Demi Lovato: Death Becomes Her

Demi Lovato: Death Becomes Her

Demi Lovato gives a friendly wave to paparazzi as she leaves an optometrist office in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (June 3).

The 16-year-old Sonny starlet just returned from a much-needed vacation. Demi also joked around on her Twitter that she was going to make a new perfume. She shared, “Btw everyone, gonna make a perfume called death…… ‘Wow you smell SO good! What are you wearing?!’ ‘DEATH.’”

TELL JJJ: Would you buy “Death” by Demi Lovato?

10+ pics inside of Demi Lovato picking up new contact lenses…

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Credit: Nathanael Jones/ Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Carly

    Maybe, have to smell it first. ^__^
    That movie “Death Becomes Her” also gives me nightmares for some reason! o_O

  • aw

    She looks cute.

  • jo

    Aw shes back :)

  • cami

    Gosh, I love her <3

  • Glimh

    she looks so cute and i would deff buy it..just cus it sounds cool hahaha

  • RadtasticRenny

    if it smelled good, suree! but she
    was joking around.. haha. :DDD

    & her outfit is so simple, but it’s so
    cute! seriously, i want it. haha. esp-
    ecially the scarf! & the bagg! :DD

  • Libsss

    love her sunglasses! and of courseee i’ll buy her perfume all the way <3

  • rosie.

    shes already back? hahah she was gone like what. a few days?

  • smiley

    yaaay demi is back! i love her.
    can’t wait for her and selena to reunite! :)
    *reunited and it feels so good* lol random singing moment

  • Mkaaa

    Actually Jared, you got it wrong. Her optometrist appointment was LAST wednesday! She even tweeted about it:

    Phone interviews all day, Eye doc, Wardrobe for CR2!, Rehearsals….. Beach with Rob? :)
    3:10 PM May 27th from web

    Plus, Jenna Schubart said that they were swiming with dolphins today. So Demi’s still in Paradise Island :)

  • nessa

    awee she’s already back! she is such a busy girl!!!

    ahah she is hilarious.. a perfume called death.. it doesn’t get much better than that :]!!

    demi is gorgeouss and ohh so talented!

  • ELLY

    omfg how cute is this girl?! her mom is hecka fake looking though. but demi is adorable. love her style

  • mersadieez

    yaaay shes back!!! now it’s time for all the princess protection program press! woohoo can’t wait to see her and selena reunite. . . .physically like actually being seen together lol

  • http://iasrg Jay!

    She’s lost a lot of weight even though she barely weighed anything to begin with haha
    and i think she’s still on vacation, this may be old

    gooo demi

  • mersadieez

    yaay! she’s back! now it’s time for all the princess protecton program press! selena+demi=woohoo!

  • nathalia

    she’s sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!
    i love her

  • Toni and Angela :)

    I love demi… She looks gorgeous as always :)

  • Angie


  • Danni

    i really like her purse. does anyone know where she got it?please let me know. i would love to know.

  • anon

    she’s not ! this was from last wednesday! anyway she looks so freaking cute andi would so buy that hahaha she’s so funny!

  • Lizzieie

    i would buy it. totally. Danni, i think she got it at Prada. but im not sure but i think so. check online.

    anywho i would like, totally so buy it and wear it. even though she may have been joking. :)

    i ♥ u Demi…………u rock my sox! i love u so much keep writing music!

  • Andrea

    She´s sooo beautiful,, LOVE YOU DEMI,, Her vacations were pretty short

  • tara

    SHE IS SO CUTE <33 haha
    i wanna see her on tour but no canda :( :(
    oh wellzz..

    any thing by Demi is cool <33

  • tara



    Guys…can we all start a new nickname for Demi???
    Her new nickname will be : Demz Lovatokinz :)
    maybe not Lovatokinz ( sounds like WEBKinz)…but i like Demz…

  • LJ

    She looks gorgeous, as always !
    Her outfit looks simple but it looks really good on her, she’s so cute. She has really great style. I freakin love her : )

  • mary

    i love her whole outfit

  • cassy

    what kids birthday party did she steal those glasses from? “death” isnt her style :s hope it was just a “joke”

  • twilightlover108

    I would totally buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

  • http://jjj miley

    she’s really cute and yeah i would buy it if it’s good! :)

  • Carolina

    Of course, I’m sure that pefume will be awesome :)
    She’s the best, no matter what :)

  • Carolina

    Haha I loved ‘Demz’ x)

  • Mel

    I love her
    she’s so cute

  • smashin’ pumpkin

    well, as long as it doesn’t smell like death i’ll buy it ;D
    but the name’s cool!
    she looks cute in this pictures.

    i recently realized that she’s really the same. i mean, i was shocked about some pictures, because she’s really the best as a rock girl :D
    but she’s still so authentic, so talented and so ROCK. it’s really just maturing …

    i mean, there are just still soo many pics of her with band shirts, black make up, black jeans etc., especially on stage, but not only.
    there are a lot of webpages you can see it, but jj almost never shows them -.-

    …it might sound cheeky, but such pictures really allay me :D

  • http://justjared phoebe

    pshhh. i would totally buy it! lol. luv da outfit. and demi! :D

  • http://dunno Sophie


  • Kaitlen

    OMG! i was just at Forever 21 and saw those glasses, i actually dont like them, they have a extreamly weird texture. lol. But the rest of her outfit is cute. I would buy it….i think, i dont know. Death doesnt smell good so i dont know how the perfume would smell lol, but if it smelt good id wear it, that would be awesome.

  • KayC

    @Mkaaa: Omg have u guys see demi’s So Called New Boy friend Humberto Miranda he is some actor Dose any one know any thing about him? Who Is He

  • Jocey

    Omg have u guys see demi’s So Called New Boy friend Humberto Miranda he is some actor Dose any one know any thing about him? Who Is He. OMG I saw some pics with her and him holding hands awwa

  • Ally

    OMG OMG Omg have u guys see demi’s So Called New Boy friend Humberto Miranda he is some actor Dose any one know any thing about him? Need more info

  • Shasta jacobs

    i hope she really does that!!!
    that’s awesome!!!
    i would totally buy death! xD

    i love demi!!!

  • Maddie

    lmfao. no i wouldn’t buy it.
    but only cuz perfume makes me feel sick. xD
    i wonder what it would smell like….? loll.

  • Anna

    OF COURSE I WOULD BY IT!! :D lol i LOVE demi. anything about her is beautiful and good smelling! haha! that sounds wierd!!! LOL

  • maria

    uhh… WHAT?! why would she name her perfume Death???
    i’ll have to smell it 1st. u nvr kno it could b THE best perfume in the world! :D i cant wait! :]

  • Molly Mollz

    I don’t really wear perfume that much, but if it smelled good to me HACKS YA I WOULD BUY IT

  • tami


  • http://nicki_jessica Nicki

    Why is she so negative always?”DEATH” doesn’t show anything cool or whatsoever she’s thinking of!

  • em

    errr not. how weird.

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