Vanessa Hudgens Packs It In

Vanessa Hudgens Packs It In

Vanessa Hudgens packs her things and loads up her car for an excursion in Los Angeles on Wednesday (May 27).

The 20-year-old actress headed to Santa Monica to prepare for a photo shoot.

Vanessa‘s boyfriend Zac Efron was on the other side of town, taking in the Lakers game with his manager.

Earlier this week, new photos of V at her Neutrogena video shoot were released. Be sure to check them out, Vanessa looked gorgeous!

Vanessa Hudgens Heads to a Photo Shoot, 05/27

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Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • someone

    First :D
    and finally some vanessa picture ♥

  • VZ

    where is she going?

  • http://jjjr vanessa lover :)

    first ???
    vanessas going without zac mm wonder where???
    love vanessa and zacc :)

  • jada

    awwwww she look sso pretty without make up- i wonder if she is going with ashley?!?



  • miila

    She looks Beautiful .. (:
    loove her outfit.. :b
    she was going to a PHOTOSHOOT .. (:

  • wee..

    love her. :))

    where is she going?

  • Lucy

    Awe, I saw the pap video from hollywoodtv yesterday, i thought her shoes were gonna fall off, lol but then I realized they were fine.
    I really wanna see Zanessa together at MTV awards, and i have my fingers crossed hoping and praying they win best kiss and best movie, since this is their last chance to win something together, unless they do another project together.
    They have such great chemistry together and I saw the pictures of Zac watching LAKERS, and I saw him on tv lol, i gave my mom a headache from screaming.
    I also read the comments from that thread, and the person named ‘Zac is a rat’ there is no point trying to post of comment on this thread, no one believes or cares about what you think, you need a life if all you can do is sit on your computer all day and think of bad comments to put on jjj threads

  • pop86

    She’s going to a photoshoot in Santa Monica.

  • jee


  • Carol

    She was going to a photoshoot J!

  • ayen

    She looks cute. I think she’s going on a photoshoot. The make-up artist twittered about it. I can’t wait to see what it’s about.

  • Isabelle

    Love Vanessa and Zac. I really want Vanessa to shock us with this shoot like Zac did with Interview and make him really jealous. It would be so funny to see Zac’s reaction if she did a really sexy shoot.

  • Pam

    I just hate it when only the writeup from one of the paparazzi on scene is used, specially here in JJJ. It’s okay to do that in pretencous Gossip Girls – they don’t know half of the things they right about. I thought Jared is above that. Anyhow, Vanessa was headed to a photoshoot in Santa Monica.

  • zanessa4life

    @Isabelle: Yeah, I agree. I’d love to see his reaction,too.
    Guess they’d both hang the sexy pics of each other in their apartments :D

  • pop86


    That’s so immature and petty. She should a sexy photoshoot for herself. Not to make a bf jealous.

    Do you really think he would be jealous? and if he was do you think he would publicly admit it?

  • Rosa

    fingers crossed for mtv <3

  • grace

    i love them. and i love her.
    shes beautiful

  • ayen


    If there was a reaction, I don’t think any of you will see it. And like pop86 mentioned, her career choices does not have to do anything Zac related.

  • Isabelle


    god no need to get so angry and wound up. I respect your opinion and you should respect mine.

  • Laura

    She looks gorgeous, even without make up, she is so lucky, love her outfit, especially the shoes :d

  • chloe

    1. she should always wear makeup
    2. her outfits have been looking really sloppy lately

    whats going on with her? i still love her though!

  • Boji

    Nice house. She is a busy Lizzie. This only means more for us fans to look forward to. Great, can’t wait.

  • Bradley

    Vanessa looks beautiful.

  • Marie

    ewww they should put the make up back on her face…

  • Em

    She looks great. It looks like the wind was really strong that day. I have to disagree she looks amazing with out makeup. The pictures may seem weird, but again, that’s the wind. I’ve seen pictures of her without makeup and she’s very much a natural beauty. I think the problem is people are just so use to seeing her makeup. It’s like a default thing or something. So when you see her without it, it looks out of the ordinary. So i think she should wear none more often, she’s so beautiful without it.

  • lslsharon

    gorgeous as usual!!!!
    love nessa!!!!!!

  • Masbonita

    Vanessa ,
    Please, please take pictures with Alex Pettyfer !!!!

  • jessie

    godgod baby v you look gorgeous as always!!! i was wondering why didn’t you go with zac to the lakers game and now i get it lmao
    i really really hope you guys will win the best kiss at the MTV awards lol you guys deserve it and make sure you guys will kiss on stage if you guys win lol looking forward for the pictures that you and zac being together in the MTV awards :)
    me and zac love you ;D

  • sheila

    i wasn’t expecting to see her at the game with zac, even if she hadn’t been working. i think the tickets belong to his manager. with it being the western conference playoffs, i think his manager would not have wanted to give up his ticket to such a big game!

  • Maila

    Why do I think that Zanessa have split? I know they were seen together a few days ago at LAX, however I saw pics of Zac who was out with his skateboard looking kinda down.

    I guess if we don’t have any Zanessa sightings in the next few days we’ll see if they attend the MTV Movie awards together on Sunday!

  • Isabella

    I love you Vanessa !

    I can’t wait for Mtv Movie Awards !!


  • ..


  • jazmin

    Love her… she’s a very busy lady.

  • VHud_rocks!

    Looking beuatiful as usual.
    And I kinda agree that not everything that Vanessa does, has to do with Zac(and vice versa). If it’s an indivisual post then comment on the person only and not others.
    And to ALL HATERS, if you hate Vanessa, then why waste your precious time typing something out to insult her? Is it worth it? I don’t think so..So go and write a compliment on your idol’s post or wadeva..
    And remember to vote for Zanessa,Vanessa and Zac in the MTV!

  • paris H

    Love it she’s looks Soooo Natural baby

    and i love her clothes too

  • Peggy


    You don’t think that’s the problem.

    Z&V were seen at Pinkberry on Tuesday together some fans spokie to them.

    What a jerk you are – they came home Friday togther and were not pappedd for a few days except one of Zac with his skateboard.

    I haven’t seen a recent pix of Jake&Reese in awhile, Angie&Brad since Cannes,Will&Jada for a week, Ryan&Abbie Cornish, etc. I guess they are all broken up too.

    What an ass you are!!!!

  • zac and vanessa fan

    she is so pretty with no make-up!
    I wonder what the photoshoot is for.
    @maila: why do you assume zac and vanessa have split? so what there have been no pictures of them together for a few days, but that doesnt mean that they have not been together, they may have been with eachother somewhere that the paps cant get to. Also they have just got back from holiday together! Vanessa is also wearing her ring, and i doubt if she had just split from her boyfriend of 4 years, she would keep it on. They are both very busy so how do you expect them to be with eachother evey second of the day?!
    It is just so annoying when people think they have split up because there have been no pictures for a couple of days. Stop being so paranoid!
    Anyway i wish them both the best for the mtv awards!

  • dee

    shes a natural beauty

  • zac and vanessa fan

    Another thing @maila: you were saying that zac looked sad when he was out with his skateboard. maybe he was just annoyed at the fact he cant even go skatboarding without the stupid papz following his every move! why do people assume that zac always looks sad, and even if he does, it could be about anything in the world, so why always assume its something to do with his relationship with vanessa!
    some people are so immature and obviously dont understand much about relationships.

  • susan

    that’s why she’s not at the lakers game last night
    she went to a photo shoot.
    i can’t wait the mtv award i hope zac and vanessa win
    finger cross.

  • Isabela

    is there something wrong with her mouth? hahaha

  • bep

    see? that’s the reason i think Vanessa is NOT naturally beautiful… the pics here prove it
    and another day i was checking out a magazine, and I saw her in an article talking about celebs without make ups and her face looked gross! lol
    sry if this is annoying for some of u but i couldn’t stop myslef from commenting because seriously, she’s not that beautiful

  • vancrazed

    it is so funny to me that so many think love means you never leave each others side. Zac and Van are misunderstood by teh vast majority of the public because people don’t recognize maturity in relationships anymore.
    These two have a unique thing where they remain confident and secure not needing to be in each other’s space constantly. I am glad for that…I hope there will be a day when they can actually share their story so that others can learn from them what it means to actually love someone.
    And the sexy photoshoots are coming, but Van and her team her brilliant, and they aren’t going to jump ship and abandon her young fanbase, and to be honest, they don’t need to, becuase movies and opportunities are coming to her with out all of it.
    One of the many things her fans need to respect about her. She is true to herself, and understand what got her where she is. Her gratefulness is astounding, and that alone along with the great choices she is making will keep her in the buisiness a long time.

    You look great bbv. Keep it up, we love seeing you busy!!

  • cutie

    that’s her new house it means van is already moved.
    i love her short and the white top.
    she is beautiful!!!

  • jo

    the video is so creepy. I can’t imagine being videotaped while coming out of my house like that.

  • dani

    wowwwwwww vanessa looks really good without make up


  • Ann

    For a minute there I thought she learned to drive. She is 29 years old hand has to be driven everywhere she goes.

    I hope the split is true. Zac needs to get away from the childish image he has with her. He will never get good parts if he has that image.

  • Jess!

    Natural Beauty!!

  • Ann

    My previous comment. I ment 20 years old. With the mentalty of a 16 year old.

  • kcalover4

    there arent enough stories and pictures with zac and vanessa….show her with her friends and her cool for vanessa mtv 2009 awards