Miley Cyrus: Liam Hemsworth is Hot!

Miley Cyrus: Liam Hemsworth is Hot!

Miley Cyrus is almost all packed and ready to start filming her new flick, The Last Song…with good reason.

The 16-year-old starlet caught up with E! Online at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards last night and dished on her hot new costar, Liam Hemsworth.

Miley shared, “I got a hot boy. I can’t say that too many times, but he is attractive. Not bad to look at for the summer.”

The Last Song, about a rebellious teen sent to live with her estranged dad, starts shooting in Savannah, Georgia later this month.

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  • jo

    Hahaha. I love her. SO TRUE.

    This movie looks so interestying. I think it was an amazing move on her part… I’mhoping for a new album soon after though!

  • victoria

    love her haha!
    and he is pretty hot ;)
    she is one luckyyyyyyyyy girl

    the movie sounds really good too!

  • Taly

    He’s probably going to be her next victim.

    Watch out for future STDs, Liam! Don’t kiss her nasty mouth! It’s been places!


  • http://justjared Monica

    He is hot I love miley cyrus I am going to see her movie when it comes out.

  • anna


  • martha

    he is hot.

  • katie

    lol i was kinda hoping for a younger dude so she’d dump her boyfriend for him. ah well liam seems nice.

  • lol

    she said that too to justin gaston

    her brain for sure is like

    heez, like, so, like, dreeeemy. like, yea. i tink GOD, like, mde him and, like, snt him down 2 beautifulise thiz world with his beooty and smartnessness.

    (Read in best Miley Cyrus voice)

  • lili

    i really like miley but i highly doubt she will be taken seriously for as long as she stays with justin. even after that it will be very, very difficult for her to prove herself as a serious actress… she’s going to have to grow up a lot. not just in terms of toning down her over-the-top acting, but her maturity in interviews and the like.

    unfortunately most people look at her as a stupid, naive kid right now and her current personal life doesn’t do anything to discredit that assumption. in addition, little snippets like this just make her look like a hormonal little girl. it’s time for her to start having better judgment and be more articulate and reasonable if this is honestly the path she wants to go down.

  • =]L

    heez, like, so, like, dreeeemy. like, yea. i tink GOD, like, mde him and, like, snt him down 2 beautifulise thiz world with his beooty and smartnessness.

    (Read in best Miley Cyrus voice)


    lmao! i love miley but thats kind of true? lol
    super funny tho

  • katie

    @lili: totally agree. i really hope that miley stops being seen as a joke soon but most of that responsibility rests with her and the decisions she makes. right now i’m not sure she’s doing a great job at that. but we’ll see.

  • mae



  • brigget

    eww hes freakin ugly,but miley will likes all the guys so there you go,
    tis dude has a huge face like her and a big nose

  • Flor

    if she could act…

  • amy

    @brigget: r u frickin’
    blind?he’s hot!! and i can”t wait to see that movie!

  • Taly

    It sounds like just another Lifetime movie.
    The only difference is that Miley Cyrus is going to be in it. Big woop.

    She’s not a good actress. She should stick to SINGING.

  • kelsey

    ahaha miley is so cute
    he’s pretty cute, but that’s not the best pic of him ever..
    miley is amazing, i cant wait for the movie to come out!

  • Don’tmesswithme

    I think if they want her reblious they should def put on a black wig

  • casey

    hes gross

  • johnson

    She doesn’t look perfect for this movie…
    in my opinion.
    Not gonna watch it.

  • Kelli

    I actually think she’s a better actress than a singer. I bet she’ll do well in this movie. As for Liam…ooohm, he’s hot! lol. She’s lucky.

  • mel

    Miley is right, Liam IS hot. Just like his HOT sexy older brother Chris! who is doing us Australian’s proud.
    She’s lucky to be able to work with Liam

  • jenny

    doesn’t she hav a BF….she’s crazy!!!! its just weird hearin her tell stuff like that about other boys whn she already has one!

  • billythekid


    My opinion on Justin aside, I have no idea why she would need to dump Justin to be taken seriously. Plus, you seemed to tie that together with her future struggle to be taken seriously as an actress. I don’t get the connection; in fact there is no connection. Miley Cyrus being taken serious as an actress will have nothing to do with whoever she happens to be dating.

    Most people look at Miley as a stupid, naive kid right now? I read and watch practically everything there is about Miley, and I haven’t found the majority of anyone suggesting what you just did. In fact, I would say it’s really just the opposite. Unless you subscribe to the whacked out theories of jerks like Perez, who doesn’t really have an ounce of dignity. Miley Cyrus need not worry about being taken serious by jerks like him, or rags like Ocean-up etc etc. They only dwell on negative crap anyhow.

    I actually read the above article and I can’t even begin to see what any of the fuss is about. So what, she thinks the guy is hot and won’t mind having to see his face throughout the summer. Big deal. Are people supposed to get all worked up because Miley spoke her mind? That’s really a non-issue to me.

    As far as her boyfriend is concerned, maybe she can use a new guy. One who would be willing to speak out against the extremely personal attacks she is being insulted with by the vile pig, also known as Perez Hilton. Justin has a twitter and seems willing to tell off some fan, but doesn’t seem fazed by the filth that pig is flinging at his girl. I understand he can’t win a war of words, but at least tell the jerk off at least once! Be a man for Christ sake.

  • lili

    @billythekid: she’s a joke. point blank. she has become a punchline and everything that she does only furthers that. she’s not taken seriously by ANYONE because of her personal life and even if she turns out to be a great actress, unless she starts being more mature she’s never going to be.

  • Bella

    @lili: she’s a joke. point blank. she has become a punchline and everything that she does only furthers that. she’s not taken seriously by ANYONE because of her personal life and even if she turns out to be a great actress, unless she starts being more mature she’s never going to be.

    If everyone thinks she is a huge joke, why would ANYONE nominate her for a GOLDEN GLOBE & CRITIC’S CHOICE AWARD? Those are two very important film awards. She was nominated for a song she co-wrote and sang. I’d say some people take her serious and focus on her career. Also, she got good reviews for Breakout and her role in Hannah Montana even though the critics bashed the movie, she still got some good reviews. I wouldn’t consider her “a joke”.

  • Bella

    Here are more awards she’s won:

  • http://jjj miley

    i can’t wait for the movie! i think it’s going to be awesome! :)

  • wulan

    miley, you are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://. Vic2763

    You have not made a valid argument for your rant against Miley. You are just hating. I am sure most parents would be happy to have a 16 y.o. whose behavior was no worst than hers. A few mistakes are normal. You may not have made the same mistakes she has, but do not try and tell me you have not made any mistake.

    Most artistic types are essesntric or down right neurotic. I agree MIles comes off half cracked sometimes, and that is why so many ppl luv her =] Miley’s successes speak for themselves. The bottom line is what get respect from the ppl who matter in Hollywood.

    I hope Miley’s personal life and happiness will equal that of her successful career. That can be dif. in showbiz, but not impossible. She has a great example in her parents.

  • amy


    I agree with everything you said – well said! except that I don’t think Justin can speak up for Miley – I think there must be some agreement about what he can say – probably by her publicist because of Disney. He may have an agreement with Miley & the family on what he can say. If you notice they are using twitter less & less to communicate with each other – I think Miley is tired of Ocean Up & other rag sheets taking those twitter statements & making up stories. Once Miley “graduates” from the Disney stable I believe she will have more freedom to speak & so will those close to her.

  • jimmy

    Come on people. She’s still a teen. Let her be what her age suppose to do, happy, enjoyable, with small mistakes. Yes, when the time come , she will be totally mature…… and boring. I don’t want to see that day now. Let her has her fun, as long as it doesn’t equal to what other wild party girl celebs do. As of now, she is on the right path to be one of legendary celebs in Hollywood. With all the offer she get for performance & movie, she is definitely been taken seriously..

    ps: I’m not quite understand why people like to put black-lined eyes. Doesn’t look good to me

  • mileyyyyyy

    i can’t wait for the movie .
    he looks hottt!!
    miley rocks!

  • jo

    People expect Miley to be this extremely intelligent intellectual girl.. She’s only 16!! Let her enjoy her youth. Let her be silly and make mistakes.
    Miley may be seen as a joke to YOU (poster above) but she most definitely isn’t. She is running an entire brand, is being nominated and WINNING plenty of awards. Millions have her back, if you don’t then that’s ok. She’s fine without you.

  • MIMI

    lili: totally agree. i really hope that miley stops being seen as a joke soon but most of that responsibility rests with her and the decisions she makes. right now i’m not sure she’s doing a great job at that. but we’ll see
    OH! both of you shut up! her decisions in her career or miley as an actrist and singer does not reflect on her boyfriend. You people sound very naive if you thin that justin has anything to do with her persona. Her career choice are handle by her and professionals not her boyfriend duh!
    She is not by any means taken as a joke right now at this moment she the only 16 years old going to real awards and getting nominations in real events and does not involved justin it because of her goals and aspiration as a singer and actrist. since when a boy has anything to do with her getting ahead in careers grow up and go read some books your mentally is very ignorant or anyone who think a boy would stop her from working miley is busier now than she has ever been before. The girls is being call for parts on every field i think everyone is taking her serious enought to want her to be at their movies, footloose,last song,babysitter,girljust want to have fun etc. who else is getting call without audition i dont see any other disney getting call without audition while she is!! and she with justin darlin so yeah justin is not affecting her in anyway!!grow up!

  • billythekid


    Ok you are just totally full of BLANK! This girl is not a punch-line. I have no idea where you get your info except from inside your own head. I know of NO comics who are pulling Miley Cyrus jokes on any regular basis. The very few that might be can be attributed to her star status, and not her being taken as a joke. If she was a joke – as you are trying to portray her with zero effect – she wouldn’t be getting set for a major movie, or have her series renewed, or have her name seriously mentioned for OTHER movie roles, not to mention some sort of tour later this year. YOU are the joke in this case, my dear.

    And again, her personal life does not have anything to do with her professional life. We are not talking about LIndsay Lohan for crying out loud. And most of the negativity that surrounds her dating a 20 year old guy is really being deflected onto him.


    Thank you VIc! She has not made a valid argument. All she is doing is equating her personal life with her professional life, and trying to claim the one rests on the foundations of the other. If she was living the Lindsay Lohan lifestyle, I wouldn’t disagree. But Miley is not living anything remotely close to that sort of life. People can only speculate what she may be doing.


    I don’t disagree that perhaps Justin is being asked to keep quiet on various tabloid rumors etc, but what Perez Hilton is doing is not spreading vicious lies. He is calling her horrible names and asking her if she does unspeakable acts. I don’t care how much someone told me to keep quiet, but if someone were talking that sort of trash about my girlfriend there is no way on Earth I would shut up.

  • amy


    point taken – I would want my boyfriend or even friend to defend me too. I’m not sure what is up with Perez lately but he & Miley are communicating on twitter – BUT he is a sleaze & I don’t even read his stuff anymore – I find it disgusting when a guy his age can say such disgusting things about a teenage girl & get away with it.

  • billythekid


    There has been no communication between them over the last several days. All there has been are repeated nasty comments and rude suggestions made by Perez for no good reason other than to just start something. He even sunk so low as to post a pic of Miley’s sister with her little friend. He is a pig and no one of any consequence has the guts to call him out on it. They are too worried about their puny image being ruined by this jerk. Integrity doesn’t seem to stand for much in Hollywood.

  • sean84

    well am not happy am dating her in my dreams nd she shood stop calling offer guys hott nd well i hope disney reads dat well hey disney u better gett her ugly dudes in her movies cuz i dunt want my gf 2 play in movies wiff “hott” dudes

  • sean84

    hey whut is the perez dude sayin aboot my gf?

  • amy


    I totally agree – Perez is a scumbag – look at the garbage he pulled on Miss California. She respectfully answered the question she was asked & he called her some raunchy names publically & since then only a few have had the courage to stand up for her. I say live & let live, but in some cases it seems that only certain people are entitled to their opinions.
    I personally hate Perez Hilton, primarily for the horrible things he posted about Miley – even when she was just 14 or 15. I think there should be some sort of restrictions on the stuff these web & media types can say & print about (all lies in most cases) kids & teens – after age 21 you can defend yourself. TMZ is another trashy group. Even Jamie Foxx said horrible things about Miley – but her dad did speak out about it & Mr. Foxx’s new movie tanked at the box office.

  • billythekid


    You will have to read his twitters over the last 2 or 3 days. They are there for all to see, but I won’t be repeating what he said. You won’t like it.


    Interesting you should point out the Miss California thing. I started my twitter just a couple days before that stuff broke, and the first thing I commented on was that perez guy asking Miley her opinion on the situation. The moment he said that I knew he was trying to set her up, but he got floored by her response when she didn’t take the side of Miss California. Either way, I knew it was a mistake for her to reply at all because in the end he would just use her, and then dump her when he no longer benefited from her support. And that is exactly what happened because now he is back to endless trashing.

    Oceanup is just another Perez type site that runs with whatever rumor is making the rounds, regardless of the truth or validity of the source. The TMZ is also in the group with the exception that I do believe they try to substantiate what they post in order to create a little more respectability. What Jamie Foxx said was truly horrible, but at least he had the guts to apologize on national tv.

    Billy Ray Cyrus did speak out about what Jamie Foxx said, even though I thought he was incredibly reserved in his condemnation, but he has never made mention of this Perez guy so far as I know. And I know her so-called boyfriend, Justin, has never made a comment concerning it. Like i said before, I understand they can’t win a war of words, but at least get on the record letting everyone know how wrong they believe it is to say those things. Anything, just don’t hide under a rock because you want things like that to go away.

  • amy


    I totally agree that Perez set Miley up – that was sleazy of an adult to pull a teen into such a touchy subject – that is just plain abusive of him & he used it & dropped her name regarding her opinion on the subject. I beleive Miley is sincere in her beliefs & truly is a kind hearted loving person & he knew that. I think maybe she thought he would be kinder to her in his rants.

    True, TMZ does try to go after facts – but too many times on the show they make fun of some pretty nice people – like how they made fun of Mary Tyler Moore – what is she 70 or more & a huge TV icon – many tv shows were produced by MTM (her organization) – there is no excuse to pick on a nice older person like her & many others.

    Billy Ray is pretty reserved & low key – but if he is pushed or if someone crosses the line too far – watch out because he has come out fighting with the papps already. In the case of Perez – as you say it will become a war of words & perez is not worth it.

    As far a Justin – I believe Miley is totally in control in that relationship/friendship. I believe he does not speak without clearing it with the Cyrus’ – I just think he is that respectful of Miley & the family. I beleive Justin is a true Christian in the sense of the bible & never even takes his own defense – he responds to some twitter attacks he receives & some of them are horible – but usually to say something like “ok , no need to twitter the same thing a million times, I got it the first time, Thank You”. I do like Justin because he seems to be a genuine, kind, considerate soul & I believe he truly cares for Miley – whether they are dating or friends – I beleieve he is genuine & most definitely Miley calls the shots. I know the dating thing gets people agitated because some of them are in fairlytale land over niley, but I think Justin is a much better person and friend than the previous boyfriend the notorious nj. nj is a controller & his priorities come first – Miley never came first & he has a huge ego.

  • Hannah

    jezzzzz i cant keep up with this girl i never know who she dateing michell musso,nick jonas,this nobody or that justin guy or her dad.jk


    She is not dating him! In her latest tweet she says they had a kissing scene, but it is just work. See details here Celebrity Tweet Updates

  • Luce

    I always thought that the prim Miley Cyrus was going to get paired up with one of the bland Jonas Brothers.

    Instead, she opted for a roughly hewn bad boy with a big nose. Maybe he can loosen her up a little, make her a little more fun.

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