Vanessa Hudgens Covers InStyle UK

Vanessa Hudgens Covers InStyle UK

Vanessa Hudgens gets summer chic on the July 2009 cover of InStyle UK.

In the issue, the 20-year-old brunette beauty dishes about her bohemian fashion sense, her voice and her lovable boyfriend Zac Efron.

Vanessa shared at her photoshoot, “Thanks for checking it out. I had so much fun doing the shoot and I love the clothes so much, so I hope you like it just as much as I did.”

The July issue hits stands TODAY. Be sure to pick it up!

Vanessa Hudgens – InStyle UK Photo Shoot
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  • Mariaanaa (:

    good :D


    AWW,NESSA LOOKS SO ORGEUS,,like always,lol
    i´m so sad she didnt win =(..but i´m happy she was nominated and he bff won =)
    jared…i want zanesa pics..can u help me? lol
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,i want zanessa at mtv xD
    Vanessa Rocks!

  • Rissa

    She’s so awesome.

  • helen

    can u get this in the UK?
    oh and congrats to Ashley i hoped V won but after 3 movies I think Ashley deserved it so congrats on her first win im sure more are to come

    so like i was saying can you get this at like a borders book store or something?

  • Babiivfanforeva

    Stunning… V is so gorgeous :D ..I can’t wait to reaad this issue when it goes on sale in Australia..hopefull yI can find a copy

  • Babiivfanforeva


    yeh you can get it at Borders

  • ally

    yay. jared you used my video :D:D:D
    altough the video has been out for a while!
    dont ya just love her?
    ally x

  • kristelle

    She’s Gourgeous as always..
    btw zac and vanessa are sitting to each other at mtv movie awards

  • sweetnessa

    awww she’s so beautiful and sexy!!!!!!!!

  • suzy

    She looks good, can’t wait to get it.

  • jo

    Vanessa was looking hot in that video! woo

  • Naomi

    I’m really happy Instyle recognised her growing style credentials by giving her a cover. This will give her great exposure in the UK amongst adults.

    Loved that she had fun doing the shoot. Van always makes everything fun and that’s awesome to see. It’s so hard to dent her good humour and confidence.

    I really love the LV dress. Can’t wait to read the editorial.

    Btw, she is Instyle UK’s Look of the day with her stunning gown at the MMAs and got featured by MarieClaire and Cosmo (amongst so many others) for the same outfit.

    She never fails to make waves anytime she steps out for an award. Quite effortlessly.

  • helen

    Srryi meant can you get it at Books A Million

    ….or wal mart?

  • helen

    awww crap sorry again in the first comment i meant US

  • istar

    today?! i thought it hit stands on thursday! ive gotta go buy it then!! :)

  • http://jjj miley

    she is soo beautiful and gorgeous! i’m totally getting one copy! ;)

  • Naomi


    I thought so as well. I checked on my way to work and it wasn’t out yet. they still had the cover by Salma Hayek. I’ll check again on my way home.

    Can’t wait to get my copy. Apparently, in the issue they also have an exclusive on Michelle Obama’s life and style (she’s another strong, stylish woman I love) so that’s a bonus.

  • yets

    love V.
    more to go for vanessa.
    were just here for you.

  • anonymous

    sooooo pretty!!!!! she always looks stunning <3 i wish zanessa won bet kiss in the mtv movie awards they deserve it more than twilight

  • anonymous

    damnit typo *best kiss

  • lslsharon

    stunning as usual!!!!
    nessa is the best!!!!!!!!

  • katie

    i bought it in Hong Kong
    i think she looks better inside than the cover
    but she is stunning

  • ai

    love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashlee

    yeah for vanessa!!!! hope someone in uk can get the mag and provide scans for us.

  • misty

    she looks great

  • VZ

    she is such a style icon ! :)

  • suzy
  • ayen

    Thanks! Can’t wait to get my own copy! I love the video for the shoot.

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    Can’t wait to read it (:

  • lali

    pretty <3
    i think she can be modal :)

  • adriana

    can i buy this in the US?

  • istar


    i seriously think its out on thursday. i can’t get out today so im just gonna go on thursday.

  • Marie

    Vanessa looks so beautiful.

  • suzy
  • Rosa

    she always looks classy and gorgeous ..

  • marie

    she is soooo beautiful

  • awurbii

    The photoshoot looks great!!
    Fantastic to see her getting some credibilty outside of the states.
    Coming from a fan who lives all the way in Australia, it is fantasic to see Vanessa on the covers of international magazines.
    Especially high profile ones like InStyle UK.
    The clothes are really nice
    I wish I had them.

  • mayA

    the man of the video says she is very beautiful ….
    of course is vanessa hudgens

  • http://01/06/09 Sarah


  • susan

    wow i can’t wait this magazine probably early thursday
    morning i go and get it.
    yep all the clothes are really nice i love all the styles
    vanessa you are my model.

  • cutie

    she’s so pretty!!!

  • http://JJJR. VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    She looks stunning.

  • Megan

    vanessa’s sooo pretty!! shes so cute too! i LOVE her laugh…its adorable….<3

  • Sinaline

    she is the cutest and most beautiful girl on earth.. i friggen love her <3

  • abyss

    CAn u buy this in the us??

  • carol

    Sooooo gorgeous!!!

  • vanessa fanatic 4 ever

    i love ya Vanessa! i know all about you! and im totally updated for you!

    lots of love!

    Vanessa Fanatic 4 Ever!

  • lslsharon


  • me.

    GORGEOUS. <3

  • roni

    She is so boring. what the heck does Efron want with this dirt bag?

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