HSM4: No Kenny Ortega

HSM4: No Kenny Ortega

Kenny Ortega is out. Jeffrey Hornaday is in…for High School Musical 4: East Meets West.

While Kenny will be busy directing the upcoming Footloose, Jeffrey will take on the Disney franchise that became a worldwide phenomenon. He shared with the press early this morning, “I’m excited to be part of a franchise that, thematically, encourages kids to believe in themselves. Like the first three movies, my goal is to keep the art form of the traditional musical alive, yet bring a contemporary emotional response to the story and its characters through song and dance.”

Jeffrey Hornaday choreographed Flashdance, A Chorus Line, and also directed Madonna and Backstreet Boys world concert tours.

In High School Musical 4, East meets West in a classic love triangle set against the cross-town school rivalry between the East High Wildcats and West High Knights.

As previously reported, the three sophomore Wildcats introduced in HSM3 — Matt Prokop, Justin Martin and Jemma McKenzie-Brown — will not be back for the continuation of the franchise.

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  • dlfann

    can they please just name it something else? this isnt even high school musical anymore…

  • m

    can’t they leave HSM alone. why not start over with a new title. No one from the original is coming back so they need to make their own franchise

  • Rosa

    now this is officialy STUPID ..
    nothing is left but the name !!
    not the old cast .. nor the new .. not even the director ..
    and if all the factors that made the movie phenomenal are gone ..
    why having it then?
    well .. here is a suggestion disney .. CHANGE THE NAME !!

  • Franzi

    They should change the name of the movie

  • http://google.com kirsty

    Oh please a fourth one?
    What’s going to happen now
    they all have babies?

    The fifth one, grandkids!

  • katie

    YESSS! I knew Kenny had a brain! Great move, I love him <3

  • Omg

    Train wreck!

  • marisa

    please start a new franchise. hsm4 will be soooo lame. no kenny. no zac. ashley. or vanessa. i will not be seeing it.

  • Jenna

    How much is this movie going to suck without the old cast, or Matt and Jemma, or Kenny? Oh that’s right, so so much.

  • Rosa

    @kirsty: @katie:
    good points out there ;p ;p

  • http://youngloadedfab.proboards.com Tini

    then what’s the whole point for HSM4!!!! No Zanessa, Ashley, Corbin, Monique and Lucas… No new wildcats (not that I have a prob with that) and now NO KENNY? And it won’t be set on East High! WTF? I’m definitely NOT watching that…
    What’s the point when everything will be different? They can find ANOTHER title for the movie and not use the HSM name…

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    Why are they even bothering to make a fourth movie? Besides from making a profit! HSM3 went out on a high & i feel like it was the end, so why embarress themselves by making another which may single handedly ruin the entire series. I’m glad Kenny’s out, it’s good he has seen sense, however what i don’t get is, why introduce the new characters if they aren’t going to continue the series. Now i just hope that Disney have the sense to change the name…start a new series.

  • http://zanessamagic.wordpress.com Annabel

    Why rouining a realy good ending as HSM3 with making a 4???
    And they can’t call it high school musical because High school musical is Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Corbin, Lucas, Monique and Kenny

  • saudia


  • tina.

    it just gets worse and worse…

  • MEL

    I can see it now this is going to be a A BIG FLOP!!! the only thing that’s the same it the name and maybe the writers!!!!!!

  • http://jjj miley

    i’m not sure about even watching it…

  • istar

    F.A.I.L.U.R.E. – good thing kenny isn’t doing this. none of the original cast at all. those three new people from the last film wasted precious film time and cut out good scenes just to get known before the fourth and they aren’t even gonna be in it (actually, thats the one thing im glad about.)
    disney need new names for this movie. whats the point in doing this? it sounds like a type of movie already been done. and because its disney there won’t be any proper fighting rivalry scenes… just a cheesy west and east plot line. what is the point? really?

  • ivanka

    Wow. no same casts…O.O

    But the plot seems cool! I’ll watch it then!=^__^=

    Fighting! X )

  • Ashley

    aggh…i hate it

  • thatsme

    uh disney, some advice. and this is worth reading.. CHANGE THE TITLE. gosh, wtf r they doin. nothin is the sme. they’re holding onto the title so they can earn major bucks n have it become a phenomenon. puh-lease! like thats guna happen. what was even the point havin those three new members in hsm3 if theyre no in 4? but i have to say, god job kenny 4 gettin out. what the hell, its just a rivalry story n cuz its disney, its guna have a BIG cheesy ending.

  • bee

    so wtf ? i was @ least looking 4ward 2 tht new cast since everybody GOOD’s not coming back but even THEY’RE not gonna be in it ?? ugh , thts STUPID .

  • ABK
  • Nina

    ok if the new hsm won’t enclude nessa,zac,ash,lucas,corbin and mon there’s no sense of making the movie with the same title
    leave hsm alone and start from the begining
    you’ll ruine everything!!!!!!!

  • Taytay

    http://www.marie-gets-deflowered.com/?id=62905f47 OMG TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mcfan

    Omgosh high school musical will not be the same ! :(
    can they give a other titel this is not anymore hsm
    i love the tree movies from high school musical but this
    movie i will not watch !!!!!

  • Ashley


    shut up and go away

  • Ninaa

    i am so mad. i am the most obsessed high school musical, zac efron,vanessa hudgens, and zanessa fan you could ever meet. i know EVERYTHING about them. i CRIED when i saw this. disney is a bunch of money wanting @ssholes. they are only making hsm4 for the money. how could they replace the entire cast? & the director? this movie is going to suck. absolutely suck. it will be terrible. i refuse to watch it. i refuse to keep tabs on it. this is ridiculous. now the “new” troy and gabriella will take over zac and vanessa? zac and vanessa will be left in the dust. forgotten. they won’t be known as the leading roles for hsm, because the new people will. plus, they ended hsm3 PERFECTLY. it was the perfect ending to the world wide hit. i can’t believe this is happening. i am sick of money hungry morons. it won’t even be high school musical. they are ruining everything. UGH.

  • Katiie

    disney are about to loose soooooo much money because of this stupid idea! This isnt even High School Musical anymore! What is the point?????

  • lacyy

    disney is so stupid. why couldn’t they just leave high school musical alone with the 3 big movies it already made. they may as not call it high school musical because with out zac, ashley, and vanessa, it is gonna be stupid. and now kenny ortega isn’t directing it!! i’m not even going to waste my time watching this gay @ss movie. and watch the new characters will think they are the best things in the world because they were in high school musical.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..Uhm what’s the point of even making one when no one from the previous movies are coming back ? …Yeah…its going to be a fail…they can’t leave it alone can they ?

  • Chasidee

    I can not believe everything besides the movie name is now changed. The movie is about believing in yourself but also about how the main characters change and develop in finding that. I AM VERY ANGRY THAT THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT SO SUCCESSFUL ARE NOT GOING TO BE APART OF IT!!!!!!!!! HSM4 WITH THE ORGINAL CAST AND KENNY ORTEGA OR NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie

    wow. no original cast and no kenny? this movie is gonna SUCK!!!!!

  • no name

    are they fucking kidding me? ytf are they making another one?

  • Isla

    this is the death knell for the sequels as far as i’m concerned. they’ll go straight to dvd, at best.

  • fearless -

    HSM is always been an AMAZING movie
    now why the hell are they going to ruin it?!!

  • Kami

    PLEASE NO HSM4!!!! at least call it something else

  • fearless -

    @Kami: RIGHT!
    no original cast, no kenny, no more hsm!
    please don’t make this movie.

  • Zanesa4ever

    Well if I had a say in it there would be no “High School Musical 4″!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah it makes me mad there just trying to make more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flora

    WTF!!ru kidding me?!! thats REAAAAALLLLYYYYYYYY STUPID!first the old wildcats then the new cast and now the director?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is that even a highschool musical?!!HSM is not HSM without troy,gabriella,sharpay,chad,taylor and ryan,and most of all KENNY!whats the point of making this movie?!THIS HSM4 IS GONNA SUCK AND MAKE A BAD NAME 4 THE OTHER 3
    thats the worse news JJJ ever gave!
    plzzzzz fans dont let them 2 put this name 4 it,i just cant believe thats happening! this is the badest idea ever DISNEY!!!!!!!!
    I WANT THEM BACK!or else just STOP this movie,not making it with difrent cast,director and etc……

  • Megan

    noo!!! omgg disney!! why did u have to get greedy??? hsm will NEVER be the same without zac, vanessa, ash, corbin, momo, and lucas!!! hsm 4???? wow. i might not even watch it…..=[[[[[

  • mileysupporta4eva


  • aika

    whats the point of doing this
    i mean i LOvE High school musical but the reason i like that is because they had the original cast
    they made high school musical 3 senior year that was suppose to be the last one thats why its called senior year
    not make a new one
    but watever i dont think its gonna be that big as all the other ones

  • Amanda

    Wow, seriously I think they should just end the series. I mean 3 big movies, they are a huge hit. HSM 3 ended really nice. Can’t they just change the title? I don’t think anyone is going to watch it, no orignal cast, no Kenny. In a way there just isn’t a point.

  • joanne

    okay, honestly i think this idea is stupid. why would they not have any of the previous hsm cast members in there hsm4? why make a new one with new people? thats just dumb. like seriously, isn’t hsm supposed to be like continued on? like hsm1, troy & gabriella started the acting thing. hsm2, it was about the summer after that. and hsm3, graduating from high school. they should’ve made hsm4 about those three new kids… THAT i would be excited to watch. but this.. i dont know…

  • NO WEY!

    i speak spanish:

  • Dee

    Umm yeah so then it is even HSM. Change the name to like East High vs West High or Wildcats Vs Knights anything but HSM.

  • Deja


    ikr!! they should have jemma and the other people come back. I cant believe Kenny isnt coming back though!!

  • Adie

    NOOOO! Disney have gone overboard. i don’t want HSM4. i did want to watch it for Kenny because he’s so awesome directing the first 3 so i thought HSM4 will be interesting. But now that he backed out i don’t have a reason to watch it. I may end up watching up because i want to see what’s about. NOOOOO HSM4. They dont know that NO BODY EVER REPLACE THE WILDCATS? god they must be stupid.

  • Kimberly

    Oh come on!!! Seriously?! Why the hell will they use HSM when none of the original casts is going to be there…not even Kenny!!…I mean yeah, right, the characters are going to be in “High School” and it’s a “Musical” for that matter but it’s so UNFAIR for the original casts…surely, they are one of the MAIN reasons why HSM became such a phenomenon so why let the new kids take everything Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Lucas, Corbin and Monique had started…They really should find a new title or this would totally be H.A.T.E.D. by the loyal High School Musical and it’s casts’ fans!!

>>>>>>> staging1