The Jonas Brothers 'Fly With Me'

The Jonas Brothers 'Fly With Me'

The Jonas Brothers want to “Fly” with you!

Well, at least in song. On Wednesday afternoon (May 27), Radio Disney host Ernie D got an exclusive copy of the JoBros‘ “Fly With Me.”

The track is also featured in hit movie, Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian.

Remember, Nick, Kevin and Joe are having a Facebook Webcast TONIGHT (May 28) starting @ 5PM PT/9PM ET.

The Jonas Brothers – “Fly With Me”
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Photos: Radio Disney
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    hehe joe is wearing a beret lol!!!!!!!!


  • Flor


  • Jordan

    I love this song!

  • Allison

    thanks for posting this!!!
    i am inlove with this song!!

  • tara

    OHMYJONAS <33 eeeek :P haha
    so basicly…at 5 ocklock i was like JONAS LIVE CHATTT on FB, and then i looked…and for me it starts at 8….:( i wish it was now :( :( oh wellz..
    any who
    I CANT WAIT FOR THE END OF AUGUST FOR THE CONCERTTT i love the jobros and ic ant wait to see them up close and live <<<3333


    Tara <3

    (no comments saying “NO IM THE BIGGEST” …cuz i know i am numbe 1…atleast where i live…)


    OHMYJONAS..iw as supposed to see night at the museaum battle of the smithsonian today..but i didnt end up seeign it…the JONAS BROTEHRS are in it, they ar ethe 3 little cherubs..thats why i want to see it..:P I CANT WIAT :) im seeing it sunday..maybe..or 17 again :) haha

    <<<<3333 PEACE LOVE JONAS <<<<<33333

  • selteamnicky

    The girl in their Paranoid video looks like an older version of Miley…hair, eyes, teeth. Maybe some of these Niley fans are not crazy?!

  • Maddy

    is it just me or is nick the only one singing?
    can’t wait for live chat, already counting do down
    xoxo peace, love, jonas

  • Maddy

    counting down*

  • Virginia

    Love this song! It’s beautiful! I’m very excited to hear more music from the new CD!

  • alyson


  • Karina

    Okk, I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of jonas brothers.

    But I know that I love them ( specially Joe ) more than everything in this wide world.

    I can’t say that I know evething about them , I know I don’t . But I can say that Joe’s the most perfect person in this world.

    I know that I never met them , I probably won’t . But I know that Joe’s the only thing that don’t leave my head and the only thing I can talk about. ( I’m brazilian , so this chance is so low )

    JOE , I CAN’T BREATH WITHOUT YOU , BUT I HAVE TO … ( love to death, really, really , I would give my life to meet them )

  • Margo

    not a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but I LOVE this song!

  • Rachel

    i heard it when i saw night at the museum 2 and i was omggg this is so awesome. :)

  • Mrs. Nick Jonas!

    OMJ how romantic!
    I love them so much!
    They’re so cool 8)

  • Vicki

    Did you hear that JONAS moved to sunday nights now?

  • jojo

    wait did joe get his previous hair back?

  • Katee

    loveeeeeee ittt !
    buhh just saying yu only hear nick singing
    wat happened to joe? hmmmm
    still loveeee it tho

  • m

    o LOVE that song!!!!! it’s soooo beautiful!!!

  • EMMA

    Loooooooove it!!!!

    Simply amazing!!

  • nikki

    whoa whoa whoa whooaaa!!!
    looovvee this soonnngg!!!
    Shoot girl i need a liifeee.

  • Sallylovesnickjonas

    Its soo awesome!!! i love it!!
    they have just amazing voices :DD

  • tamz jonas

    got butterflies in my stomach when i first heard it.. i dunno why..but the song is just beautiful..ive been listening to it everyday!

  • Yvonne

    By all the fan comments on Jared you would think Kevin isn’t even a part of his own band. He needs love too :(

  • amy

    hii jonas brothers are you ok i love you and miss you bye xxxxx [=[=[=

  • im-crazy-cool-like-that

    i love this
    1-i love nick’s voice and to @selteamnicky:
    yes she DID look like miley cyrus. and it is kindds obvious he likes her i mean come on: ‘sometimes when u break up with a person u still feel like ur in love with them’
    2-and OMJ when di djoe get his old hair back?!?!?!?!?!
    3-kevin is awesome to step out of the spotlight to let his brothers shine i dont think i can do that if u relize ever one is like ‘I LOVE JOE’
    or ‘I LOVE NICK ‘ but never Kevin so ya hes cool!

  • line

    I love is singer

  • ale

    hi Nick i love you forever you are handsome

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