Here We Go Again with Demi Lovato

Here We Go Again with Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato announced the title of her new album — Here We Go Again — yesterday afternoon and now she’s teasing even more about it.

The 16-year-old musician tweeted, saying, “Listening to the final mixes of the new record….. my favorite song on the album is definitely ‘Shut Up and Love Me’ right now. So….. should I tell you guys my single and my release date? I just found out a few hours ago. I feel like I should build the suspense for a while…Yep. Gonna build the suspense…”

Demi continued, “Okay….. ready? I think this has been long enough Soon I will be shooting a music video for my single ‘Here We Go Again’ from my new record which will be released JULY 21ST!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY!”

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Photos: Popstar Magazine via Demi Lovato
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  • Sophie maria

    WOOOO Demi rules i so can’t wait for the album!!!

  • emilio

    Can’t wait for the album or to hear her new songs when she’s on tour!

    Sounds great!!

  • Kely

    yayy im so excited!

  • brigget

    eww whats up with this pic,its creepy

  • Nala

    For some reason, I absolutely love this picture. Maybe because her recent fake tan is drivng me crazy.

    Can’t wait for the album to come out!

  • listen to mayday parade

    This girl is not 16… She looks 30. She looks like a gorgeous 30 year old..

  • listen to mayday parade

    PS. disney is so smart pushing the second album so quickly… they dont know how long her fame will last.. the numbers are showing a decrease already in all the disney pop stars fame… man we humans are so unpredictable. one minute we love childish pop the next we like emo-punk and so on.

    we keep the music industry on their toes. i love it.



  • alala

    i hope it’s one of these pop/rock songs, ’cause demi said that her album is more jazzy , so , let’s hope :)

  • Mercy

    I’m really excited for her new album!! Can’t wait to hear it!! :) Demi looks so pretty in this picture!!! :D

  • Annabel

    Man, what is with these young stars and pumping out albums so quickly?? I have no idea when the Jonas Brothers album came out, but it feels like just yesterday and they’ve already got another one ready. Taylor Swift released one only six months ago and now she’s already recording songs for a third. And then this girl’s hasn’t been out for even a year, on top of that they just re-released it, and now she’s already made the new one? Seriously, what’s the rush? I would rather if they took their time to produce something that’s of quality than to just make a new album for the sake of staying relevant. I don’t know if that’s really the case but that’s what it seems like to me. =/

  • Lauren

    i was listening to the don’t forget album earlier, and ive realised ( not that i didn’t already know) but she is amazingly talented; and ive thought, taylor swift has really matured with her voice and songs from her debut album to the fearless album, an i think this the way demi will go…she will progress rather than get worse..i also, think in reply to the comment by annabel she wouldn’t release a album if she didn’t think it was any good, because if these are emotional songs, and good songs which mean something to herself then she would only release the good songs and such.

  • eriza

    im so excited for her new album to come out!!

  • Musicmaniac

    The new record sounds like the CD of the Summer. I heard she’s working with John Mayer (by the way, congrats Demi)!

  • G

    watz her official tweeter

  • ally

    yess!! i really can’t believe it (:
    rt ‘g’: her official twitter is ddlovato.

  • Hanna lovato

    Angell ;;]
    love herr xxx

  • zanessa4life

    As you can see by my name, I’m a Zanessafan.
    But somehow I’m very excited about her new songs.
    I really really really love her single “Don’T forget” she’s always so emotional when performing it!
    So surprisingly, I am excited!

  • http://myspace sade

    i love demi lavato she is a super cool person. and she’s her own peson and she has her own fashion incrediblible.

  • http://myspace sade

    i love demi lavato and i’m toalltally excited about her new album. one of the reasons i like demi lavato cause she’s her own person and she has her own style.

  • http://myspace sade

    i can’t wait for her new album either.

  • kiara

    demi lovato is awesome i can’t waut for her new album and i like her album DONT FORGET

  • nessa


  • nessa

    yes cant wait!!!

    its going to be greaT!

    she is soo gorgeous and talented

  • awurbii

    I have to agree and say that Demi looks very old in that photograph. Its very nice, don’t get me wrong but she looks old.

  • kelly

    OMGoodness i can’t wait for her new album i am soooooo excited!!!

  • meg

    listen to on youtube…<3 it’s awsome.
    I’m excited for this CD , this girl is way more talented than most disney actresses/singers (miley).

    I love how cheesy sonny with a chance is..Its the best show ever.

  • meg

    listen to behind enemy lines

  • jess

    salma karina! are you serious? i mean i agree with taylor swift she can be a good song writter not good singer though but selena gomez? you’re telling demi to stick to acting and you can’t wait for selenas? lol OMG! hahahahahahahah selena should stick to acting and demi to singing! selena fans make me laugh lol

  • Glimh

    i cannot wait! demi is so talented.
    plus she worked with john mayer, jon mclaughlin, william beckett and idk who else…
    this is gonna be GREAT!
    plus with her writing skills man
    i so can’t wait!!!!!
    the only disney girl i respect!

  • melanie

    yeah much!! i love demi she´s amazing!!

  • Koree

    I am soo extremely excited for Demi’s new album!! I cant wait for to hear her new sound, I loved her first album and I love HER!!!

  • semmy

    I cant wait for the album. I am like totally loving her right now!
    I am like her number one fan; along with number one fan of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and all my favorite stars.
    I love her and again, I can’t wait for the album!

  • Alex

    Demi rocks! Behind Enemy Lines is even better than her first album, and she said it is a good indicator of her new direction, so I’m really excited! Of course, before Demi’s new disc, don’t forget Jennette McCurdy’s first album this June!

  • Melissa

    OMG! You have no idea how excited I am right now! Her album is being released on my BIRTHDAY! Yay! What a great birthday present!

  • Heliana

    yes, i think that the top three albums that I am waiting for this year are

    1.Lines, Vines, and Trying Times- Jobros

  • jh

    Super duper egggcited! :)
    GO DEMI!

  • dianne

    i cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she looks different in the pic…

  • dianne

    I CANNOT WAITTTTT!!!!she looks different on the pic…

  • Adam

    WOW it is releasing on my birthday

  • Mischa

    I think Demi looks more and more hispanic O.o

  • it’sjustmeok?


    omg, i know, i don’t like her tan at all, i think she just looks so fake with it, i think she’s a really nice person though, but the tan…hmm, i liked her before it, now she just looks..i don’t know, not natural anymore,

  • kathrine

    I love demi shes like my idol. I hope that she has alot of that pop/rock songs cause that what i love about her. And i hope that she doent have to much of those soft sad songs cause i really like those upbeat happy song. In her last album my fav songs were lalaland and get back. She is like sooo talented and she is moving along soo fast! I love that about her. Its like frist its camp rock then her album then Sonney with a Chance (which i LOVE!!) and now its a new album and tour thats so awesome!!! Im going to her tour and i got front row seats!!! And i hope that she doent have to much love songs in her albumcause i really dont like that cause their usaly slow songs so ya. IM only 12 but i know alot about her. I dont want to have to much information cause she needs her privaty. anyway i g2g bi

  • Ian

    wow she works fast with these songs. her last album came out last september. i still am very excited!!!

  • kia

    Hell Yea!!! I luv Demi, her and Selena

    & i Have her last CD) (wHAT)

    I NO itS gOinG 2 be GreAt!!!

  • brianna

    im sooo exited!!! i loveee her<3 shes so incredible, and a great inspiration to me.

  • denise

    i cannot wait.

  • sean84

    well shes so beautifull on dis pic lol

  • Briley Lee

    I think she looks pretty in the pic above don’t like her music though!!

  • okin

    :-) :-)i cant wait im counting down the days on my calender:-) :-). i like that she is so real without being crude and that she just seems so true to herself. and this next album whoooh, im totally thrilled. :-) :-)she is so accomplished it only now that i think and its only been a year. :-) :-)she amazing hope you guys are counting withme. :-) :-)

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