Selena Gomez Gets Stopped By Police

Selena Gomez Gets Stopped By Police

Selena Gomez ducks behind her stepfather Brian as they arrive at LAX airport on Saturday afternoon (May 30) in Los Angeles.

The 16-year-old starlet made it safely into the SUV but Brian got stopped by police for chatting on his cell phone while driving. Big no-no in California!

Radio Disney Top 30 Countdown host Jake tweeted yesterday, saying, “I just realized I was interviewing @selenagomez tomorrow. Dang, she just got back from Canada. Talk about not slowing down!”

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Credit: BM; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • staceey


  • selena rocks


  • ahhhhhhhhhh

    oh no :(

  • amanda

    oh well,everyone does that…especially in my country:)

  • Anonymous


  • alissa

    gosh he looks so freakin YOUNG! I almost thought it’s her new bf or something when I saw the pic.. ^^ wow

  • TV

    I just remembered that she is the State Farm Insurance spokesperson promoting against talking on the cellphone while driving. Guess her father just ruined that for her lol.

  • Meagan

    Aww he looks young enough to be another Russo sibling in Wizards lol. There are similarities between her dad and David Henrie.

  • aw


    lol I thought of that too. There goes that.

  • md

    Hi Selena i am following your fashion!!!!! You rock!!!! That is why you are my favorite fashion idol!!!!!

  • chuchi

    that isnt selena gomez.. that looks like ashley tisdale… well idk .. sometimes im blind but still

  • dundies

    and a big LOL @ # 6

  • a.m./p.m.

    Man…this she is having a bad week. First, Taylor Lautner was FORCED to break up with her and now this? Stay strong Sel

  • youdon’tknowme


    i don’t think they broke up.
    she said it was 100% NOT true.

    “Referring to a rumor our there…. 100% NOT true. ALL of my friends are incredible people. Please do not call them anything other than that”
    1:13 PM May 29th from TwitterBerry

  • wowwowowowo

    Lakers :) reminds of nick :)
    i though she’s spurs :)

  • M.B.M.G

    hi selena and brian i hope you’re ok be carefulj
    Selena you look pretty

  • M.B.M.G

    hi selena and brian i hope you’re ok be careful
    Selena you look pretty

  • berrypunch

    @TV: hahaha yea omg…. but its really no big deal… everyone does it…

  • ….///


  • assyhole

    She looks sad :(! I feel bad for her and Taylor! Really hope they reconcile soon!

  • berrypunch

    lol, why is she in the back seat?

  • a.m./p.m.

    @youdon’tknowme: Lol I hate it when she speaks about a person indirectly. So I’m still not sure whether the Taylena break up is true or not. Plus, I doubt Lainey Gossip would lie about it. Taylena is like the site’s favorite celebrity couple.

  • youdon’tknowme


    i know.
    but, Lainey Gossip said stuff that is way too personal.
    i doubt that they know all their “plans”.
    and Taylor wouldn’t do what Lainey said he did.
    that’s why she twitted about it. (i think)
    but let’s hope Taylena are still together OR are still FRIENDS. :)

  • Angie

    This is my opinion on that Taylena is/could be real and the recent rumor about them splitting up is false..

    *I do think she’s talking about the latest post of Lainey Gossip. About Taylor Lautner.

    * If you think about it, when there was a rumor about her and Jonathan Cook, SHE DENIED IT. But when rumors about her and taylor was all over the net, she DIDN’T comment anything on it, to deny it or what.

    * Her myspace blog about ‘falling in love’.


  • (:

    haha aww. Yeah, he looks way young but thena gain her mom is only… 32?

  • anna

    she needs to get off her high horse and stop acting like she’s too famous to be photographed by paparazzi even angelina jolie doesn’t do that

  • Zekemaster

    @anna: She’s avoiding the camera because what her dad just did goes against what she was promoting. High horse? wow

  • rachel

    What’s Jake’s Twitter name?

  • Mrs. Nick Jonas!

    Haha sux for her. Jk getting
    pullrd over isnt fun!

  • Lovelovelove

    i love selena gomez! i love her style shes so awesome :)

  • rhian


    uhm. i think you copied and paste my some of my thoughts i commented on oceanup about the rumor..? but thats fine, that means i made a good point about the issue. lol i just got shocked when i saw my comment posted by someone else haha

  • naomi

    @berrypunch: YES, it is a big deal! i lost a friend 2 years ago because of that. You may think that’s ok but you can hurt someone if you’re distracted!

  • mary

    oh wow, wasn’t she a spokesperson for that insurance thing where shes against driving and talking on the phone… she shouldve told her dad that…

    that sucks. but a good lesson, because no one should be on their cell while driving, as harmless at it looks. it can kill someone

  • thesoup

    @alissa: Her mom is really young too, because her mom got pregnant @ a young age

  • Sarah

    Wow, stop with all the negativity ,
    so yes, her dad was talking on the phone while driving,
    he was stopped by the police, so good for him.
    But why taking all that on Selena when she wasn’t the one driving!?
    And maybey she’s hiding b/c she doesn’t want to be photographed,
    I rather have her being like that, then jumping all over the paparazzi
    and showing she LOVES attention.
    So people GROW UP!

  • carolineee



  • jenny

    @TV: :(

    yeah i just remembered that! AND (if they were goin out…but it ws obvious!) i really really HOPE taylor n sel didn’t break up!

  • jenny

    @anna: idiot…..she might b avoiding the flashes! just bc angelina jolie doesn’t do that, doesn’t mean everyone has to follow……anyway, ur just saying that for the sake of hating her, FYI….selena, miley and taylor momsen are the top 3 teens that everyone is….i don’t the exact word…but the people want 2 know….so SHUT UP and get a life!

  • Leah

    I would so do her dad j/k! Selenba looks cute with the la dodgers hat:) Well she looks good in anything!

  • mauhlaslover

    That’s her step-DAD? I’ve actually never seen him, he looks young. Haha. =)

  • i love ny


  • bee

    he looks half her moms age .

  • thea

    wow her step dad looks hot!

  • Scotty INnes

    what ever