Dldldldl

    Does a girl really have to have a boyfriend?

  • Nickisdestiny1928

    I Hope Her New BF is Joe! :]

  • Toni and Angela :)

    Haha, aww, she’s so cute! Honestly, she can date whoever she wants to date and I’ll always be there to support her decision. I hope she finds someone who loves her for she is and someone who makes her happy because she deserves it. She seems like such a sweet girl, and when her heart breaks, so will mine. I love Demi. She’s beautiful, talented and just amazing! I think she deserves nothing but happiness! Team DEMI and MILEY! :]

  • Andrea

    Well i hope that Demi can find a nice guy that make her happy, because she deserve it, LOVE YOU DEMI!!

  • blake

    omg, that is actually so cute! lol. i hope she gives him a chance. :)

  • naomi

    wow she’s so DESPERATE!


    She should date that guy from the Naked Brothers Band. They are perfect for each other….you can just tell.

  • Ashley meremikwu

    i dont think she needs 1 single ladies r perfectly fine, credit to beyonce

  • 11

    Isn’t Joe like 19 and she is what…16?