Ashley Tisdale Cranks Up the Comet Awards

Ashley Tisdale Cranks Up the Comet Awards

Ashley Tisdale gives a cute smirk as she picks out a new pair of sunglasses at the Louis Vuitton shop on Thursday afternoon (May 28) in Berlin, Germany.

The 23-year-old musician shared about her shopping style, “I definitely love to shop whenever I’m not working. I love to go out when I can. I like to take a picture with them [sunglasses] on. It’s always better to have a picture.”

Ashley blew the crowd away today when she performed her hit single, “It’s Alright, It’s Ok,” at the 2009 Viva Comet Awards.

Ashley Tisdale – “It’s Alright, It’s Ok” – 2009 Comet Awards, 05/29

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  • Luuucille

    Love HER ♥

  • Luuucille

    She’s so beautiful

  • Maddie


  • amanda

    cool -she looks really pretty.
    but she’s lip-synching right?? it looks like it x
    Ilove shopping too . :D
    Ashley is awesome ♥

  • britney
  • Josh

    I Love this performance!!! <333

  • jo

    why is she lipsynching. it’s so obvious.

  • Anja

    The reason she lip synced is because they make everyone do that on the Comet Awards. They want the performances to be perfect.

  • Svenja

    check out my video of her performance at the comet 2009 i was there!!!

  • lilly

    she wasnt even singing live!! which was really dissapointing since she sang live at the KISS FM concert

  • amy


  • ivanka


  • kim

    they made everyone lipsync smartass!!!
    if she coulnt sing she wouldn’t have a second cd coming out !!!
    im not surprised she did tho !!!because in awards shows they usually make people lipsync /blayback.
    i still think she rocked it and she looked smoking hott

  • ashley tizz truefan

    i love the performance !! she was sooo amazing as always ;DD
    ASHLEY RULES i really love her its alright its ok its an increrible song !!

  • lucia

    She rocks!!

  • CARL


  • ashRocKS


    jo is so jealous ashley HAs improved yay asHley!:

  • lol

    well im kinda sad she lip-synched but w.e. all of them has done once in their career or twice or three… lol
    btut her performance as in working the stage n rocking i give it…………………..
    i can give her that atleast
    hope to c more performances soon frm her

  • Avril

    love her so much!!!!!
    Go Ash!!!!!

  • xZanessalove27x

    I was so excited to see her live, and then… she was lip-synching =(
    But everyone was…so, its cool that she went to germany, and she said she’s back next week =)

    shes so pretty

  • Megan

    OMFG. Who’s still having that stupid thought that a singer must not lyp-synced. This is an award and they made the artists lyp-synced. It’s not her choice. Brainless!

  • ZJ207

    i don’t give a sh!t if she was lyp-syncing or not! she still rocked!! this song is just amazing!!! :D<3
    plus, i don’t think it was her choice… cz i know that everyone do that at the COMET awards! anyways it was amazing :D
    lucky germans! hhaha

  • bep

    cool! she’s awesome!
    i can’t beleive how much they love her their haha..
    i think she could’ve done a great job if she performed live
    but i think she was awesome :)

  • ZJ207

    @ivanka: i still have one question for YOU… what are u still doing on JJJ???? you hate everyone here… so i don’t see what are you still doing here????!


    ily ashhhhhhh <333

  • Alina

    but actually that shopping video is from when she’s been in germany in april.. it just aired on may 28 but it was recorded in april (:

  • emma

    love ashley where is that info and picture of her smirking from??

  • ash rockz

    The Performance was AMAZING, even she was lip sync.
    But no one on the Comet sang live.
    She rocked the stage!
    Amazing girl, Germany loves you <3
    I watched it just because of her ;D

    @ZJ207: I totally agree with you, but let’s just ignore this stupid girl/boy whatever.

  • Michelle

    The show was great!
    Ashley has a lot of fans in Germany (I’m one of them ;D)

    You can watch the whole performance here:

    Gosh, I love this girl :D
    She’s so cute (:

  • Michelle
  • marie
  • z-a-n-e-ss-a
  • amber

    im sure she had a choice ..
    I saw it Live , and i am pretty sure that one of the guys that was performing was singing Live..


    Ivanka not being funny :L but seriously grow up :|

  • sha

    NO ONE sang live!
    Gosh, accept that people!
    Ash was amazing <3

  • Paulo

    Its impossible to have a perfect performance of IAIO in live, I belive that is lipsinched

  • missy

    snoop dog sang live
    monrose sang half-live
    jeanette sang half-live

  • Martina

    this girl rocks, love you ashley
    italian fan

  • sean84

    well dat was a pretty good perfermance i admitt i dunt relly now who she is butt i start 2 relly lik her lol

  • mia

    this is one of the biggest shows in germany, so it must be perfekt
    luv you ash <3

  • mel-n

    this video doesn’t work :O..
    well I can’t see it..

  • thelittlebadangel

    Love Ashleey! ♥
    Shee Rockz <33
    Tizz Rulez’!
    and why people that said that they
    hate Ashley, .. read and coment the thread?

    cuz’ if u dont like an artist, u dont read or commnt their posts
    cuz’ that means that people dont have a Lifee
    Ashley’s fans dont pay them attentiion!! :)

    If u have a problm too bad .. I’m sorry 4 u :lol:

  • marissa

    Shes AMAZING! <33

  • Brian

    Thankfully she’s lipsynching. Her vocals are absolutely atrocious live. Her album got pushed back because it sucks. After this album bombs, her next will most likely be her last. She lets her international rep hit it on the road. You’re burning soon, baby.

  • princess

    i wish that i could be Ashley tisdale

>>>>>>> staging1