Zac Efron Has a Hangover

Zac Efron Has a Hangover

Zac Efron keeps it casual in a jean button up at the premiere of The Hangover held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday night (June 2).

The Hangover is about three groomsmen who lose their about-to-be-wed buddy during their drunken misadventures, then must retrace their steps in order to find him. The movie hits theaters THIS Friday.

Zac, 21, was seen earlier today filming some scenes for HBO comedy Entourage.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • jess.passion!


  • chelly117

    yay first hopefully! zac is hot but think he needs to cut his hair!

  • http://WWW.THEANIMALRESCUESITE.COM amimalloverashley

    HOT!!! =D

  • lil d

    he needs a haircut!! But he still looks fine=]] xoxo

  • ella

    where`s vanessa? :o

  • marie


  • Marie

    Zac looks and Sexy.

  • Ellyne

    he cut his hair!!!!!!!!!! It looks like he trimmed it a bit, it looks really good in this picture, it looks good period, but wow hes gorgeous

  • staceey

    His hair looks good.

  • Karen

    LOL, Zac. That hair! I don’t mind it being a little longer but it’s getting to the point that I can’t wait for you to get busy filming your new movie so maybe after it is over you can get it trimmed or styled, or shaped, or SOMETHING! LOL

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Lol…it kinda looks like he actually DOES have a But he’s the only one who can make hangovers look cute. :D ..If that makes any sense whatsoever.. he looks so sexy. ..And I don’t think he even tried !! *sigh* Zachary makes me drool. ♥

  • aw

    Love him in blue.

  • jeny

    without vanessa in this premiere means that , vanessa is in montreal filming beastly with alex pettyfer and I want to see photos together

  • danielle

    OM dead sexy

  • m

    LOL he really does look like he has a hangover. he must be tired from filming all day

  • sunny

    ahh just a little bit, zac. let us cut just a little bit off.

  • Rissa

    @lil d:
    yeah, he really does, but he still looks great. haha!

  • michelle

    now is vanessa’s turn to be real busy! i miss seeing zanessa tog!

  • mari


    Me too ^^

  • yets

    Be a good boy zac!!

  • mykamicks

    Smokin hot ever! He has same polo denim with Vanessa (when she was in Beverly hills last time ).

  • zac is a rat

    I’ve a feeling now that Vanessa is out of town we’ll be seeing a lot more of Zac going out and suprise suprise he loooks happy and yet again Vanessa is’nt with him, and before it gets said I know that she is away filming it just seems that as soon as Vanessa goes out of town Zac is out and about all over the town and looking all smiley, I highly doubt he belives in the saying ‘ absence makes the heart grow fonder’ he looks releived and Vanessa does’nt deserve to have that done to her.

    I hope all goes well with her up and coming films the one that is due to be released soon to which I highly doubt will bother to go to the preimer of that and yes I know he will be filming his film but he should make a point of letting them know that he wants to be their to support his gf like she has done with him on numerous ocassions.

  • Kirsten

    zaccy boy you better behave well :)
    no worries..vanessa is faithful i hope you r toooz

  • leilani



  • ewredrrarw

    Hahahhaa is he high? lol he looks hellllaa highhhhhhhh but still hella fine! rofl ooo zac!

  • http://www. dianna marie

    …absence makes the heart grow fonder…

    this time will give them space from each other.. to miss each other *sigh* to test their romance….

    i think they have true loveeeee….

  • KimAlojado

    Woah!! He’s Still Handsome

  • nikki

    ooohhh what a HOT HOT HOT HOTTTT MANN ZACCC<3333!! zac efron is the HOTTEST guy to walk to this planet!!!! :D !!!!!

  • lucy

    He is so hot! And I wanna see more Zanessa, they didn’t pose together at MTV awards, although there were some minor PDA moments inside, I screamed everytime they popped up on camera lol

  • LOL

    Give it a rest people.
    This obviously a guy orintated movie. He is allowed to do things without Vanessa you know…..

  • Mandy

    LMAO Everytime I see his hair nowadays, the same line from Shrek always comes to mind.

    With soft and bouncy haaaiiirr!! :D :D :D

  • Stina

    he looks hot!!

  • steffi r

    yumm yumm yumm what a hottie. get a hair cut though!

  • zac is a rat


    You got that right Vanessa is’nt the one who has the wondering eye and flirts with anything that moves and it’s not her that we get the reports of who they have been sneaking around with when they are apart it’s always Zac and there’s no smoke without fire, the reports can’t always be wrong.

    And now he’s got the break that he wanted in the relactionship so I’m sure we’ll see him a lot more smiley when out and about and of course what he gets up to when he’s filming will be kept hush hush but it always ends up in the press so he does’nt do a goood job of hiding it.

  • Zanessa Is HOTT

    Awww..So cuteeee. But he looks like he has a real hangover :P. The poor thing. Must of been one wild night at the MTV Movie awards after party :L:L:L.

    Love you Zaccc!!!!!

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    When i read that & looked at the second picture i thought he was hungover lol. Though only he could make hungover look good :). I think he has cut his hair a little, it seems slightly more shaped.

  • katie

    Am I the only one who loves Zac’s hair this long? :)

  • istar

    @LOL: totally agree.

    anyways, he looks damn SEXYY. :)

  • flora

    @zac is a rat: GET LOST! zanessa always rock and he is ALWAYS happy with her!!!!!!!!!!!! so shut it!
    zac looks AMAZING with anything that he wears or any hair cut <3

  • Katty

    V is in Montreal.
    He looks hungover himself, but not everyone can look good all the time.
    He should be leaving for his own movie soon, right?
    I want more, Zac!

  • martha

    Ahh ratface, can’t keep away can you. This secret but rather overt obsession you have is rather pathetic don’t you think. Why you find it necessary to make vile comments towards someone who a) you don’t and will never know and b) who doesn’t actually deserve it, is beyond comprehension. I actually think you should have your little problem seen too, or just get out of the house more. Have you ever heard the saying that people who hate others only hate themselves more? You must be a very, very bitter person to hate someone you don’t know, so much. At the same time, I don’t know why you feel the need to somehow backhandedly defend V, when she doesn’t need, nor would she ever want, your comments, or so called advice. I hope you realise (though I doubt you actually do), that she does not read these comments, so they fall on deaf ears, so to speak. She is a very capable and strong young woman, and she is obviously very happy with Zac, as he is with her. If she weren’t she would not be with him, but she is, so that speaks volumes. It is actually nothing to do with us, what their relationship status is, or how they are together, but it effects us in no way whatsoever. It never will. As fans (though I have my doubts about some people), we should support them for their projects and career choices, their relationship is theirs only, it’s not ours to want, or discuss, or dissect. It’s unhealthy to be so damn concerned all the time. People need to concentrate on their own lives, and not be so hung up about someone else’s. Hate is not clever, and you know what they say, karma is a bitch….

    Vanessa has two amazing movies to shoot this summer, and Zac has Charlie (plus potential projects we have no idea about). Both will be super busy, and that’s an amazing thing in Hollywood. They are so fortunate, and they know so. They have each other and their families and a support system along with their blossoming careers. I have no doubt that Zac will go visit her in Montreal, considering he made the 3 day trip to Brazil to be with her, went to see her in various concerts last summer, and went to Texas too. And she him of course, having met him in Japan and visiting him on set. They support each other through everything, and the love is so evident and beautiful. The blurbs from Sunday night, them dancing close and not taking their hands of each other, and the video when they snuggled in the back seat of the van, just shows how strong they are and how much they value their time together. Hence the trip to Japan, making the most of the time where they can be together before they have to be separated for a while. Being older, I have to give them so much credit to the fact that they have stayed strong against adversity and support each other so much at such a young age, it’s amazing, and I don’t think that many people actually realise how amazing it is. At 20 and 21 respectively, their commitment and strength speaks volumes, this ain’t just puppy love people. Some adult couples, married ones, don’t act and support each other in the way that these two do, and that is incredible to see.

    As an addition to that, while they are separate, they are allowed to go out and do things. Zac is allowed to go to premiers, and to film guest spots, and to go to lunch or to the gym, or take meetings, or whatever. Just because V is away, does not mean his whole life stops. We don’t know how they deal with it, but mopping isn’t a part of it, and that is a very positive thing. They are two exemplary young people, both humble and for want of a better word, normal. Living out their dreams together, it’s wonderful.

  • dana

    I am so happy he is getting around, hanging with all the right people, networking and all that. I mean take a look at who was there last night, Bradley Cooper, Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) from Entourage, Jeremy Piven (who he filmed with earlier in the day), Justin Bartha, Jim Carrey, Brett Ratner, Jason Bateman, Eva Mendez, to name a few. All comedy greats, amazing people to mix with, plus the movie looks hilarious.

    The guest appearance on Entourage is amazing, so happy he got to do that, especially with Jeremy, truly awesome. No doubt he will go see V in Montreal, probably once she is all settled, to give her room to be independent. Charlie doesn’t shoot till July-ish, so he has time. Hopefully he is taking meetings for other amazing projects too. Cant’ wait, they are both so amazing!!

  • susan

    @ Martha.
    Completely Agree that was very well said.

  • pink sugar


    Go Martha, I totally agree with everything you said.

    BTW: Zac is damn sexy. I wonder if he going to the Lakers Game tomorrow.

  • zanessa4everr

    haha when i first read this i thought you meant ZAC HAD a hangover. it kinda looks like it too. but either way, he’s GORGEOUS!!


    Vanessa is away for filming beastly !


  • christina

    luv Zac!!!!

  • katarina




  • jessica

    were are the other people form high school musical.

>>>>>>> staging1