Miley Cyrus Wants To Perform With Lady Gaga

Miley Cyrus Wants To Perform With Lady Gaga

Miley Cyrus hasn’t met Lady Gaga, but is truly inspired by her.

Yesterday, the 16-year-old starlet tweeted, saying, “‘Paparazzi’ is the best song ever. I wanna perform with [her] one day. [Lady Gaga] reminds me of Hannah Montana. She’s like a normal songwriter/producer and then she has a double life as a popstar.”

Miley continued her love today. She tweeted, “I wanna perform with Lady Gaga one day.”

Did everyone vote for Miley at the MTV Movie Awards? She’s up for Breakthrough Female and Best Song!

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  • Chris

    First, Suckers!!!! Haha:) iThink that’s so cool how she’s inspired by her. iLove Lady GaGa 2! Illy Paparazzi:):):)

  • ashley

    Haha Second!! :D

  • nessa

    don’t do it lady gaga!

  • jo

    Aw cool that she admires other artists. While I think Lady Gaga is pretty strange, she is talented in the musical aspect.

    GL tonight Miley! Whether or not she wins, its amazing even to be nominated.

  • kayleigh

    no i didnt vote cause i was pissed that the good ppl didnt make it when all these twilight ppl and stuff did i guess its most popular and talent doesnt matter

  • Miley Cirus my name is jenny

    man Miley dont loose your life just beacuse of one or two guys dont be like Jamie Lynn Spears ok

    Wiht a new attuide every thing
    look at her then youl see

    you might be a rock stair but even b/c your ritch dosent mean anything!!!!!!!!

  • riana

    just cuz shes a sl*t

  • Selena im jenny

    Hi how are you ok befor you think wow shes weird stop I want to be an actress on disney channel but I cant drive or fly no money Im not a great singer but an ok dancer so If you dony mind to help me out and give me some tips on how you became an actor?

  • Jennifer



  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    Even though they don’t sing the same kind of songs I could see them performing a song together

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    I could see them performing a song together

  • Ellyne

    Noppee, i voted for Zac and Vanessa

  • nathalia

    i voted for her and i hope she wins.. she deserves it (:

  • m

    i voted like 15 times for her! and i hope her wish comes true! they would
    make an awesome duo!!

  • hello

    Ew not at all! GaGa is so much better than Miley, she should never perform with her. What a stupid comparison, Lady GaGa isn’t like Hannah Montana one bit. She is original and her own person, while Miley is a clone of every other teen pop star that has even existed.

  • Aa*

    love lady gaga 2!!

  • Hsmzanessafansite

    That would kind of be different kind of song..I think I would like to hear them sing together..I mean, a lot of ppl were talking about Taylor and Miley not doing good together, when they did great..So, maybe they could do it too..

    I voted for Miley for the song but my vote for Best Breakthrough Female went to Vanessa..
    I love you Miley, but Vanessa deserves it…At least, I hope you win for the best song..I love “Climb.”

  • Ohohandy

    Please don’t do it Gaga !

  • dave

    no, i vote for ashley tisdale :)

  • Mari

    Who doesnt she wanna sing with?? When i read the title i just couldnt stop laughing!!! After the really really sad Radiohead incident, now she goes for Lady Gaga…. Maybe not even Lady Gaga will want to perform with Miley!!!! LMAO

  • Ale

    Why would anyone want to perform with DRAG QUEEN GAGA????
    Gaga is so ugly…buh buh buh butter face! and overrated!
    So good that Gaga knows how to tuck in his peen well though!

  • sean84

    lady gagga is a slutt i dunt want my gf 2 sing wiff her lol

  • sean84

    miley is much better rhan lady gagga bye the way she shood perform wiff sum1 who can sing lol maybe wiff demi lovato? lady gagga sux nd shes only famous cuz shes dresses lik a slutt nd avery1 liks it lol

  • haley

    @Ale: ummm why would anyone want to perform with MILEY?
    gaga is much more famous than she is and she is so UNDERRATED.
    everyone thinks her voice is always edited but her acoustic live sets are so wonderful, ppl think shes just another pop singer but shes so much more. shes an artist.

  • loz

    hmm i personally think lady gaga would have to in a mental hospital to agree to working with miley.
    pfff when will miley ever realise that shes not actually famous coz she thinks shes talented, but really because 12 year old girls are in love with her.
    lady gaga is famous coz she talented musican and individual

  • sierra

    omgosh stop hating on everyone!
    NO ONE cares who you like and by saying stupid things like this is only brings people down!
    why would you want to make someone feel bad? it doesn’t make you feel any better so why even bother?!
    btw this isn’t just about miley cyrus. JUST DON’T HATE AT ALL!
    arghh you people need a reality check!
    i personally think that that performance would be the best of my life lol
    i love lady gaga and miley cyrus =]
    i’m so glad she won best song, she definitely deserved it =D

    oh and loz, btw, I’M 15 AND LOVE MILEY hah!

  • steph


  • Nina

    no i don’t like lady gaga
    she’s weird and out of this world

  • b

    although Lady Gaga is soo weird as a person, she is a true artist with college education, she is not like Hanna Montana, please. If she makes a duet with Miley she will destroy her (Miley) with her amazing voice, which reminds me of Christina Aguilera´s

  • e&R

    quite frankly both of them are fake a** hoes!!i didnt vote for miley cuz her voice makes my ears bleed!

  • kristen

    wow… I happen to be 15 and I like Miley Cyrus 2 lol! I like lady gaga alot 2 though but I think shes trying a little to hard! have you seen the music video to love games?? looks to me like shes trying to be brittany spears in the old days!

  • Rachelle

    I love Miley and Lady Gaga! I’d love to see them perform together and I also love Paparazzi!


    I think miley is ok. I like her as a person, but GaGa is the true talent and no one in the indusrty right now even compares to her. So I think that it would hurt her career and image to perform with miley. No one really deserved gaga’s time, she really makes music from her creativity for her fans and no one else. So all you GaGa haters out there can die!

  • naiome and sabrinana

    You rock Miley But why do u want to do a music video with lady gaga? did u see her videos on you tube ? They are really DISGUSTING u cant perform with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean we are fans of her but her videos bring no good to anyone. SO WHY DO U WANT TO SING WITH HER? IF U DONT BELIEVE US THEN GO TO YOU TUBE AND U WILL SEE HOW INOPROPREATE.

  • naiome and sabrinana

    Lady gaga is really wierd. Her music is great but not her videos and miley is a beter role model than her

  • naiome and sabrina

    @GUCCI MAMA: yeah like u can do that

  • Elena

    I Love you Lady Gaga including your song of LoveGame and I hope I will meet you 1 day I am 10 y ears old and I also go to the studio and sing I already have 3 Cds. By the way Miley why are you stoppin Hannah Montana ur making us really sad

  • http://mileylovers robert,sharpe

    miley your the one i vote for because your beatiful,sweet,and cute.gomiley ray cyrus

  • http://mileylovers robert,sharpe

    miley ray i wish i could see michigan larwernce.

  • http://mileylovers robert,sharpe

    hey i think your right love all and exspacally miley….

  • Anissa

    Too bad Gaga doesn’t wanna preform with her! Poor Gaga. Im sure she wishes miley cyrus would just leave her alone now.