Monique Coleman is Wonderful in White

Monique Coleman is Wonderful in White

Monique Coleman is a vision in white as she arrives at the 2009 Hero Awards held at Universal Studios Backlot in Los Angeles on Saturday evening (May 30).

The breathtaking starlet recently stepped out at Melanie Segal’s MTV Movie Awards House gifting suite on Friday. Monique picked up some sweet goodies.

Be sure to keep voting for High School Musical 3: Senior Year for Best Movie at the MTV Movie Awards. You can vote up until the broadcast tonight!

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Photos: Nikki Nelson / WENN
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  • :)

    i don’t like her hair

  • Nala

    Me neither. The afro look doesn’t fit her. But she looks great in that dress!

  • Roxana

    she looks like a goddess!!

  • VHUD-fan

    i don’t like her hair :\

  • fan1234

    she looks like a little oprah .. i like it :)

  • jjr

    Afro = no

  • Scarlet from the UK

    WOW!!!! TALK ABOUT BIG HAIR!!!! lol. shes really nice though. I prefer her hair how it was before.

  • ♥zanessa-fan♥

    The dress is beautiful, but she needs to go back to her bob-hairdo, it really suited her ♥

  • breenda

    what happend with his hair? :/

  • umm yeah

    yeah so afro is a no for her
    it kinda looks like she got electrocuted

  • hsm3torulemtvawards

    i like her more with her hair like she used to have it…but the dress is really pretty!


  • lisa

    seriously, what’s with the hair?! it’s hideous!

  • Tameka

    I love Monique Coleman, but what’s up with that hairstyle??

  • NIna

    This type of hair is kind of nice, but doens’t go whit her look. It looks messy.

  • nathalia

    she needs to go back to her bob-hairdo

  • Katty

    that is the nastiest hair I have ever seen.
    have an einstein issue much?
    Like the dress though

  • Alexis

    The dress looks nice, I guess, but all I can look at is her HAIR! What did she DO?!

  • nessa

    afro’s are cool and she’s black so she can pull it off! but i think its a little too out of control!

    she’s pretty though!

  • ilovezanessaxo

    w/e mo is fierce either way

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    I like the dress, but not the hair.

  • Sarah

    Did you see the Mo’s tweets about the awards last night? Sounds like she had a good time.

  • Julia

    For those on here who do not like her hair, that’s your opinion and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think her hair is nice.

    I read in a magazine last year her hair is all natural and she sometimes wears wigs depending on how she feels.

    Her dress looks nice too. The dress is something I’d definately wear.

  • jackie

    i love her!!!! but the hair is not working i like how she did it HSM3

  • mari

    if she likes it then leave her its her life and if she feels good 3 hurras for her!! :)

  • pop86

    The hair may not be to everyone’s liking is fine, but overall this is a major improvement for Monique. The dress fit her body type and her make-up is on point. She look really good. Brava!

  • Libsss

    That hair is definetly not for her, her dress is wonderfull but her her looks awfull

  • lora

    Whoa! What’s with the hair?

  • tyler

    yah she looks ilke raven (symone) and shes fugly!

  • MArina

    não gostei do cabelo dela… do vestido mais ou menos… sou mais o estilo da Vanessa… High School Musical 3 e Crepúsculo no MTV Awards!!!!
    muita emoção hoje!!!!!

  • Karen

    I could go with the hair a little less high on top and a little more even on the top, BUT I really like the way she looks. She looks a lot more natural and looks like the REAL Monique. I think that is what she should go with. Even it people think they don’t like it now, it is getting her more attention! LOL I think it is good that she has something going for her that is unique to her.

  • Cheska

    ` Seriously ..
    ` What happened to her hair ?!

    ` Uh-oh .
    ` I like her bob-hairdo … :)

  • hope

    wat happened 2 her hair :[

  • vavavoom

    i hate the hair.
    MoMo, let corbin be the only PERSON who looks good with an afro. you absolutely DO NOT look good with THAT kind of afro, honey.

    i still love you monique!

  • leana

    She looks so good loving the hair, don’t understand why so many people hate it, it’s just how her hair naturally grows but i guess people hate to see black women with their natural hair but if her hair was loosely coiled like corbin bleu it would kind of okay

    Anyway she is looking fabu

  • Mallory

    I actually like her hair, lol. Its so cute and big :)