Miley Cyrus 'Climbs' at MTV Movie Awards

Miley Cyrus 'Climbs' at MTV Movie Awards

Miley Cyrus holds her popcorn trophy up high at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday evening (May 31) in Universal City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet won the award for Best Song in a movie (“The Climb”). Miley tweeted after the event, saying, “OMGOSH I am sooooo stoked about my award! Thank youuuuu soooo much! I love you guys! My fans are the best thing in the entire world! <3"

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • lizzie

    she’s amazing! congratulations

  • ashRocKS

    am so happy tht ashley tisdale won !!!

  • ashRocKS

    i hate vanessa thx god she didnt won! yay ashley!!1

  • Nina

    thank gooog miley won
    all the other songs suxed
    love you milezz..keep on rockin

  • dee

    Congrats Miley!!!!

    Biggest fan from Brunei Darussalam :)

  • Rafaella

    I am glad Miley won the best song. She should have won for breakout star too – but if anyone else had to win I am glad it was Ashley. Miley looked Amazing – dress, shoes hair – everything.

    The rest of the show was horrible – really disgusting.

  • jimmy

    I’m not satisfied that Miley only won one but it’s better than nothing. Congratulation Miley!!

    This time Miley in control and not crying. I was waiting for that moment actually hehe :D

  • Jonasluv4lif3

    Congrats Miley!!!!

  • http://jjj miley

    i’m really happy for miley! she totally deserves it and that’s why i voted for her! ;)

  • lina

    miley looked so good and I am so happy she won but she should have won both.
    if you think i have bad english well I am from sweden so, but happy greets from sweden:)<3<3z<3<3<3<3<3

  • gerty

    im soo happy for her, she deserved it, i also tought she will win breaktrough performance, but im glad for ashley. but maybe next year miley’s gonna win that too. also, she looked gorgeous, and her speech was funny, i just love her personality :D

  • Taytay
  • mileyyyyyy

    OMGG, im soo happy that she won cus she deseves it .
    I just love her & she looked soo classyyy .
    Congrats Miley!!!!

  • lovebug ;)

    just compare miley cyrus’ and hayley williams’ voice and singing skills. seriously now, hayley williams is way better in singing than miley. and that’s a fact.
    but paramorefans are not that young as mileyfans. they don’t vote like 200 times a day =D

  • jo

    Lovebug- this was not a vocal competition. It was based on a song from a movie and Miley’s “the climb” has done amazingly well on radio and the charts.

    There’s no way she doesn’t deserve it.

  • lovebug ;)

    well then you’re that was a vocal competition, then miley wouldn’t have won.
    the climb is a great song!! but miley doesn’t have a real good voice. which is sad cause it riuns such a great song.
    love her long curly hair :)

  • Meepzy

    This wasn’t a talent competition right?

    Because obviously she just won as a tween favorite.

    This generation fails.

  • lovebug ;)

    @ meepzy: ‘she just won as a tween favorite’.. that’s exactly what i think.

  • jo

    I love Mileys’s voice in the climb. It suits the song. Obviously not everyone will agree and that’s fine- she’s the one winning the awards.

  • :]

    miley has a great voice and she deserved to win for the climb
    she’s an amazing singer
    hayley is just as great and her song was amazing as well

  • m

    she deserves it!! the climb is beautiful song and she sings beautifully!!!

  • Fan

    She totally deserved it, that song is very inspiring!!!

  • joana

    fat sweating southern pig! hiiiiiiyaaaaaa

  • Ashley


    That’s right!! me 2!!
    you go girl!

  • izabella

    yay, congratulations Miley!! :D♥

  • Elsa

    yaaaaaaay! congrats miley!!
    can someone explain me why she said “I’M ON A BOAT!!!” i didn’t get it :SS an excuse? i’m portuguese xDD


  • kamilah

    i like “the climb” but i was pissed that paramore didnt get best song. and her acceptance speech was really obnoxious

  • billythekid


    All the other songs didn’t suck, but they were inferior to The Climb. Unfortunately, awards shows are usually about the best of the best, and people equate not winning with losing. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    No, your English is very good. I understood everything.
    @lovebug ;):

    Yes, they have been compared and Hayley has been found wanting. sorry.

    Ha! You should know Joana. When you wake up and look in the mirror every morning.

  • katie

    @Elsa: i’m on a boat is a very popular song from saturday night live, which is a comedy show here… it was written by andy samberg, who hosted the show.

    and lmao she was kind of obnoxious but that’s just miley being miley. she’s a teenage girl, what do you expect?

    the climb is a great song and it totally deserved to win. i’m happy for her.

  • sean84

    well am so happy dat she won she desserves it nd congrats 2 her lol nd well i luv dis song the climb lol nd shes so gorjess on these pix lol

  • http://. Vic2763

    Miley has been called one of the best dressed by a couple of sources. Fashion conscious sources have praised Miley’s look: the peach dress & shoes, the pony tail, makeup, rings, and green nail polish as making for a very well put together look. And I agree. She is perfectly gorgeous.

  • Bianca

    I’ll keep saying over and over again…this was PARAMORE’S AWARD NOT MILEY’S I mean Decode is the best song ever. Paramore is the best band ever and it made twilight so much more awesome than it is. I’m still in awe and shock that Paramore didn’t win!

  • billythekid


    You can say it over and over again and it won’t really matter. It’s Miley’s award, pure and simple. While you are a die-hard fan of the song/group, it would appear not enough of you supported the song, the one you refer to as “best song ever”. It didn’t even go platinum. Better luck next year!

  • alyssa

    i think MILEY deserves it!! :)

  • alyssa

    i think MILEY DESERVES it! :)

  • iluvrobpattz


  • iluvrobpattz


  • iluvrobpattz


  • jimmy

    This is a place where we talk about Miley greatness.
    Go to other site if you want to say other stuff.
    Beside, twillight has won enough.


    yayyyyy miley won!! i voted only once though. GOD bless her!<33

  • amanda

    @lovebug ;): Oh come on, i’m 17 and i voted my ass of for her. I didn’t vote for her for breakout star though, but the climb is an excellent song, and she deserves it.

  • Pinksie

    I am SO happy for her! She tottaly deserved it <3
    GO MILEY!!! We will always support you.

  • Hannah

    she sounded reallllly annyoing on the mtv awards