Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Get Mo's Munchies

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Get Mo's Munchies

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Gaston grab a bite to eat at Mo’s Restaurant on Tuesday afternoon (June 2) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old starlet tweeted this afternoon about BFF costar Mitchel Musso‘s debut album. She shared, “congrat @mitchelmusso!!! your record is really awesome! welcome to hollywood and walk away are my 2 favs! so proud of you! whoo #2 on itunes.”

Mitchel responded, “Miley You’re the Best Friend In the WORLD!!!” Awww, such great friends!

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Credit: LA; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • cherise


  • Libsss


  • Libsss

    yes, second! i love mileeees <3 you are the best follow me :)

  • Libsss

    btw.. i love her haaatt
    i <3 Jesus and i’m not afraid of say it!
    i’m copletely catholic
    love yaaa mileeey

  • http://... juancho

    first yeahh

  • http://... juancho

    damnnn 5# sorry

  • Bella

    Love Miley…not so much Justin…

  • jo

    She looks so cute and smiley… aw I love her friendship w/ the cast!


    lmao @ her jesus christ hat.

    god i love miley!

  • joecyrusfan

    Miley is so beautiful and smiley and happy.

    And what’s wrong with Justin, guys? What did he ever do to you?, or to Miley ! but give her his love to her ! just because he eww ECt. or Love Miley…not so much Justin ECt. to you ! but to Miley he is not and as long as Miley’s happy, we should be happy, too.
P.s ! so how would you like it or feel if people came up to said O I do not like your BF ! , & you do know that Miley reads theses comments hear on justjaredjr! ECt. so think about who feeling’s (Miley’s ) that you are hurting when you say this. About some she love’s .

  • Kim

    Wow. Mo Muchies. :)

  • Chantel Martinez

    follow me on twitter!!!!!

    im 10th!!!!!!!

  • KimAlojado

    PLease Follow Me On Twitter.

  • Chantel Martinez

    follow me!! on twitter!!! !!! go follow!!!!

  • mae

    miley cyrus to justin gaston

    heez, like, so, like, dreeeemy. like, yea. i tink GOD, like, mde him and, like, snt him down 2 beautifulise thiz world with his beooty and smartnessness.

    (Read in best Miley Cyrus voice)

  • lol

    This tool wants Johnny Depp to play him in a movie???


    What a delusional turd.

  • chris

    The only reason he has ANY paparazzi around him is because he’s with an underage tween star.

    So if he’s that “scared” of them, he could break up with her and go back to obscurity.

    Oh I’m sure Johnny Depp would jump at the chance to play him in a movie too! WTF??

  • katiecrawford

    hes wearing her hoody. kinda weird

  • diane n.

    umm… that jacket is a little to small, isnt it justin?

  • Charlie JohnSon

    Jesus Christ…….would not aprove of a 16 year old dating a 20 year old!

  • Jung

    She is verry beautifull and I think her hat is verry cute!

  • Mikayla

    Ohmygosh, I totally thought Justin was Miley. =\

  • -

    HaHaHaHa We got that he likes attention; he’s a 20 yr old dating a kid!!! And I got news for you, bud, you ARE that kid’s lapdog. Smiley jailbait dates backwoods bible boy with tattoos. YeeeeHah

  • k?

    He’s a 20 year old underwear model who is dating 16 year old Miley Cyrus of all people and he has the nerve to ask us not to judge him. Sorry, Justin, but you set yourself up.

  • .

    it’s sad that you have to tattoo your body just so people know your religious..does he actually practice his faith on a daily basis.

  • seriously

    he needs 2 go back 2 tha puond where he belongs…

  • hry


    LMFAO! me too. it took a second look lol

  • fan

    I don’t understand gaston
    he’s only known for being miley cyrus famewhore
    boyfriend and famous for following miley cyrus around
    Doesn’t he wanna be famous for something he does?!

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks cute but i’m still not liking justin… :S

  • lina-bella

    Miley is not that pretty but she is not that ugly coz she is soo very young. She looks old for her age. I dont get it: The father allows a boyfriend live same roof with underage daughter who is also the girlfriend? What is wrong with this picture? I hear that they are so “religious” and critized every single other people but yet this picture is totally wrong. Look at Miley, she is growing big and her built is totally not like someone innocent (you know what I meant), she is developing like she having some kind of extra curricular activities. WHAT do you think when 2 young people coupling in the same house. So scary and the parents is so guilty. The way she dress is so over her age. I am not so over Miley, totally dun care about this dude but those mothers who think Miley is a role model, should consider other option for their daughters role model. Should look into Dakota for instance. Dakota is sweet girl, low profile when she is such a big “A” in film industry. She has been working with all big names in Hollywood since she was a little girl. Such a humble girl and no craps AND NO OVER ACTING LIKE MILEY.

  • amy

    all of you justin haters are off. 1st of all Jesus loves Justin – 2nd – Justin does not live in Miley’s family home – 3rd – Miley’s parents & family love Justin – 4th no one knows their personal lives. Justin is so much better a person than any of you who keep writng these nasty things about him – because he does not judge all of you – he does not respond to all of your nasty comments. You all should stop this trash talk about Justin because Jesus does not like it & none of you are God. you all should grow up and get a life. & this is a story about Miley going to lunch – since when is that a crime. & if any of you call yourselves fans of Miley, then stop trash talking her boyfriend because I’m sure that is hurtful to her.

  • jimmy

    I come to a conclusion to stop saying bad thing about Justin. I don’t want to be part of group that Miley hate for scrutinizing her BF. Just ignore Justin if you hate him but love Miley…

    ps: yeah I admire Dakota too. Her acting skill is superb…

  • AndThereItGoes

    First, Miley looks amazing as always. Love her and I hope her announcement today is about a tour. Can’t wait. Second, u all can be in denial all u want, but Mustin is not a good relatínship. Justin is always preaching about God and righteousness, but yet skews God’s words by his actions. Obscene gestures, racy photos, seduction of a minor, and public drunkiness. It is only after all of this came out that he is suddenly “scared” of the paps. Why? Because they are starting to reveal his other not so innocent and pure face? In any case, it is Miley’s life and if she chooses this, then fine. But, if it goes badly, all those people who are not TRUE fans because we do not like Justin will still be here to support and help pick up the pieces.

  • DemiFan

    @jimmy: Some one who gets it!

  • ashleytizz lover09


  • victoria

    love jesus and her!
    him….i tolerate

  • mileyyyyyyyy

    She looks sooo cut
    i love her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billythekid


    Ok just shut the heck up about any sort of pregnancy rumor-mongering, ok? And, no, she doesn’t look old for her age, she looks like she is 16 to me and millions of other people. Just jealous – wishing you had what she has types – likes to make silly claims like that. And again, this guy DOES NOT live under her roof. He lives with chase pino and garret jiroux so far as anyone can tell. That’s 3 guys under one roof with no Miley.


    You are either blind or just being facetious, or a combination of the two. Whatever can be said good or bad about Justin, there will never be any confusing him for Miley.

  • blah

    @ amy; yup u said it “no one knows their personal lives” so…how do u know he’s such a good person?? Just be quiet cuz ur twisted in ur own words: for all u know justin could be a DEVIL in disguise, how do u know he’s not using her?? U don’t! So let other people have their own opinions about this relationship & I agree, I’m pretty sure Jesus Christ wouldn’t approve of this relationship!

  • h

    i wonder what miley’s text message says

  • amy


    I find myself agreeing with you all the time!

  • amy


    I believe you are the Devil! and my opinion is not really about their relationship – because that is none of our business – but my opinion is about Justin as a person. I believe Justin is a decent guy & kind hearted. & does not deserve to be abused by people just because he is friends with MIley.
    You obviously are NOT a kind hearted person. good luck with that. I’m pretty sure Jesus would not approve of the abuse people like you have dumped on Justin.

  • sara

    i loveee her hat
    Yeahhh :) JESUS CHRIST
    Im Hungryy xD

  • mykamicks

    Love them ..They are just like the younger version of Zac & Vanessa…

    Dating places they were into lately…. Mo’s Koi, Katsuya, Yogurt tree etc….

  • amanda

    @lina-bella: How do you even know that they live together..?! andd she does not look old for her age. Have you seen demi?? And that picture she posted on her twitter at the popstar photoshoot? Now SHE looks old.