Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Jubilant For Joan's

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Jubilant For Joan's

Joe Jonas and girlfriend Camilla Belle share a smile with each other as they head towards Joan’s on Third cafe in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (June 3).

The 19-year-old musician debuted his rendition of Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” today.

Camilla, 22, was just cast in After the Wedding. The movie tells the story of a expatriate social worker who runs a Mumbai orphanage on a tight budget and receives a mysterious multimillion-dollar donation from a Western businessman.

25+ pics of Joe and Camilla going to lunch together…

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  • britney

    Aw his smile. Looks like a little boy x] He looks happy.

  • Natalie

    I think they’re so cute together

  • m

    he looks like her little brother instead of a bf

  • katherine



    they would have looked if taylor was walkin with him,, though i think she’s a lil bit stuck up ,, dunno why !!
    && come on joe ,,she’s older than u with 3 yrs ,,

  • Kenzie

    Awwwh. Joe’s smile is beautiful. (:

  • danielle

    HATE HER. (: shes so stupid.
    date taylor again, thanks.

  • MissM

    Joe looks happy, but I dont like Camille!

  • amanda

    i never really noticed it but u can see that he’s younger than her!
    especially in his and her’s age u can see the difference cuz he’s still a boy and she’s a woman… like #m said he looks like he’s her younger bro…not right

  • Karina

    I don’t like her too, but if Joe loves her, I love also love her…

    Joe smiling is soo beautiifuuul !!

    The most perfect smile ever !

  • joceelyyn

    wonder what he trying to do with this “new look” or why he changed it so drastically…

  • c

    well how convenient for her……new movie role…
    hmm gurantee she breaks up with him by the end of the summer while he will be on tour and she will be on her way to film the movie

  • beck

    he looks so happy :]
    im happy for him and her!
    they soo cute together!

  • duddeee:]

    At least he’s not trying to go all private like he did with Taylor, that got annoying. It’s like We know you’re dating, just admit it! Stop all of this sneaking around crap.

  • cc27

    Awhh… Joe looks soo cute , laughing and all :)
    I Appreciate That Camilla Is Making Him all Happy :)
    I totally support Jomilla/Jamilla <3

  • Libsss

    i haaaaaaaaaaaate camilla belle, better Jaylooor <3, but if Joe is happy i’m happy :)

  • amandiinhajonas

    não gosto dele com ela ! /minha opinião

  • Caro

    Taylor, es una inmadura que al parecer jamas lograra superar lo de joe… en fin. como fans de joe deberian por ultimo, apoyar a camila & la relacion. se notaa que esta feliz

  • Leah

    They look really cute. I faced it I’ll never be with Joe. Hey if he’s happy I’m happy. Just jealousy kicks in way too fast. Hey they are both hot people:)

  • Leah

    They look really cute. I faced it I’ll never be with Joe. Hey if he’s happy I’m happy. Just jealousy kicks in way too fast. Hey they are both hot people:)

  • kj

    the way he looks at her…

  • Eve

    They look soo happy together! I’m not a big fan of Camille Belle…but the same here if he happy I’m happy!

    @c: I hope that doesen’t happen!

  • Casey

    Camilla looks like she should be Joe’s aunt.

    Anyways… Joe looks so happy it makes me want to throw up. :\

  • Jasmine

    I love them together, they look so happy, they are so cute.

  • Eve

    @c: I hope that doesn’t happen!!

  • Nicole

    I completely approve. Long time jn fans would know thyst she is Joe’s dream girl. And they’ll be dating for a year in almost 3 or 4 months, he’s obviously happen.

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    She looks a bit too old for hi
    Love his cute hair(:

  • katie

    aww come on guys, give her a chance. they look so cute together.

  • savannah

    he is the reason i dont like JB anymore :|

  • katie(:

    I just think this is curious:
    Joe & her are never shown together unless she has a new movie coming out…. ??? I think the whole things a publicity stunt.

  • katie(:

    I don’t care for her.

  • katie

    she’s old enough to be his aunt

  • cc27

    Most Of You Say That Camilla Is Using Joe… How Do You 100% Know That?
    Most Of You Also Said That Justin Gaston Is Using Miley Cyrus… & You Know what? Miley & Justin Are Just Fine!!
    Leave Joe & His Happy Girlfriend Alone, If She IS Using Him, Then Let Him Find Out Himself, But All I KNow Is That Right Now, He is happy as Ever :) & All You Fans Should Appreciate That.

  • badhabit

    i’ve seen a few pics. of them together and i still haven’t seen one single picture of them holding hands. and it really does look like their brother and sister. thats kinda gross.

  • ashley

    i like camille belle but it would be better if she brush her teeth better or somethin o and she stands wierd… just to sum it up i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate her

  • Althea


    Well said there. I am just glad they are happy. I like the way they look at each other. It’s adorable!

  • katie

    god damn it! i really hoped that little boy stealing skank was gone!!! why joseph!? why!?
    and he’s not making me feel any better by looking so god damn happy!!! ugh! sometimes it sucks just how much i love him. i hate her so f*cking much but i cant help but be happy that hes so f*cking happy!!!!!! kinda frustrating. >=(

  • Annabel

    I love them together. I don’t care what anyone says.

  • Hannah

    So freakin cute. (:

  • Hannah

    @badhabit: Obviously you haven’t seen the Dodgers Game pictures. They’re holding hands. And there’s another picture of them holding hands but I don’t know where it was taken at.

  • selene

    People just because she is 3 years older than him that dosent mean anything. im sick and tired of people saying ‘common joe shes 3 years older than him’ so what age dosent matter is the love that matters and im hearing other peoples saying ‘i cannot believe that he dosent see that shes using him’ and first of all you dont know them or there relationship to know if camilla is using joe or not, 2 they look very happy together and that is what is important and one last thing STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with all of joe and taylor relationship that is past and they seem to live a better live now and you dont even seem to be fans of joe cuz your just making him feel bad when you guyz say bad things about his relationship with camilla. And i dont care if you people hate me cuz im telling the truth. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and one more thing joe can date who ever he wants cuz that is his private life and we cannot do anything about it so whoever joe picks to be his relationship partner is fine for me because all that i want is for him to be happy.

  • Kate

    haven’t you heard of the statement ‘love has no age’? what if camilla’s 3 years older? doesn’t matter! I mean, come on.. let them be!
    you’re all jealous, that’s why you say shs’e ugly and stuff.. She’s not ugly! Joe’s in love with her, and her with him, so.. please people, chill :) It’s their lives! Plus, they look cute together.
    I love Joe, and I admit that.. it makes me sad, but.. I can’t do anything about it. If you were true Joe’s fans, You would support him instead of saying bad stuff about his gf..


  • Kate

    @selene: I soooo agree with you

  • Eli

    I really don’t like her. But he is happy, and that is what matters.
    And she is good actress.
    But they still look like twins. BUT HE IS HAPPY!

  • Nazeefa

    @katie: Agreed. They actually look cute but what matters is that she makes Joe happy so haters should get over it.

  • Nazeefa

    @cc27: Totally agree with you. Sadly, no one will is gonna listen and stop the hate comments. :(

  • Justme

    u kidding right?
    Taylor is a psycho and she probably abused him that’s why he wants to break up. Camilla looks like a good gf.

  • Althea


    She is not a psycho! She was asked about Joe Jonas and she said nothing!

  • camille

    aw they are cute! i cannot believe those people how talks bad all the time about camilla, she es so georgeous, and him… well not THAT georgeous, but they both are a really cute cuple.
    and she is NOT old, she es like 2 years older than him
    stupid persons


  • j

    @Hannah: they did hold hands at the game and when the were in santa barbara but don’t you think its a little odd that there was no pda whatsoever now. They look more like friends than anything.