Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Sushi Dan Date

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Sushi Dan Date

Miley Cyrus hangs on to big sis Brandi as they leave Sushi Dan’s with Justin Gaston and Mandy Jiroux in Studio City on Thursday night (May 28).

The 16-year-old and her fab friends looked like they were having a blast after their meal.

Miley tweeted earlier in the day, saying, “Today is a good day. It started out with my daddy making me coffee ‘pappy-style.’”

10+ pics inside of Miley and Justin leaving Sushi Dan’s…

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Credit: Ahmad Elatab-SaleemElatab; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Maria-Chiara

    I love her,but he is so…BLEA!

  • ashleigh


  • Megan

    Actually their both .. BLEA! Her voice is annoying… Am I the only one who thinks so? U mean she kinds sounds like a barbie doll commercial! :p

  • amy

    oh what I would do to see Miley & Nick hanging out again, like friend or bf and gf it doesn’t matter…

  • Anonyumous

    will we ever be seeing anymore niley?
    i really miss that couple :(

  • billythekid


    I wouldn’t know what a barbie doll commercial sounds like, but when you speak of her voice I assume you are speaking of her talking voice, and not her GREAT singing voice. But even her “annoying” talking voice is very distinctive and just adds to her uniqueness. Even if her mature voice is annoying to some people here, I much prefer it to the squeaky voice one of the “older” Disney darlings, that everyone on this site seems to be so much in love with. Disney has LOTS of girls/ladies who try to sing, but only 2 ( MIley/Demi) who can actually sing well.

    As far as Justin goes: Did he pick up the check? Or does that sort of thing go against the credo of being a lap dog? Either way, those statements he made in that interview have to go down as some of the dumbest things ever mentioned by a quasi-celebrity. He is probably too scared to take to his twitter for fear of people being mean to him. I am sure some of those crazy Niley fans were giving him a hard time, but I am sure plenty of others will now that he has made it such a big deal.

  • Lauren

    they never walk together anymore – miley and justin, not since the beginning of the relationship, they don’t seem to be happy when they’re pictured together unless shes with someone else…her and her sister are adorable together, i like brandy’s hair better darker she looks really pretty with it

  • jimmy

    Miley looks great. She has tons of great looking dress. Does anyone count how many dress that guy has? One maybe two. Same species as Simon Cowell

  • katie

    @Megan: NO! I agree it’s soo annoying :P

  • lovebug ;)

    @megan: i agree!

  • joana

    she’s a silly girl who thinks she’s all that and like she thinks she’s a superstar! she’s just a tweenstar n nothing more! wen he’ll be outdated like in a few yrs no one wud even recognize her on the street! his bf wud write a book abt how he slept with a tween star n all! meanwhile miley wud be drug addicted and wud end up as amy winehouse!

  • cam


    looks like she is trying in front of the cameras to let people think they are bffs now (it is almost overdone) – but in private from some other articles printed they seem close & enjoying each others company – but not in front of the cameras lately – maybe she is just sick of the papps getting into her personal life like she said. – who knows. she seems happy, though – that is better than she was last year around this time.

  • gerty

    they look cute and having fun but what is justin doing on a girls’ night out?
    anyways, love miley no matter what she do :D

  • jo

    I like her unique voice I don’t find it annoying, yet some will. Not EVERYONE will like her.. With fans come haters.

    I think she’s super fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.. I love that.

    As for justin… Eh. Long as shs happy I guess.

  • :]

    @joana: BOO HOO CRY ME A RIVER. She’s the Teen Queen, and she’s the only one from Disney who for sure will have a job. She was named as one of Hollywoods most valuable young stars. She came 2nd, right after Daniel Radcliffe. Did you see another disney kid who was in that list? NO. So stfu stupid hater.

  • DemiFan

    man JJJ was so perfect untill theses haters came along! I love Miley!

  • Megan

    I actually meant her singing voice is annoying but her speaking voice different to… Honestly I don’t care how her speaking sounds, I just don’t like her music. Sorry for starting that argument :p … But hey I do agree with you that Demis voice rocksssss she’s good, better than miley.
    :) adiós justjared web amigos

  • billythekid


    And you are a 3rd class idiot if you actually think Miley will turn into Amy Winehouse. But as for your post: Miley is a superstar; the biggest teenage star in the world right now, and has been for awhile. She is an A-list singer and has A-list drawing power no matter where she goes or what she does. But you keep right on fanaticizing about her downfall all you want because it isn’t going to happen like that.


    Actually, she came in tied for first as far as money is concerned, but she is way bigger than Daniel Radcliffe as far as being a celebrity is concerned. An unscientific gauge for celebrity would be to count twitter followers. So far as I know she is MIles ahead of every present and past Disney star, with the exception of Britney Spears, who is way ahead of Miley.

  • billythekid


    I know EXACTLY what you meant but I was being – cough cough – sarcastic and refused to acknowledge it. And I didn’t say that Demi’s voice “rocked”, I simply said she CAN sing. And you must agree to some degree or you wouldn’t be wasting your time trying to convince anyone else of it. Feel threatened?

  • Cozy

    @:]: Totally with you. People are just hating on her.

  • me


  • casey

    she suckssssssssssssssss !

  • lili

    i am SO dang sick of her pathetic boyfriend. dude has no life, no talent, and no relevance other than being a teenage girl’s shadow. gtfoooooooooo.

    anyway. miley looks cute, i love her sweats. and is that a dinosaur in brandi’s hand? lol wtf.

    i like sushi dan but it’s not the best place to go if you want to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

  • lol

    Justin GAYston!!!! YOU AND CHASE ROCK

  • Ms.newyork

    I luv Miley and her family but i think her family is soooooo real and they dont care how famous she is she still has to avide by house rules and i love that. I dont like the fact that her boyfriend or whoever he his to her is 20y/o shes doin to much!

  • naomi

    Justin only has one shirt!

  • Ms A/i love nick j

    Just Jared, you realise on Miley’s twitpic of her Besties, it has a justjared logo on it!! congratz

  • billythekid


    So you are basically comparing her to things you did at her age? Sorry casey, but everyone in this world isn’t as sl*tty as you are, my dear :)

    Now if she is still says she is a virgin at 22 or so, then I will begin to think there is something wrong with her, but at 16 I can honestly believe she is whatever she claims to be. In spite of her whacked-out boyfriend!. He is an evangelist, and most of the world’s troubles are the result of religious fanatics of one sort or another.

  • mcflyluvr14

    for the “get the look” thing, 4 mandy’s sweatshirt, just get it from a Glamour Kills store! DUH!!!

  • victoria

    i lovelovelove her!

  • sean84

    well i luv her so much she needs 2 dump dis dumbass lol nd well bye the way shes so beautifull nd so r brandi nd mandy lol

  • Rafaella

    All this nasty talk about Justin is also hurting Miley – everyone should just leave them alone. Why do people think they can tell a celeb how to live, what to wear, who to date? If you are a fan of Miley’s or any other celeb – try to remember that it is their talent that drew you as a fan & that they deserve to have a personal life & they don’t owe anyone an explanation about their personal lives. I love Justin too because he seems so sweet & kind & respectful & does not deserve to be attacked by people & even on his twitter – that is nasty. If you love Miley then don’t hurt her – be happy for her & treat Justin with some respect too.