MTV Premieres Teen Pregnancy Awareness Show

MTV Premieres Teen Pregnancy Awareness Show

According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, more than 700,000 teenage girls in the U.S. become pregnant each year. Three in ten girls in the U.S. will become pregnant before the age of 20, without intention.

During six 1-hour episodes, MTV’s “16 & Pregnant” will bring these numbers to life when they follow the lives of teenage girls for 5-7 months as they navigate the unfamiliar territory and uncertainty of being pregnant. Capturing every moment and reaction in real time, including some of the births and how the young mothers and fathers deal with new parenthood.

16 & Pregnant” premieres on Thursday, June 11th @ 10PM ET/PT on MTV.

“16 & Pregnant” Trailer
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  • xoxo

    this will be good for teens to see

  • jo

    crazy. whatever it takes i guess. being a teen mom is no joke

  • selene


  • Sarah

    Wow…I’m so glad I didn’t have a boyfriend at sixteen. LOL! Not funny? Too soon maybe?

  • kc

    Good. I still think MTV should play more…um…music? But this is definitely worth airing more than that useless “The Hills.”

  • nathalia

    i agrre with both #1 and #2!!
    this will be good for teens to see. i’m sure being a teen mom is no joke.
    in my opnion people shouldn’t have sex before marriage but these days even kids are having sex!

  • agus

    yea like i have a friend shes 13 and shes pregnant. i look at her and think yes kids are cute ans all u can say is awww wen u look at them. but thats freakin rediculus being pregnant at 13. shes pregnant and i havent even had a boy friend little nown kissed a boy.
    girls now a day need to stow down a little

  • Cassandra

    i wish mtv would have had something like this 2 years ago.
    i think seeing something like this would have been a reality check
    but i am one of the teenagers that got pregnant and im very much happy and madly in love with my beautiful daughter.
    i hope mtv isnt so one sided when it comes to this show.
    having a baby as a teenger is a big thing but some of us actually grow up and make their lives better for their child.
    my baby girl was a bump in the road for me but she is also my inspiration..and that..i would not change for the world!

  • lisa

    It’s disgusting with these young girls having sex. Ew.

  • christine

    i hope this teaches teens a lesson

  • berrypunch

    yea being pregnant at 16 sucks!! but lets not forget selena gomez’s mom had her when she was 16 and look how lucky she got!!
    haha but yea i think everyone should wait till marriage..



    oook. that was unnecessary to bring up. nothings funny about that. her mom probably freaked when she found out she was preggers that young

  • Mrs. Nick Jonas!

    @lisa: I agree 100%. This is sick! Can’t people make stuff more interesting besides pregnant teenagers? To me thats sick, perverted and pathetic. Pregnant teens arent cool nor interesting to watch. But thats obviously what the economy is coming to. Sad.

  • Karina

    thats good that they made this show. Hopefully this will teach young teens that having sex has consequences. Its not like the same as what you see in tv. thats why I believe sex is for after your married, when you already have your live in order or how you want it to be.

  • Shannon

    WOW! for MTV airring this even the trailer got to me I had at least 4 friends who were pregant in high school and totally changed my view of sex simply because I saw what they went through so I hope other teens watch this show or view thier own lives

  • sam.

    i know one of those girls.

  • jessica

    my friend is having a baby..she is so disappointed with her..being a teen mom is not joke..

  • Peace Love Miley

    poor teens

  • jee

    oh c’mon people stop judging b/c not everyone is perfect and i knew a girl that was pregnant she actually graduated in honors meaning a 4.0 gpa or higher!!!

  • Carly

    This show won’t do shit for teens.

    3 Months Later..
    Mommy, I’m pregnant!

  • Carly

    This show won’t do shit for teens.

    3 Months Later;
    Mommy, I’m pregnant!

  • Carly

    Oops! I didn’t mean to put that up multiple times.
    But yeah, you get the point.

  • billythekid


    Oh really now? So why was this totally relevant statement unnecessary to bring up? Because it flings a little dirt in the face of someone whom you admire? I find it strange (dripping with sarcasm here) that you would be upset because someone possibly disparaged one particular Disney actress, while you have flung manure at another one! Your mass immaturity really rose to the occasion on this topic :)

    As for MTV: They are a joke and are total hypocrites. On the one hand they are selling sex/violence, and now on the other hand, they lament the large numbers of teen pregnancies. Well, if MTV was so concerned about this sort of thing, they should have started their “campaign” 30 odd years ago when they first hit the airwaves. Teen pregnancy was every bit a problem then, as it is today.

  • Nala


    I don’t get why this hate towards EVERY1ROXX. I agree with her to say berrypunch’s comment was totally irrelevant because there are two contradictory ideas in it. On the one hand, berrypunch says being preggo at 16 sucks, on the other hand she uses SelGomez’s case because the girl is famous and loved by a couple of kids to declare it’s not SUCH a bad thing. She’s the one you should disagree with. The fact that EVERY1ROXX may love Selena has nothing to do with what she says.

    “On the one hand they are selling sex/violence, and now on the other hand, they lament the large numbers of teen pregnancies. ”

    > I may be stupid but I can’t make the link betweeen the two parts of this sentence.

    Sorry if this comment doesn’t make sense, I’m French. Hope you understood a little bit of it though.

  • TheRealALyssaCarson

    here’s a suggestion. Wait until your married to have sex and we won’t have this problem.

    It’s not some amazing achievement to have sex with your whole school by senior year.

  • Kelly

    white trash

  • jen

    Wow!!! you guys are so judgmental. Yes, these kids made a mistake. No, it doesn’t mean they slept with the entire school. It is possible to get pregnant on your first try. It’s this entire idea that you should wait until marriage that is wrong with society. That leads to inadequate sex education. Inadequate sex education leads to pregnancy. It’s so simple. Don’t judge them for the mistakes they make and don’t think that saving it until marriage is anything amazing. Marriage is nothing but the legalized way to say your together. Think about it…. you don’t need to be married to be with someone. If you need a paper to make someone stay that says a lot about your relationship. Sex is sex. Get over it. Instead promote safe sex. If used right a condom can protect you from pregnancy. Also, for the “smart” one who says the teens will eventually get pregnant if they use condoms: If you teach them about birth control pills and other methods, guess what, they wont. Stop being so close minded and go about things correctly. Obviously the old fashioned way of thinking is not working.

  • Katelynn q.

    Good for MTV, so much better than the Hills and the other fakey crap. I’m an 18 year old teen mom and its so much harder than people could ever imagine, but I would never change my life, I love my little boy! Maybe this will help girls realise that birth control should be used, when thinking about sex, and that sex should wait til you’re old enough.

  • Allie

    I don’t care what anybody says about having sex i having a baby no matter what and i don’t care about the damn consequences.

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