Vanessa Hudgens Channels Angelina Jolie

Vanessa Hudgens Channels Angelina Jolie

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a sexy pose in this shot from the July 2009 issue of Instyle UK.

The 20-year-old actress dished to the mag about her new house, her parents and the excitement about her upcoming role in Sucker Punch. Check it:

On her parents not wanting her to become an actress: “All the rejection is tough and discouraging. It’s so dog-eat-dog, and who would want to subject their girl to that world? But it was just something that I loved so much. Man, I can’t imagine myself away from the business.”

On not living with boyfriend Zac Efron: “I’m young. I should have my own place. I think that everybody should buy their own home on their own.”

On upcoming movie, Sucker Punch: “It’s totally my Angelina Jolie part. People are either going to love me for doing it or hate me for doing it, but I’m very excited.”

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Credit: VABN; Photos: Ben Watts
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  • Hannah

    first. YAY!!!! I love vanessa she’s soooo pretty :)

  • Vikkelso

    It’s a good thing that she tries something new, and not always the nice-girl-part.
    Eventhough Zac and Vanessa is cute together, it is still a good thing to buy her own place. They’re still young.

  • Karen

    Our Miss Beautiful!

  • m

    I love you Vanessa! so pretty it hurts

  • nikkki


  • Pauline

    she is gorgeous!

  • Lauren

    yeah i agree with her she should have her own house..who knows her and zac could break up tomorrow and its good she can have her independence from him…and also, she looks beautiful, im so jealous of her right now,ever since hsm shes just turned into this fashion icon, who is so pretty beyond belief…an, the picture where shes wearing a tshirt with necklaces, and her hair over her eye is the best photo

  • abi x

    i love her so much <3
    i am so gonna get this mag as soon as i see it :D
    and she is right about not living with zac , she is young, but she looks so gorgeous !!
    i love her , she is so amazing , and i am soo looking fowards to her new movie they are gonna be awesome <3

  • kimora

    omg, shes gorgeous.. i love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D

  • georgia

    ew. i dont want her on UK cover.
    gross. i hate her face.

  • aw

    The entire article was wonderful, I loved all her answers & the pictures to this shoot are gorgeous.

  • Rissa

    OMG! She’s so beautiful. So gorgeous and beautiful. wow.

  • Alyssa

    Vanessa is amazing!

  • Katty

    She looks beautiful, as always,
    Where are the Beastly pix, come on JJJ!

  • Karen

    Frankly—and this is someone older speaking here—IF they are not ready to get married yet then it is the best thing for them to have separate places. It gives them space when they need it and does not put as much pressure on them as a couple. They can also have a measure of privacy. IF the want to stay together at night nobody needs to know and the same goes for if they want to spend time apart. They are under too much scrutiny as it is and this gives them a space to be who they want to be.

    And for those who want to say it is Zac who does not want to settle down, maybe you should think again. But my guess is, they have taken each step of their relationship slowly and apparently have not asked anyone’s advice on it or cared what anyone else has thought. That method has seemed to work for them very well thus far so I’m sure they are not going to let pressure push them into something like marriage before they BOTH are sure that’s what they want.

    And those who cannot figure out what Zac was saying when she first said he was not going to marry until 40 if at all and then said well, maybe 30, doesn’t have a very realistic few of things. People use words like never or always all the time and they don’t mean that at all. It’s like someone saying “I’m going to kill you” and that’s not the truth at all. That comment which Zac made sounded like “We’re not ready to get married. It will be a while. Will you all mind your own business and quite pestering us with those questions. You’ll know if we are going to get married once we are married”. I don’t know why people make a big deal of it. We’ve all said things like that when upset. Some of you actually think he meant he didn’t want kids until he is 40 too when he answered Corbin’s question that one time. It was another way of saying, I’m not ready to be a parent now so don’t keep hounding me about it. However, yes, I will want to someday.” It doesn’t take Einstein to figure it out.

  • ayen

    Vanessa, love you. I hope to grab my own copy soon. ^^

    And this is a very, very good article.

  • FaIZAH

    i think Vanessa is soooooooo beautiful and awesome but i think it might be better if she doesn’t live wiv zac because she is young but they soo suite and look amazing together !! <3

  • Carol

    She is so mature.
    And she is so beautiful.
    I love her!!!!

  • tee

    She has left HSM and the petty tweens behind. She looks great here. She has moved to more adult things.

  • Naomi

    That was one amazing interview.

    What a lovely, poised, intelligent and focused young woman who refuses to get ‘caught up in the nonsense of it all’ !

    I couldn’t love her more if I tried! So so proud of her.

  • Zanlover

    Vanessa you’re amazing. Can’t wait to see Bandslam *___*

  • Helen

    Dear God.Shes so beautiful.
    i wish i could buy it
    man this makes me want to live in the UK
    But does anyone know if anyone has the scans of the magazine with the interview and everything?

  • fairycake

    I love V in the lacy dress, she looks so sexy!

  • e

    I loved the interview, the interviewer was right when he said that Vanessa is wise beyond he years, she’s such an amazing person.

    I loved what director Zack Snyder said about her:

    —– Snyder calls her a “triple threat” because she “understood immediately what I was trying to do with the movie and has the acting chops to pull it off; her dancing background gives her the physicality to be an action star; and, let’s face it, she is also beautiful”—–

    I love Zack, he’s amazing and such a fantastic director, I know Vanessa sees it as a honour to work with him and it’s obvious from what he said that he consider working with her an honour as well, I’m so happy that he wants her in his new film and I’m so happy that he is someone so brilliant and didn’t hesitate to give her the chance to try something new and prove herself as a actor. Can’t wait for SP.

  • istar

    i bought this today. she is so beautiful. i love this article…. @Naomi: you took the words straight from my mouth! lol :)

  • Ava

    I live in the UK and tomorrow i am totally buying this!!!

    She looks stunning!

    Love her, forever & ever & ever & ever… yeaaaa (no homo LOL)

  • carol

    OMG, sooo gorgeous! Love u Nessa!

  • star

    She looks so pretty! Her answer about her and Zac not living together was perfect, they are young and it’s nice to have your own space.

  • Ine


    i AGREE with everything you’ve said. i’ve been saying the same thing myself forever. haha

  • merary96

    @georgia: And how come that you are here!
    Gosh,I don’t understand people like you:If you hate Vanessa Hudgens,why are you putting you’re hate up?
    I mean,it doesn’t make sense.
    And btw is not decision if Vanessa is in the UK cover or not.
    If they wanted to put Vanessa in the cover it’s because they thought it was an AMAZING idea.
    And if you hate her face,then don’t buy the magazine.

    If I was you i’ll keep my hate inside,don’t trying to find what’s she doing and keep going with my life.
    I can’t believe that something easy like that,for you is hard to make it.

  • Helen


    Thank you.
    BTW-Love your website

  • dots

    Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.
    I love her so much!
    And I loved her answers.
    And I cannot wait until SP, I love her for taking that.

  • suzy

    I love what Zack Snyder said about her and he is right she is a triple threat.

  • heat.

    She looks gorgeous, and the interview was fantastic. All of her responses were very mature and carried across very well. She is a very intelligent, focused, and driven young woman. Love her.

  • laura

    love her…she looks stunning

  • Mandy

    Even though I saw these pictures about a month ago, still… she looks so mature for her age! But when I hear mention of Sucker Punch, it immediately brings to mind the article I read that a certain Mr Efron would cross-dress to get into that movie! To work with Zack Snyder AND of course the most crucial person starring in that movie. Baby V of course! Aww, young love! :D

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    She’s so unbelievably gorgeous <3
    Love how strong and independent she is for her age!
    Her & Zac are the cutest couple ever!

  • marie

    I’m so glad to see she’s so young and so intelligent!
    Vanessa will blossom this year with the parts she got! She’ll be brilliant!

  • hayguise

    hay guise im an indian lol

  • Mm.

    Wonderful magazine cover and article:D V sounds really mature and focused.
    I also loved Zack Snyder’s quote about Vanessa:

    Synder calls her a “triple threat” beacuse she understood immediately what I was trying to do with this movie and has the acting chops to pull it off, her dancing background gives her the physicality to be an action star, and lets face it she’s beautiful”.

    Take that V haters.

  • hayguise


  • Natalie

    #15 Karen
    Verrry well said, couldn’t have said it better myself ;)

  • zanessa

    zac said in one interview him & v are in a serious relationship

  • birdie

    This is the interview that i’ve been waiting for. She anwered each
    question with grace and maturity. The compliment from Zack Snyder
    was A+ . I’m so excited for her and her future. BTW-She’s stunning!

  • perry

    She really thinks she’s hot stuff. Angelina Jolie comparison….in your dreams Ms. Loser.

  • Katty

    I think Angelina is gross, V is so much better.
    She can do anything she puts her mind to, and if it is this, she can do it!

  • bob

    I see the Vanessa cheerleaders are out in full force today.

    Once again Karen, the psychologist, is spewing her psycho-babble. Do you ever try reading all the nonsense you write on these posts. Admitting your older and still here posting like a little kid about the relationship of two youngsters is creepy.

  • Naomi


    Didn’t you get the memo?

    It’s the Vanessa cheerleading day!

    Want a pom pom?

  • Rose!

    she is georgous! I love her and her personaltliy


    She looks beautiful, as always,
    Where are the Beastly pix, come on JJJ!

>>>>>>> staging1