Adrienne Bailon is an American Eagle Girl

Adrienne Bailon is an American Eagle Girl

Adrienne Bailon can’t wipe the smile off her face as she leaves with two full bags from American Eagle Outfitters in New York City’s Union Square on Monday morning (June 1).

The 24-year-old singer took a much-needed break from recording her debut solo album for Island Def Jam. Adrienne has been working with chart topping producers including Rodney Jerkins, Brian Michael Cox, and The Dream.

Adrienne‘s album is set to drop this fall.

10+ pics inside of American Eagle girl Adrienne Bailon

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Photos: Albert Michael/Startraksphoto
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  • Jocelyn

    I love her hair.
    She looks so pretty and different.(:

  • Jocelyn

    She would probably look better with side bangs though.(:

  • mine

    she is GORGEOUS

  • Chris

    Ookayyy, iC u Adrienne!:)

  • winnie

    i love her voice :)) shes an amazing singerrrr

  • Victoria

    I love her voice, but I don’t like her hair style or color in these pictures :(

  • just ask’n

    @mine: Why bring up Vanessa’s name, Adrianne was not always famous, it’s only now that the naked pics came out that she actually got noticed by other people in the industry. Stop bashing Vanessa, she was young, made a mistake and the pictures were private until some dirty jerk stole it just like they stole Adrianne’s pictures. And for Vanessa stating she would do naked pics for movies, if the role calls for it and she was into the movie and the part she states she would do it if she’s comfortable, my you haters really know how to turn words around so she always looks like the bad person, but that’s good because she will become famous by you idiots.

  • Terri

    Actually sweetheart, Adrianne was WAY more famous than V before anyone knew who the flying fudgesticks V was! Ever heard of 3LW? She was also famous in the Cheetah Girls even though at that stage, not as famous as Vanessa at that point, but still, the industry knew her before V.

    As for everyone else, she made the same mistake as Vanessa and became famous so if you can forgive Vanessa about the pictures that were “leaked” on “accidently purpose” than you can’t say nothing bad about Adrianne’s pictures!

  • billythekid


    I don’t know who was more famous first, since I only became aware of either of these two ladies during the past 1 1/2 years when they were both already known, but I can honestly say that Vanessa is definitely the more famous of the two right now (dating Zac Efron doesn’t hurt her presence). Nor does it surprise me that both are linked with “getting nu-de” as a way of exploiting the sex factor in promoting their careers. Where do you think Britney Spears career would be with just her music, and none of the sexual overtones she is famous for displaying? It does work.

  • nadeeya

    whats wrong with her hair?

  • aw

    She’s looked better.

  • Ale

    Why is she always trying to copy Kim Kardashian?!?!?
    She sooo wishes she was Kim….
    The style, the hair, the make-up……..
    Adrienne needs to get a personality ASAP!

  • pregnancy

    Love her shining hair the most!! :D

  • mine

    @just ask’n: Adrienne was more famous than Vanessa before the Vanessa’s picture scandal. The Cheetah Girls have sold more albums than HSM soundtracks and the CG have earned more over the years. Adrienne was more known and popular than Vanessa before her scandal so you can’t even judge Adrienne for what she did. And we’re not bringing up your beloved Vanessa, but have you ever noticed how much hatred Adrienne has been receiving on JJJ comment boards? Its time to defend, she made a mistake can everyone on JJJ stop bashing her 24/7? And Adrienne was more well known among adults then Vanessa was, and 3LW was a sensational top charting girl group. Just because you were born in 2005 doesn’t mean anything, Adrienne was more popular. And just face it, Vanessa’s scandal made her popular among men and adults while Adrienne was already known among adults before her pics came out because she was part of 3LW and the Cheetah Girls were sensational and really huge, and under promoted by Disney once HSM came out.

  • mine

    @Ale: she isn’t trying to copy kim kardashian, shut up hater. she is original and unique, adrienne is a billion times richer than kim, have you seen how much the cheetah girls have earned over the years? over 30 million!

  • mine

    @billythekid: disagree

  • Jamie

    I love shopping at American Eagle =)

  • Love american eagel

    Love American Eagle shop their alot that and Forever 21, urbanoutfitters and Hollister love those stores I think it’s cool that selena gomez and adrianna are so down to earth they actually shop at American Eagel.

  • moeriyah

    hi girl you is my bigges fan

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