Taylor Lautner Premieres 'New Moon' Trailer

Taylor Lautner Premieres 'New Moon' Trailer

Taylor Lautner shows some skin in the first New Moon trailer.

The 17-year-old actor and costars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson premiered the first trailer during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

Twilight swept the awards, winning seven of the eight categories it was nominated in, including Best Movie and Best Fight.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the New Moon trailer – HOT or NOT?

Official “New Moon” Trailer

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  • sarahjps

    OMG so cool!

  • caro

    TOTALLY HOT!!! :):):):):)

  • ilovejoenas

    Personally I hate twilight, but I reckon Taylor’s pretty hot

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com kellie

    kristen is gorgeous.
    and them other two..i guess they’re..alright.
    alright as in AMAZINGLY HOT

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    …I just about fainted when I saw Taylor, I still can’t believe he’s only 17. ..Him turning into the wolf is pretty darn awesome !!! ..I might just go see this one in theaters instead of d.v.d.

  • Cristy


  • carito


  • natasha

    OMFG i think im gnna fain taylor looks hot!
    nd rob looks dazzling as usual
    as for the movie i cant wait 4 it eeek!

  • Cassandra

    i cant wait till november!!

    def had goosebumps from beginning to end
    and keep getting them everytime i watch the trailer

    its like i pictured it when i read new moon

  • sarah

    Not even a fan but it looks SO good!
    And Taylor looks pretty hot :P

  • blah


  • me

    Lmao. Kristen is drunk or high. Robert doesn’t know where the hell he is. And I don’t even know who the other guy is. But that trailer…SUCKED!! It has to be the worst trailer this year. I mean the part with that guy turning into a cuddly little dog…WTF?!!

  • becky

    I honestly was really curious to see how they would do the whole phasing thing and I was scared I would have to wait longer. The way it was done was incredibly amazing! It was what I was expecting and more! The only thing is if the actual film reveals to bella what jake is like this then i’m a little dissapointed! I was soo looking forward to the whole bedroom scene and the whole pack tearing Laurent to shreds! I hope that the movie has jacob tearing him limb from limb that would be just freaking awesome! Anyway totally met and surpassed my expectations on the phasing! when I read the book that’s exactly how I imagined it!

  • mishyB

    ugggghhh no. not my type of film.

  • carolineee

    WANNA SEE THE NEW JONAS BROTHERS HOT SINGLE??????????????????? it’s not even on itunes yet!!!!


  • kamilah

    i literally stopped breathing when the new moon preview came on!!!! it was AMAZING. at first i was flipping sh*t when they played the fake one. i thought the whole thing was a joke at first. but this movie is going to be soooo good. waiting until november is going to be complete agony.

    and taylor was just………wow!! :D

  • Carina

    Absolutely hot! I ♥ it! :)

  • carolineee

    Love it!:) Although I think they showed too much in the trailer… But still, TAYLOR IS WAY ABOVE HOT !

  • Jaya


  • Jordan


  • mickanese

    Very, VERY HOT! looks much better then twilight already.

  • Jannii

    OMG OMG OMG…. I’m freaking ouuuuut…. thats soooo amazing… CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!!!! O.O

  • Tiffany

    I have been waiting all week for this trailer and thank god i was not let down. I read all 4 books in 9 days just recently so i am really excited to see the movie. i am surprised i have not ruined my DVD cuz i watch Twilight Constantly. Can’t wait for the Big Kiss scene that they didn’t show………

  • karen i.

    SO HOT. i can’t wait for the movie.

  • http://www.youtube.com/UniqueMakis Mkaaa

    Taylor Lautner and his HOT self:


    Click “View full size” for the animated version. Oh yeah, it moves

  • Lauren

    well…what can i say about the trailer..except its freaking amazing lol!
    it looks way better than the first one (although it was really good) the director has done a good job so far…i agree with what someone else said that waiting til november is gonna be agony….
    it reminds me of the harry potter films; they’ll just keep getting better until the end one…which means breaking dawn is gonna be awesome

    im so excited, an also, i think even though rob is a really big part of the film and that but even though taylor is getting really famous now its gonna be extreme when this movie comes out…he already looks really good as jacob in that trailer but geez hes gonna rock it..Cannot wait!!!!

  • ash rockz

    It looks great!
    I can’t wait for the movie!
    The part when Taylor turns into the wolf is.. funny ;)
    Anyway, I can’t wait!

  • http://www.miss-roberts.gportal.hu gerty

    can’t wait for new moon! november 20th is just sooooon far away!

  • Dan

    you can already see that they have changed stuff.

  • wow!

    stupid, who is taylor L, he looks and sounds GAYYYY!!!!! gayy boy i know GAYlor hahahaha

  • Meggg

    the film looks WAYYYY good. cant wait!
    and OMG taylor :D
    & those other pictures of robert :D
    and kristen looks SOOOO pretty :)

  • gtt

    cant wait to see the movie!!!!
    the trailer is amazing!!!!!!

  • katie

    Twilight was rubbish but this looks great :)

  • Sadjida

    this is sO gOOOOOOOOOOOOd!! totally HOT!!!!!!!! OMG can’t wait till november!!!
    tayloR ! aaaaaaaaaaaaah he’s damn hOt! and rob’ too and kristin is sO sexy!! i love her hair

  • http://gwfef.com vanessa

    it is totaly HOT even taylor did a good job himself
    he is cuteeeeee!!!!!!
    mpwaaaaaa luv him

  • Tina

    This movie is gonna be sooooo much better than Twilight…the special effects with the werewolf are amazing and the acting it much better…i think it’s partly to do with the fact they have a much better director…I can’t wait…I’m so excited =D

  • http://gwfef.com vanessa

    this is totally HOT but i still think that zanessa should win best kiss this unfair they’ve won evry thing UNFAIR but taylor is soooooooooooooooooooooo HOT i love him he’s mine only but i think selena and him would make a good coupl he looks hot shirtlessssss I LOVE HIM………….!!!!!!!!
    He is so cute ………….
    who dont and come and tell me 1 reason why?????
    he is damin HOTTTTT
    mpwaaaaaaa to taylor

  • sefora

    awesome!!! dam i can’t wait


    Can’t breathe!

  • http://jjj miley

    omg! i can’t waittttt!!! :)))

  • asq

    i am soooooooooooo HAPPY


  • anop

    im sooooo excited !!

  • http://- Bella_

    That scene with Laurent has no sense in the book Bella didn`t seen Jacob turning into a wolf she only knew it was him with his friends later on.But I like the trailer it`s almost how I imagined when I`ve read the book -.- :D

  • kIKI


  • Colette

    total not!


  • Sarah

    I never thought id say this but it was good
    i like the animations with jacob turning into the wolf mid air :)

  • kate_alice

    totally hot! I love Twilight!

  • victoria

    holy mother…
    taylor! he looks insanly hot!
    might watch this one just to see him haha

  • gabriella

    Good trailer,but the wolf reminds me of the Narnia wolf,please do something to change it now.thanks.

  • sasha

    robert look so hot

>>>>>>> staging1