Vanessa Hudgens: Oh, Oakley!

Vanessa Hudgens: Oh, Oakley!

Vanessa Hudgens is white hot in a Diesel Black Gold “Dyemme-F” dress at the Oakley Intro to Summer Event at the Mondrian Hotel SkyBar in West Hollywood on Thursday (May 28).

Being the generous person she is, the 20-year-old actress picked up some Oakley luggage for herself and boyfriend Zac Efron. They’re going to be doing some major traveling this summer! Vanessa also picked out a pair of the white Frogskins sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens picked up some Oakley gear…

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Photos: Polk Imaging
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  • me.

    she looks gorgeous, but not liking the hair.
    … hah, that’s the first time.

  • Isabelle

    how do they know that she got stuff for Zac?

  • grace

    she looks hot

  • Eika

    aww, gorgeous! but somehow, her hair looks different.
    well, anyways, love her! <3

  • Elissa

    she looks ugly.
    her and zac broke up.
    true facts.

  • Rosa

    lookin good nessa ..
    bangs need trimmin a bit tho ;p

  • paris H

    she’s looks soooooooo pretty as always

    ica’t wait to Mtv movies awards

    ahh i hooop she’s win i vote 4 her everday

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh. Different hair, amazing white dress. All smiles. ..I LOVE it. I love her. :D But yeah, I think she needs just a lil’ trim. ..Or it could be for her movie ? Who knows. ..Oh, I really hope she wins Breakthrough Female Performance though. Love you Baby V !!

    @Isabelle: ..Agreed. Its just creepy how ‘they’ know stuff like that.

    and @Elissa: ..Go AWAY.

  • zanessafan4ever


    Can’t wait for MTV AWARDS!

    LOVE U ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mzindochick

    i want my hair to be like that.:L

    remember mtv awards are still open for voting for ONLY best movie
    vote for high school musical 3

  • Isabelle

    on the eonline website it says that there is a seat free inbetween Zac and Vanessa at the MTV movie awards? WHY?

  • zac is a rat

    Becuase they have split up so it would be awakward if they sat them next to ech other.

  • zanessafan4ever

    Isabelle I read that too……………

    I don’t know why?

  • Isabelle

    @zac is a rat:

    I did not ask for a reply from you. Go away and never speak to me again.

  • Isabelle

    @zac is a rat:

    LOL. If they had split i am sure Zac and Vanessa would request to sit no were near each other.

    If they had split i am sure Vanessa would not be all happy like she is in these pictures.

    If they had split i am sure Zac would not have been smiling at the Lakers game the other day

    Do you really believe what the tabloids say because if you do you are even more stupid than i thought

  • Isabelle

    @zac is a rat:

    Oh and bye the way even if they had split he want get with your beloved Nikki Blonsky that we never get any news about and she never gets any threads.

  • fairycake

    V is looking hot!

  • emma

    @zac is a rat:

    The loser believes what Star Magazine writes.

  • emma

    @zac is a rat:

    Can you actually tell me why you don’t like Zac. Has he done something to you? Do you know him? Does it make any difference to your life who he goes out with?
    I fail to see how someone is so stupid.

  • zanessatowinMTVawards!!!

    She’s sooo pretty!!
    Love her even more, and more, and more!!!
    Love her dress, hair, sandals, EVERYTHING!
    Anyway, PLEASE vote for them on MTV!!!

  • sarah

    she looks SOO much better with makeup and a decent outfit on as opposed to those last pics of her which proved she isint a NATURAL beauty.

    and wtf, ‘Being the generous person she is..’ what a random comment. ur head is SOOOO far up her a$$ Jared im surprised u can see enough to type random comments like this.

  • Kat

    I thinks that Vanessa looks pretty and hot. I prefer her without bangs though. Love her dress!

  • katie

    umm. she needs to cut her bangs. or just stop clipping them in(pretty sure they are clip in extensions because they are always differant lengths and thats what 99% of hollywood uses as it gives you more versatile easy to manage styles without damaging your hair with glue or a weave). does she not realize she looks WAY better and less annoying without them? plus they are too long……

  • ELLY

    her fake looking bangs need to go asap

  • thestudioworks

    oh my goodness. ofcoarse they are still together. and they will always be. zanessa has a wonderful relationship. and they won’t let any issue or rumor ruin everything. they are to prove that even young hollywood relationship could last. i cant wait to see them in the mtv movie awards. hope they both win especially best kiss. all the way for V!:-)

  • emma


    She does not need to do anything. She can have her hair how she like and as long as she likes it thats all that counts.

  • zac is a rat

    I am doing like what everyone else is doing and that is making a comment nobody forces you to read it and like everybody else I am entitled to my opinion and not every story that is printed is faluse.

    Zac is one major player, flirt and thinks he’s the greatest becuase his fans have given him such a big head, being called after by the press as ‘ pretty boy zac’ sounds about right becuase he sure is no where near a man.

  • emma

    @zac is a rat:

    No you just make your comments to wind people up because you think that it is funny

  • emma

    @zac is a rat:

    False not faulse.

  • emma

    @zac is a rat:

    I am afraid he is a man. I highly doubt he has a vagina

  • emma

    @zac is a rat:

    If they had split up then they would not look happy would they and also it says that Vanessa was buying stuff for Zac.

  • emma

    @zac is a rat:

    I think he a man. I doubt that he has female genitals.

  • AVA

    She looks beautiful!

    Love the outfit, very summery! And love her hair too.

    Can’t wait to see both Zac and Vanessa at the MTV Movie Awards, hope they both win.

  • Liv

    V looks sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
    Hope she and her Zac have a good vacation this summer!
    And…. what’s that thing about the seat between Zanessa on MTV award?

  • suzy


  • emma


    There is a free seat in between Zac and Vanessa for the MTV awards

  • Rosa

    @zac is a rat:
    well .. i’m not going to bash u ..
    but here is what i’ll tell u if u r a real fan ..
    V is happy with zac ..
    and as a fan of hers u should be happy 4 her too !!
    this is her personal life ..
    and u don’t even know zac in person to tell all that stuff about him !!
    so u’d better be happy with whatever makes V happy ..
    bad comments won’t let u feel any better or change anything !!

  • ladysdsandiego

    she looks gorgeous as usual.

  • ladysdsandiego

    wait a minute. how is she doing traveling this summer with zac if she’s filming her movies this summer?

  • hanahh

    the seat thing is made up. why would they know ?? they dont get tld stuff like that before the event.

    ans they havent broken up. if you break up with someone after four years you dont go round smiling and act all happy and go to lakers games and events.
    they are fine, its just a stupid rumour that has got round for no reason. people always say they are about to break up but they never do.

    and they have only just got back off holiday together. they went to spend time together, alone, away from rumours and papz. so they are happy together.

    dnt believe what stupid tabloids say cuz they dont have a clue. they just know it will get a reaction so people will cme back to their website.


  • emma


    because zac is going somewere else to film his new movie

  • Cara

    they are still together right?
    Sorry for asking just wondering though?
    Please Answer?

  • jaaaaaaaaaaaay

    on the first pic make it big she has unwanted facial hair :)

  • jada

    actually, NOT true facts. as neither have confirmed it. probably as its not true. are you jelous much?!?

    Vanessa looks HOT! zachary is so lucky!!

  • emma


    Would you like to tell us all how you know it is true that they broke up?

  • ladysdsandiego


    oh thanks. its 2:30 in the morning and i’m doing homework so my mind is not working right now. lol

  • Boji

    She’s looking pretty pretty good. Love her in white.

  • Boji

    like her new hairdo.

  • Mhay

    CUTE vhuds.

  • Cutie

    She looks great. Not a fan of the bangs but I love her style overall. I bet she will be traveling quite a bit this summer. She’s got her movie filming in Montreal starting in mid-june, then she’ll have to travel back to do press for Bandslam in August, then sucker punch after beastly wraps. Busy young woman coming up.

    Something seems to be up b/w her and Zac, whether it’s a rough patch or a break up remains to be seen. He was looking all bummed on Saturday or Sunday in those pap pics in Santa Monica. She’s hiding her hands behind her back in the pics above, her ring is gone, which would be a sure sign they broke up since she pretty much always wears it. They haven’t been seen together since they got back from Japan and they’re happily hanging with others. And now there is a seat between them at the MTVMA on Sunday.

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