Zac Efron Wins Best Male Performance!

Zac Efron Wins Best Male Performance!

Zac Efron gives a shy smirk as he arrives at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

The 21-year-old actor won the Best Male Performance popcorn award for his role as Troy Bolton in HSM3. Zac received his award from the Popcorn guy — after presenter Bruno (Sasha Baron Cohen) landed in Eminem‘s lap!

Zac will return to the MTV stage later this evening to present Ben Stiller with the Generation Award.

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • joanne

    damn his hair is so long now. congrats zac

  • Amyyyy

    someone needs a haircut:D

  • sol

    i love him, and i love his hair
    congrats to zac
    i want to know who won best kiss

  • Samantha

    Shouldaa slicked her hair back Zac. :D

  • Hsmzanessafansite

    Rob and Kristen from Twilight won…
    Zac and Vanessa didn’t win..

    love you happy you won..

  • aw

    Congrats to him but poor guy, Bruno totally messed it up for him.

  • mangoseed

    love him <3

  • zane

    Congrats Zac!

    I am so sad Zanessa idnt win for best kiss and Vanessa too!

  • lucia

    Congrats Zac!!!!!
    He deserved it

  • stella

    Wow can tell MTV awards is full of crap. Zac beating Chris RDJ and Shia?? I mean come on. Really Zac is the least talented in that group.

  • marina

    Does anybody see that growing layer of fat underneath his chin? Eww!

  • Elena Clayton

    YAY!!! GO ZACCY!!!

    Don’t anyone dare knock his rock star hair – He’s damn fine and sexy!

    Congratulations darling boy!

  • ZanessaLuvr

    So happy for you, Zac! Zanessa didn’t win Best Kiss, though =(

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    Congrats Zac (:

  • Nikki

    aaawww YAYYYY ZACCCC<333!!!! i loveeee youuu<333!!!

  • ella

    i was so happy zac won. i think its so funny he won something, ashley won something, but vanessa lost both of the categories she was nominated for.

  • Carlos ruiz Zafon

    That’s so cool that he beat out ALL the action guys with a musical! Awesome. Something to be proud of, buddy.

  • marie

    congrats zac!!!

  • Elena Clayton

    On second thought – I think he’s had a haircut. It doesn’t look as long as it was at the Lakers game the other day.

    Ah! So happy for Zac!

  • lol his shoes are scruffy

    LOL his shoes are scruffy

    and im no wierd teenie with haromonal issues

  • wow!

    HE IS SEXYYY!!!!!!

  • lili least one of my votes counted for something!…

    i wish they won best kiss…but anyways…i kinda knew at the back of my head that twilight would pretty much sweep the floor!

    i love twilight too…but i loved HSM more!

  • me.

    it’s cool that zac won..
    but as for other results, MTV this year is full of crap.

  • aw

    lol that was an amusing segment for the generation award.

  • zanessa4everr

    congrats zac!!
    im SOOOOOOOO sad zanessa didnt win!! im so mad!!

  • kim

    Congrats Zac!
    He looked so surprised and happy!

  • Bradley

    I am so happy that Zac Win.

  • Karla:)

    REALLY HAPPY FOR HIM he totally deserved it!

    i’m sad because i wanted zanessa winning…

  • coolgal

    congrats to zac!
    about the best kiss thing, it’s ok. we can give chance to twilight cuz hsm alreadt won many awards since 2006
    just asking, is zanessa seated together?cuz in my country,mtv movie awards did not air here

  • B.


  • Dee

    So glad he won.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    He’s SO cute !! And AHHH !! Zachary won for Best Male Performance !! I knew it !!! OMG..he made me want to cry when he was doing his speech thingy on stage. He’s SO adorable !! Love you Zachary !!

  • iluvrobpattz

    @marina: like u dont have one!

  • Ann

    Congrats ZAC, I am happy for you.

    But, I am so mad about the way they announced that he won. That was really stupid and denegrated his award.

  • kenzie1234


    yes they where seated 2gether and everytime the camera woud trun to them zac had his arm around vanessa or did put his arm around her

  • pop86

    Congrats to Zac.

  • mhay


  • maichi


  • coolgal

    thnx very much kenzie1234!
    hope next year mtv movie awards will be much better!

  • Karen

    Even if Zac was the only one to win—and what a crock of how they did that presentation—it seemed that NOBODY was shown more on camera from in the audience than Zac and Vanessa. It seemed every time they showed them he was putting his arm around her. That was sweet. It was also sweet that Vanessa was telling him he had won the award. I have never seen such a pitiful show though. If it hadn’t been for Zac and Vanessa I would have turned it off.

    The best part for me was seeing the two of them in the audience and Zac doing the presentation for Ben Stiller award, Zac’s obvious surprise at winning, and the best was Vanessa’s presenting the award with Jonah Hill.

  • LAI

    CONGRATS ZAC!!!!!!!!!

  • lora

    Yuk, he looks disgusting. He and Vanessa must have shopped at the same store because they both looked awful.

    Also he did not deserve to win anything. Every other guy nominated is far more talented then he will ever be.

  • Cat


    It’s not that easy to do hsm. You have to learn all the moves. Have you ever though of that!?! I heard some 2 minute scene took them a couple of hours to shoot.

  • cara

    Honey filming action movies are much harder to do. Truth is Zac was the least talented out of the bunch. And Christian and Shia have more of a future cause they are more diverse.

    These awards shows are about whats hot at the moment NOT talent.

  • loveydovey

    @sol: rob and kristen won best kiss

  • pop86


    This was a typical MTV award show. Whether its movies or music, their award shows are a total mess.

  • zac is a rat

    Yet again no photo’s with Vanessa things are definetly not looking good for these pair, how things have changed since the TCA photo’s.

  • Lissy

    I am so happy that you win, you deserve that award, Efron and you look so freaking hot.

  • Marie

    Zac looks hot and sexy. I am so happy that he win.

  • Naomi

    Congrats Zac.