Selena Gomez Appreciates Her Fans

Selena Gomez Appreciates Her Fans

Selena Gomez cozies up to JJJ reader Melika on the set of Ramona and Beezus in Vancouver last month.

Melika writes to JJJ, saying, “We waited a few hours, and soon selena came out! She is adorable and even prettier in person if that’s possible! She took photos with everyone, signed autographs and was super nice. I am really glad I went and hope I can go again before she leaves. One things for sure, she really appreciates her fans!”

Selena tweeted before she left the city, saying, “Just spent 1 hour crying with Joey…. My last day of shooting is tomorrow. We decided to have one more girls night in the hotel. Joey King is my favorite person in the entire world. I will miss her so much. Thank you Canada for a blessed adventure.”

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Photos: Melika
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  • jenny

    awww…love sel!

  • jo

    I still think its ridiculous that she’s putting out a record, but she’s a gorgeous girl and great actress. Musically-eh.

  • Lauren

    i wonder what her music is gonna sound like..yano, whether it’ll be like a miley-cyrus-esque type thing or a taylor swift type thing or a demi type thing or something totally different

  • Paloma

    Selena is a good disney actress but i’m tired of disney people coming out with records. I mean debby ryan is even coming out with one! I think is simply ridiculous. I’ m not a mean person and I mean this from the bottom of my heart: don’t do music stick to acting selena it’s what you do best =)

  • kristen

    Im glad that Selena is staying true to her fans. Alot of celebs these days are getting anoyed by fans and it makes me mad because without them they would be no one! So cheers for Selena!!

    and debbie ryans comming out with a record! – thats rediculouse!! hopfully shes a better singer than she is an actress!! and Ik!! EVERYONE on disney has at least 1 album! its CRAZED!!!

  • carolineee

    WANNA SEE THE NEW JONAS BROTHERS HIT SONG??? it’s not even on itunes yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • sean84

    well selena is cool lol

  • http://jjj miley

    selena is just a sweetheart! :)

  • caroline

    @jo: Thousands of people love her music! I know someone that has listened to it all day! LOL, just focus on artists you love!

  • caroline

    @Paloma: I think Taylor Lautner said it best in one of those recent interviews: It’s about what you like. And if you don’t like, well, it is a given that thousands of people do! So good thing they put out records because they cater to many people’s tastes! I do think that Debby Ryan should wait until her album will sell more due to more of a fanbase. Catapulting to stardom via spin-off doesn’t do you any favors! It’s high-time for her to star in a Disney Channel movie . . . if she hasn’t already (I only keep up with certain aspects of Disney)

  • mary

    i absolutely love selena

    she’s amazing and gorgeous!

  • silviq

    in love fqn

    in boutifoul

  • atika


    i think a mixture of demi and miley

    or i hope she creats her own sound

  • kush

    A cuteeee one

  • simran sarin

    its so nice that after being so much famous she dosen’t have attitude and i love that. hope i get to meet her

  • simran sarin

    shes so nice. its appreciatale that after being so famous also she dosen’t have attitude and love her fans i hope i get to meet her 1 day

  • OMG

    Oh my god selena is the nicest in the world, shes like the only celebrity in the entire universe that shows love 4 her fans!(sarcasm)
    im not hating on her but its annoying when people act like shes the only person that duz that. i mean miley duz that, demi and taylor!

>>>>>>> staging1