Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Teddy's Twosome

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Teddy's Twosome

Zac Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens walk hand in hand as they leave an after party at Teddy’s Lounge in Hollywood on Sunday night (May 31).

The duo attended the 2009 MTV Movie Awards earlier in the evening where Zac won the Best Male Performance popcorn trophy.

When asked about being nominated for Best Kiss, Zac, 21, told MTV, “I think we’re [me and Vanessa] the only boy-girl human-on-human kiss. That might be a disadvantage. (laughs)”

Zac Efron on Best Kiss
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  • ayen

    She looks really good with the hair up, and very sexy with that dress.

  • jo

    they are such a hot couple! Vanessa’s leaving for montreal today for Beastly!

  • piwi

    they’re so cute together. ;) i think they had deserve it more than robsten. ;)

  • Senu

    First??? Anyway its nice to see both of them like this. But it could be more great if they won the award. I voted them. V and Z rox.. Hope V will win in 2010. GO VANESSA AND ZANESSA !!!!!!!!

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    They are so cute <3
    Go Zanessa!

  • Senu

    Oh no nt 1st. just a mistake. GO V AND ZAC ~~

  • adriana

    for everyone who said they broke up!
    these pictures prove the didn’t!
    so HA.

  • ashlee

    zac and vanessa should have won an award for the world’s cutest, most down to earth, keep-their-relationship-private couple. glad they got to party with kings of leon.

  • m
  • VHUD-fan

    OMG ! she looks gorgeous
    awh they are adorable <3
    i am gonna miss her :’(

  • istar

    they look soooo cute!
    gutted they never won best kiss. it would have been adorable if they accepted an award together :)

  • Bradley

    Zac and Vanessa are sweestest couple ever. People who thought they broke up. They did not.

  • Marie

    Zac and Vanessa are so cute together.

  • smelt

    Vanessa leaves today to start filming her two films back to back which will not finish still Jan. 2010. In the midst of all of this she will be promoting her film, and working on her third album. Wow…sounds like Van will need a huge vacation come early next year.

  • Amy

    too cute for life
    zanessa forever!!!!
    its gna be a long drought

  • melody

    zanessa <333
    omg, they are so cute together!!

  • lali

    she`s so pretty
    and zac too !!

  • Ellyne

    Their both gorgeous people

  • flora

    @ashlee: i totally agree!
    they r the prettiest couple in the whole wild world! love them lots <3

  • suzy
  • http://jjj miley

    i love them together! the cutest couple ever! :):):)

  • louise

    i think she looks like crap, dress is completely shapeless, shes so thin. in the magazine with gq zac said he didn’t like skinny girls. OH WELL if shes gonna be away for that long time he’ll have a chance to find someone worthwhile to go out with! haaa bye vanessa , have fun ‘acting’ in your new movies


    here’s a interview to :


  • danielle

    louise: shut up you know nothing about her…your just stupid jealous hater

    agree with ashlee
    THE SHOULD WIN BEST KISS! NOT THAT “STARS” FROM THAT SHIT! Pattinson cant act. The only person who can act in that twilight thing is kristen.

  • pink sugar

    Vanessa gets the best award of the night taking Zac home.

  • kim

    They are a beautiful couple.

  • awurbii


    Your very immature. Get over the fact that he is not dating you.

  • Rosa

    <3 ..
    so sad they didn’t win ..
    kristin and rob seemed like idiots on stage ..
    Zanessa would’ve made it so much better out there ..
    stupid award .. i so hated mtv awards this year ..
    most winners didn’t deserve to win ..
    GO ZANESSA .. the REAL winners

  • marie

    they’re so cute and I’m sure they had fun!

  • ashRocKS

    gud they didnt win more ashley jared hullo?

  • Anne*baby

    I think you’re right @pink sugar
    she is taking the best award home!
    She’s so damn gorgeous!
    They are the best couple! I wish they had won best kiss!
    Twilight was a very bad movie, though I love the book. The only one who can really act is Kristen.
    And for those who say Vanessa can’t act: Shut Up! She is a very good actress, which is why she got this far!

  • awurbii


    I agree.
    Most of the people that I voted for did not win.
    Congratulations to all of the winners but some of them didn’t desrve to win.

    If this award show was not voted, Kristen Stewart would not have beaten Kate Winslet and Miley Cyrus’s The Climb would not have beaten A.R Rahman’s Jai Hao

    Come on, these people are Oscar winners. The MTV awards have little credibility. The awards show wasn’t very entertaining either. Everything has become so scripted that it has lost it’s flair.

    I understand Robert and Kristin winning best kiss though. I voted for Zac and Vanessa because i thought theirs was better . Considering that it was a Disney film, the kiss was really romantic but i do get why they won. It was the only award Twilight was up for that made some sense.

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    They look amazing as usual. Zacs hair is getting a bit long, however if he is growing it for his next role then it is understandable. Glad to see them back together. I was sad they didn’t win, but i think we all kinda knew Twilight were going to sweep, everyone i know seems to be inlove with that series all of a sudden (minus myself ofcourse). Hopefully V can prove herself as an actress in her upcoming projects. In a way i hope she choses continue with either acting or singing…as it seems as if most people who do both tend to fall in the industry. Hopefully she can prove all her critics and haters wrong.

  • awurbii


    You will come on and complain about Ashley haters but will do the same thing on another thread.

    There is nothing more anoying than a hypocrite.

  • awurbii


    “Ha! In your face. I’m doing one now.”


  • just fanatic for zanessa

    I soooooo agree with you!!! Zac and Vanessa reallyyyy are the REAL winners!!! And you know what: in MTV site wenn you vote you actually can see the persentages and you know what? Surprise surprise!! Twilight has 14% and Zac and Vanessa has… 81%!!!!!!
    I don’t know what MTV did buttt… THAT’S RIDICULOUS!!!!!
    I was sooo sad that Zac and Vanessa don’t won the best kiss I just don’t sleep all night!! I just Can’t :’( :’( :’( :’(
    And I am so sad that Vanessa is going to mentereal she will be without her Zacy!!! :’( :’( :’( :’( I am so sad!!

    Oh and by the way:
    - @danielle: I totally agree with you!!!
    - @pink sugar: OHHHH YEEEE!!! you got that right!!! Thas REALLY is THE BEST OF THE BESTS awards some body can have!!!!! OH YEEES it is!!!!! And just Vanessa can have it HA HA!!!

    Oh and for last: Do you really think Zac and Vanessa break up???? I DOOOON’T THINK SOOO!!!!!! Loock at this!! In your face haters, in your face!!!

    P.S. I am so sorry for my bad english I just can’t talk english I hope you understand what I just said.
    xoxo****ZANESSA FOREVER****<333333333333333333333333333

  • mayA

    is so sad that they don´t won because the deserve … is a shame that people like kristen and rob that did´nt like each other won this …
    no matter what happen zanessa is the best of the best…

    zanessa the cutest couple ever

  • will

    i´m sad

  • cant get enough


  • susan

    cutest couple i love them so much!!!!
    zanessa forever!

  • amami

    cute cuople

  • amy

    picture 5 – where did zacs free hand go ??? hmmm :P

  • hanahh

    ii like woke up at 5 this morning to check if V had won cuz im in england so we dont get to see the show till monday night.

    i lyk nerly cried. she deserved it so much.
    smetimes thught the votes can be not really valid, as the same person votes so many times so other fans maybe just had more time to do it than us vanessa fans.

    o well. she wins all other awards lol. cant wait till teen choice awards etc.
    she looks adorable. and the video of her and zac and friends leaving to go have a private party is so cute lol. having his arm around her and holding her hand.. xx

  • aw

    Gorgeous, they look to have had a good time.

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    I am not joking but I SERIUOSLY cried when kristen stwart and robert pattinson won best kiss!
    The fact that they DIDN’T even kiss was stupid!
    I agree with those who said that zac and vanessa were the real winners.
    Also poor vanessa! =(
    She didn’t win anything ALL night and she was nominated for 3 catagoires!
    The fact that she’s still smiling is really awesome!

  • nadine

    ahhhh..they’re so cuteee together!!!
    i love her dress!!

  • jeny

    vanessa leaves Los Angeles to Montreal this day

  • sweetnessa

    her dress is beautiful !

  • Katty

    Aw, Zacy is all alone now. He’ll be going to Vancouver soon, then V will join him in a little, don’t worry youngens.
    She looks realllllly good, if the dress was a little more curve hugging, it would be OMG wow. But she still looks amazing.
    I hope she had fun on her last night here!
    I hope we get movie pix!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Ok, this year’s MTV Movie Awards must have been a scam or something. The only people that I voted for who actually won was Zachary and Ashley. …This year’s awards was all about Twilight…they should have just named it the Twilight Awards. I was actually expecting Slumdog Millionaire or The Dark Knight to win for Best Movie. But it was Twilight here and Twilight there. ..Unbelievable. ..Besides that, YAY !! So glad Zachary won !! I was so sad that Vanessa didn’t win but I’m also happy that Ashley won..Ashley mentioned Scott in her speech. :D So cute. They all looked like they had an awesome time !! :D