Ashley Tisdale is Katsuya Cute

Ashley Tisdale is Katsuya Cute

MTV Movie Awards winner Ashley Tisdale goes for lunch at Katsuya restaurant on Monday (June 1) in Studio City, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 23-year-old Guilty Pleasure girl was seen holding hands with boyfriend Scott Speer.

Tonight, Ashley is expected at the opening of Madame Royale, Hollywood’s newest exclusive Parisian lounge. Also expected to attend: Ashley Greene and Matt Dallas.

10+ pictures inside of Katsuya cute Ashley Tisdale

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  • cara


  • lauren

    katsuya/koi/kitson=all place you go if you WANT your photograph to be taken. I live in LA and there are always photographers at those places! Anyone who goes there is going for the attention. Because trust me, there are MILLLIONS of amazing asian restaurant places around here where you could have some privacy, but just as good, if not better food. famewhore.

  • ELLY

    her and vanessa hudgens get on my nerves. they both blabber on about how much they hate the papz yet the both always seem to go where any human being knows the paps are gunna be! ok then. ash should take out the extensions as well, they look super fake. but her outfit is cute..

  • kirsten

    her nose job made her resemble a rat/mouse..her face is so narrow and skinny!!! my gosh!! i mean she isnt ugly though..shes cute!


  • Megan

    #3: It’s no shock. She did a great and amazing job in HSM 3. Even though she played the villain, she still made ppl fall in love her. That was a hard thing to do. but she did it.

    YAY! Another candids of Ashley tonight!

  • http://jjj miley

    i love ashley! i’m really happy she won yesteday cause she deserves it all! :):):)

  • jenna

    i think it is surprising to people that she won b/c her role was *A MEAN GIRL* which everyone knows its not challenging to play, i mean hey girls are mean all the time, well most girls, but there’s always those sweet girls, but compared to Freida! Miley! Vanessa! and who else was in the category? they had to act dramatic! COME ON, do you know anyone who won an oscar doing a MEAN girl character???? NO! So this is more like a popular teen bopper vote! who cares its just MTV AWARDS anyway! And awards should never define your accomplishments. So itt shouldn’t be TOO SHOCKING she won! so calm down people! Ashley is a great gal, maybe the mtv did rig it! maybe she got ‘hooked up’! maybe her fans kept voting! but so what… everyone needs their moment to shine and this was hers :)

  • MancH

    She is Cute

  • a

    wow great to see you Ashley!
    hmmm MTV awardee, surprising yet shocking! well i think she deserves it…

    but poor her, nothing’s on her table right now, because people in business/ Hollywood is/are not paying attention to this girl… i mean, look does she have any movies lining up? no! look at her other HSM co-stars grabbing some TV role or movie roles, but she? nah… i know she’s focusing on her music and she co-write some of the songs in her album, yeah she’s also producing, then what? there’s nothing!

    so i guess winning at the MTV awards, seemingly letting some people in Hollywood notices her, and yeah this is her first award(well good) and oh what a shame, she’s 23, nearly 24 and it’s her first time to got an award wow, and still getting roles for some teeny booper films?! (well not, getting, STILL on some teenny/kids movies, well who cares about aliens anyways) well yeah, so an advice Ashley, now that you won an award as a breakthrough female, i think it’s your time to grab some movie roles that is APPROPRIATE at/of your age, okay…

    i’m not jealous, ’cause there’s nothing to be jealous about her

    and i’m not a hater either, just stating/opinion, but if you call me a hater then it’s your problem not mine

    so ashley, GRAB now before Hollywood forgets about you.. hello if you’re in business you should have something to get notice, well maybe not getting notice but let people know that your also doing something
    (never mind about your singing career, your music is everywhere)

    but girl, your strength in Hollywood is your acting, so don’t waste it if you do have any chance, to do some mature roles breakout from disney, and don’t let your music be in the way, chose some roles that can nearly break you out from disney, so if you’re trying to get away from disney, then do and grab some roles, of course you don’t want all your life to be recognize as a disney starlet but let them know how good you are at acting and yeah in singing too… okay

    but yeah your outfit is cute.. ;)

  • ash rockz

    She looks so gorgeous <3
    Her outfit is damn cute.
    She has a great fashion style.

    C’mon guys: Why’re you still talking about if Ashley should have one or not? IT’S OVER & ASHLEY WON! Gosh, everyone should accept it now!
    And of course she deserved it!
    She’s a great actor! She played the mean girl all the time but she made people love her. Not everybody has got such a big talent. Ash is amazing & I really hope some producers will notice her for more adult roles! She’s got the talent!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    MTV Movie Awards winner Ashley Tisdale <3
    loved that <3
    yay !
    we’ll see new pictures tonight. :)))
    love ashley
    whatever people say,she is on her own way !!

  • RTT’s

    yay, pretty :D
    <3 Ashley!
    She totally deserved that award:)

    People, can’t celebs just go to a restaurant to eat?
    They are not trying to get attention!
    This is getting annoying.

  • katie

    @jenna: if it was just a teen bopper vote then Miley or Vanessa would have won!

  • michelle

    Gosh, all these jealouse people…
    You really have to deal with that!
    It’s not Ash’s fault the paps are following her everywhere.
    Stupid people…

    She’s pretty & her style is amazing *.*

  • janice

    exactly…if this wasnt a teeny bopper VOTE , it is surprising that vanessa & miley won, right… it points toward more that thE MTV AWARDS WAS RIGGED!!!!

    or…it could be that miley has more kiddy fans while vanessa has a mixture of all…and also had fans in their teens and 20′s!! she is going to be in more serious roless now kind of like a jessica alba kind of gal or angelina jolie!! & they can do romantic and kick butt too!

    ashley is like always in teeny bopper hilary duff kind of things…she’s 24 and acts/looks like a teen! she is need sophisticated at all!!!! no matter how sexy she tries…

  • ranesha

    why everyones gotta be hatin on this girl for winnin’…..IF ITS RIGGED, OH WELL..ITS JUST THE DAYM MTV MOVIE AWARDS…AINT NO BIGGIE!!!! JUST LET THA GIRL DO HER THANG!!

  • katie

    Why can’t people actually like Ashley AND Vanessa? Ashley won, she deserved it, GET OVER IT! I’m so bored of Vanessa fans bitching about Ashley and vice versa, it’s so childish, seriously.

  • ashleyyy

    she is SOO beautiful!!!!
    she looked HOT that the MTV awards <33
    i wish the Best for Her

  • ashRocKS


  • tara

    @janice: Gosh,Get over it. Ashley Won and that’s no surprise! How do you know Vanessa has a mixture of fans of all ages? Maybe it’s the same with Ashley? You have no idea, so stop talking crap
    And STOP Comparing Ashley and Vanessa. They’re both way too different! and STOP bashing Ashley all the time. I can’t stand it. It’s do damn annoying, childish & cursorily!

    Ashley looks very pretty in this outfit.
    I’m glad she won <3

  • Holly

    She’s so cute! Gotta love her, i know I do. (:

    and not that I’m sad about the lack of Ashnessa or anything, but how come they don’t hang out anymore? Besides having like three pictures taken together at the movie awards, and that one event where they wore matching blue dresses like a month ago, when was the last time they hung out? Ashley’s just always with Caroline and Sammy nowadays, and I don’t know what Vanessa does as I don’t read about her, but I think it’s safe to say those two are not best best friends anymore. If anything I’d say Caroline is Ashley’s best friend and maybe Samantha.

  • Holly

    Heck, I’d love to see if Ashley and MILEY hanging out again. I mean, why didn’t Vanessa go to Ashley and Jen’s BBQ the other day? Miley did xD

  • VHUD-fan

    she looks ugly
    and i still in shock
    i mean how did she win !

  • VHUD-fan

    she wasn’t in the US idiot

  • Megan

    See, there are still some Vanessa’s fans who have been trying desperatedly to find an excellent reason for the super pathetic loss of Vanessa and Zac.

    Atleast she has a huge fanbase, otherwise she will end up just like her friend so called Vanessa. Ashley is gorgeous and sweet to her fans. She’s having tons of new projects coming soon. Now she’s just focusing on her album! Which will outshine Vanessa’s annoying album! Damn, I can’t wait for this girl to dump that Vanessa!

  • jeny

    Megan does not look but I think that you are the person who enters vanasbranique now say things against vanessa here and say that in vb fans vanessa sos sos if the same person. ashley just this album and a film that will teen witch is making for years to know that the film may be that the album is better than ashley of vanessa, but that does not mean ashley vanessa is better than everyone has only his talent that stands out because she vanessa if you have tons of projects, badslam, beastly, sucker punch, dead @ 17, and they want vanessa in this house of night is a vampire novel that made into a film because I tell you the same writers of the book said on GORMORNING AMERICA (GA). Vanessa if you have searched very good producers like Zack Snyder hopefully continue to make more movies that God bless her. ashley instead focused only on music, and producing television programs of his production company.

  • stella

    yay im excited for Madame Royale tonight!! Its gonna be epic

  • Ashley

    You do have to wonder. I mean Vanessa won the Kids Choice Award over Ashley and she won more Teen Choice Awards then Ashley and now all of a sudden Ashley wins things? It is strange.
    I always wondered about that I mean just go to they’re outside Vanessa’s house everyday she can’t avoid them. But makes fun of Ashley on twitter saying that she’s trying to get attention. I mean there’s got to be dozens of coffee shope in LA why not switch it up every now and then so the paps don’t always no where you are?

  • nina

    @Megan: I agree with you! You’re right!
    Some people don’t understand that Ashley concentrates on her new album at the moment. We will see what’s coming next! I’m sure she has lots of offerings.

  • josh

    OMFG she looks beautiful! <3

  • jeny

    I always feel that Ashley Tisdale would draw attention, that always wants to paparazi are not yet making daily, it helps to get more publicity because his album will get something else it does is use that and put all of the twitter which for me is waste of time, only the real famous not lose time using these things, everything that makes up ashley always publishes ba go to the bathroom if he releases too. you should find that this girl does not make it more just because it won an mtv cree was all a diva that night luck was not with her because they deserved to win. Another thing I fixed is that the day of the same look that mtv fergie envy is great in the entertainment world, I do not know why is not a face transplant as this old and ugly and horrible that your nose him to become better or whether it is possible to disappear from the earth to no longer publish this stuff, ent for the fans but I fell so bad as that idiot Miley Cyrus.

  • kara

    you people need to learn english before you comment on here

  • Scashley Lover; x

    she looks amazing!
    so glad she won!
    why shud she have to change her whole lifestlye just to go eat and get coffee. thts so stupid. she dosent have to drive far away for little things like that. Just leave her alone. paps are like stalkers they WILL follow and find you! and people do tell the paps that theirs a celeb around.


  • ashley tizz truefan

    she looks so good and i luv her outfit !
    GO ASH U ROCK !!
    she so deserves it !

  • ZJ207

    @jenna: i just wanna say that this caracter isn’t ashley’s first role… she played so many roles before, and proved her good acting in all of them.
    I know this award is for HSM3, but she won because people love her acting in different roles, which none of the others played before!

  • lucia

    oh, please
    If you are not a fan of her, why are you wasting time writting those comments!??
    If you don´t know she is going on tour! she is going to film a movie! (She said it on an interview) and it is Aliens on the Atic(this is another one)!
    PLease don´t have her only cuz she won! She deserved it, don´t be so child!!

    She looks gorgerous! love her

  • sean84

    well shes beautiful lol

  • ZJ207

    she looks so hot as usual! I love her <3333
    so glad she won the MTV Movie Awards! It shows the loyalty of her fans <3 :D WE LOVE YOU 4 EVERR ASHHH! :D

  • kim

    Aww she looks beautiful as usual
    Am so happy she won she totally deserved it!!! She always puts passion at what she does and hard work
    Haters r so funny they always crack me
    Just accept the fact that Ashley actually has fans and they voted for her
    They r just shocked and surprised because not a lot of Ashley fans comment on her post like they do in vanessa’s post because they don’t waste their time bashing on someone else like some people do
    and who ever said it was because nikki fans? does she even have fans? lol seriously
    Anyways if u wanted someone else to win u should of voted instead of complaining.
    btw who ever said she didnt have any movie or project lined up besides her new cd ?
    ashley is ganna do a remake of “teen witch” which was an amazing movie but after she is done with tour, and everything she ganna be doing with her record ”guilty pleasure”.
    cant wait to see the pictures of tizz at the Madame Royale
    shes absolutely amazing lov her and i cant wait till GP and aliens in the attic

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    you forgot something.ashley wasn’t nominee of these awards when vanessa won.if she was she would have won !
    compare mtv movie awards and KİDS choice awards.
    v fans say she has grown up faster than ashley and they say she has kids awards,ashley has mtv awards.

  • ashleytizz lover09

    megan is right
    ashley album will be OUTSTANDING THAN vanessa album
    vanesa album was good i must say but


  • Rocio

    I don’t know a lot of english, so I hope you can understand.
    Can you stop of say if they deserve it or not? If she won is because she deserve it. If another girl would had won you are going to complain. Nothing is good for you. You always find a problem. All items are mixed, first you talk about Vanessa, then you say that Ashley loves to be the attention of the paparazzi, then you talk about her operation. Do you know what? Vanessa & Ashley are friends, and also great artists. They don’t need won an award to be recognized but if they won is great, obviously. Ashley made her operation to feel better. Because you always disturbed Ashley about her nose. And now that she had a ”new” nose you continue complain. Nobody is perfect. You always find something to disturbed Ashley, Miley, and Vanessa. Everyone always found something to criticize or complain about something that they do. But STOP with this! The fact that Ashley had an operation, doesn’t mean that se changes as a person. Ashley continue being she. She doesn’t go to those places to draw the attetion. Because the paparazzi will waiting she outside the restaurant she doesn’t have to go there? You are very wrong. Ashley is a normal person, but because she is famous all the world put their eyes on her or Miley or Vanessa. She can do EVERYTHING that she wants. Put on her place, if you be famous you will stop to do things that you like? I know, that the paparazzis are always following them, but they are just like us. I think that we wouldn’t change if we become famous. Maybe we have to take care about ourself but we are not going to stop to go some places that we like because the paparazzis are following us.


  • Megan

    Sorry but i don’t like vanashbrenique so NO. I don’t go to it.

  • a


    ‘ashley is ganna do a remake of “teen witch” ‘

    oh please no! doing teen witch is not showing that she’s now all grown up! she’s gonna be like 26 nearly 30… she should stay away from teen movies!

    i know you ashley fans would support her doing this but hello look on the negative side, no great producers are going to notice her! what is she going to do, stick to teen movies in all her life! and saying through her music everybody thinks that she’s more mature and grown up, well it’s only for HER MUSIC as a singer not for herself as an actress!

    she’s 24 and still going to do teen witch which is bad idea t her career, i thinks it’s her manager’s fault for putting her like this, Ashley’s been to some TV show and some quite movies, and she has great acting experiences, i think her manager should have book her some movies before she turns 20, not after she turns twenty, i think it’s not a good step in her acting career, remember your strength is ACTING and now do some MATURE roles…

    but w.e if she likes to do this then it’s her decision, a great move for her BUT a bad move for acting career in her age

  • diamond

    dont like her sorry but love the hair

  • jeny

    vanessa does not need more just because he lost a mtv movie awards to the best in the future wins a Golden Globe, SAG awards, so many major awards that can win many great movies you have. And let me tell you that the KCA for children and adolescents are like the followers mtv ashley has more children than adults.

  • angela


  • Megan

    Wow jeny, u should learn English before you post a comment in here!

  • KimAlojado

    Katsuyaa. :)

  • mykamicks

    @ you’re right.

    Ashley should go more on mature roles now especially of her age now.. Hope her team management has plans for her career move..

    Just like to point out One, there should no comparison between Ashley & Vanessa. They are Distinct & Different. Person. Achievements wise, they have gone far. If one won & the other did not , what is all your point? If one has able to do some lucrative endorsements, projects , ahead of finishing 2 albums etc…. does it make any sense with you loyal fans? These two people doesnt even know that their fans were competing because of them.

    Wish these two ladies could reach out with you especially on this thread that there is always a a word war exist. Come on guys, Ashley & Vanessa were not competing each other…. They would be more appreciative towards your words, I bet if you stop throwing nonsense word , you grow mature doing it everyday of your life everytime you see their pics coming out & posted by JJJ…

    I always thanks Jared for his untiring features of the hollywood celebs..