Monique Coleman is a Glowelle Girl

Monique Coleman is a Glowelle Girl

Monique Coleman models a bright orange oversized Glowelle bag at Melanie Segal’s MTV Movie Awards House in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (May 29).

The HSM movie star picked up some Glowelle goodies, including the Natural Raspberry Jasmine Flavor energy drink. Glowelle products help fight the signs of aging by nourishing skin from the inside out.

Monique is set to star as Veronica in Promise Rings, due out in 2010.

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Photos: Maury Phillips/WireImage
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  • Kata159

    FIRST!!! yayy

    what about her hair? :O

  • Lu

    Wow at her hair.

  • fan


  • ZanessaLuvr

    3rd! I haven’t heard about Monique in a while! Can’t wait to see her new movie!

  • Meagan

    Whoa, Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t kidding when she said on TRL that Monique’s real hair looked like Corbin Bleu’s…

  • suzy


  • KIm

    Feeling the fro.

  • ash

    wtf is with her hair ?
    love her though !
    she seems like such a sweetheart !

  • Alannah

    Her outfit is cute, but her hair?!!

  • vancrazed

    i love momo…she looks so good.

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    @Meagan: I know. I like her, but not the hair

  • jailine

    @VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH: me too

  • pop86

    Go Mo, show your natural hair.

  • pop86

    Can’t hate on a woman who is will to go natural

  • Ashley

    Natural’s one thing, but it’s uneven. It doesn’t look good.

  • cassie

    wowww. what’s with the hair/….

  • ems

    shes got skinneir

  • Kami

    omg i love her hair its beast

  • ZanessaLuvr

    @pop86: totally agree with ya!

  • katie

    Loving the natural fro, go Momo!

  • Karen

    The hair is something but I agree with pop86 that I support Mo for letting her hair go natural instead of wearing the wigs, etc. Go, Monique!

  • Julia

    I’ll give Monique props for willing to go natural.

    I read in a Black Woman’s hair magazine last year that her hair is natural and she sometimes wears wigs depending on how she feels. Not a lot of Black women are willing to go that route.

  • Sparkie

    holy crapola, her HAIR…
    she’s like corbin bleu and guy sebastian put together.

  • amy

    duuuuuuude. her hair is BIG.

  • Anita McCants

    I love that Glowelle bag Monique Coleman
    is sporting. Looking forward to seeing her
    in Promise Rings.

    Follow Monique on Twitter and check out
    her website. It’s Awesome!

  • monica

    I like her hair, her hair is called black women with natural hair? Or did people actually think the long wavy weave was theirs???? Her hair is beautiful, sadly the comments further prove why black women can’t wear their natural hair in the industry. Ugh, I wish it was the 70′s again. The new generation sucks.

  • mocasoul


    I comeplety agree. It’s hard for black women in the industry and to wear natural hair. In fact, it’s just hard in everyday society…believe me, I know. My hair is natural. But, I love that Monique’s hair is natural and, one day, we will see more black entertainers following her.

  • winnie

    love the’s nice you should try in sometime,you look good girl. go mo

  • sally

    Afros are so in…
    Man, she can do anything she wants with that hair
    She has ultimate diversity.
    She rocks :)

  • MaddaPeppa

    Fro’ Power !! Natural sista here as well! By the way search for ‘Nappturality’ … ;-)

  • dymond

    Apparently their a lot of people in the world that are just confused. Her hair is beautiful. This is how “Our hair” black people hair looks in it natural state. It’s sad that people look at us weird when we choose to wear our hair the way God intended it to be.

  • jo-jo


  • Nia

    @pop86: IKR WOrk it Girl BE u!!!

  • Nia

    I love her hair…..Go MOmo….im proud of her showing off her natural hair two thumbs up……ha I love it!!! :)