Kristen Stewart Loves Santa Monica

Kristen Stewart Loves Santa Monica

Kristen Stewart keeps it cool and casual in a gray tee and skinny crop jeans as she heads into an office building in Santa Monica on Thursday afternoon (June 4).

Earlier in the week, the 19-year-old MTV Movie Award winner was at Santa Monica Pier for her Allure magazine cover shoot.

Kristen‘s Allure cover will make it’s debut in November, the same time New Moon hits theaters.

15+ pics inside of Santa Monica Lover Kristen Stewart

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Credit: DS-ISM; Photos: FlynetOnline,
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  • Mrs. Nick Jonas!

    She’s so pretty!

  • lilli

    She’s sooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!

  • Jess

    she is always pretty, very nice i love her.

  • esque

    she drives a mini lol

  • esque

    she sucks at parking but she has nice rims.

  • Jess

    yeah car so cute

  • caroline

    now she’s driving a mini cooper .. cause she was driving an old truck she found while filming twilight !

  • pan

    i love how she’s just so down to earth and very chill. i love it! she’s beautiful!

  • Russian girl

    I love her before because she’s so natural, smart and down to earth. But after MTV Movie awards I’m absolutely adore her. She was sooooo cute)))

  • Libsss

    love her, she is so natural&beautiful. btww.. cant wai tot see her on New Moon!

  • joss

    i love this girl!
    she is definitely a natural beauty!

  • meinlove

    she’s sooo pretty! i seriously love this girl!

  • justina

    sheeeeeeeeeeeeessss soo soo soo prettyy! i hate live in argentina!! im so far away from all of them!

  • justina

    sheeeeeeeeeeeeessss soo soo soo prettyy! i hate live in argentina!! im so far away from all of them!

  • Emma

    She’s so cute! And beautiful! It’s not fair!! But that’s awesome that she got the cover of Allure! I can’t wait to read the article, even though I’ll have to wait until November. Oh well, same time as New Moon comes out!

  • Hanya

    anyone know what kind of jeans those are?? I love them, but I can’t seem to figure out what brand they are. sorry this is a silly question. Go Stew!

  • sean84

    well shes cute i fink butt i hav no idea who she is lol

  • georgia

    love her.
    so natural, casual.
    kristen ftw ;)

  • petey

    damn i love that waman!!

  • yashi

    WOW i happy to see that Kristen is getting more love now from people .Ive been a fan of Kristens work for years and im soo happy that things are going well for her , i hope she keeps adjusting more to fame but still remain herself


  • no comment

    shes F-cking HOT!!

  • saudia

    naturally pretty.. I like the colour of her hair, she looks great as a brunette

  • coii—kstew rockzz!!

    she’s soo fucking awesomeeee!!! and sooo pretty!!! love her!

  • Diana

    Kristen has rad style.

  • Tory

    shes so naturally pretty, i wish she looked like she CARED half the time.

  • mina

    i hope she doesn’t get a ticket for blocking a dive way. lol!
    BTW, KS looks so friendly when she smiles.

  • kamilah

    i wonder how long shes going to put up with this paparazzi bullsh*t. you can tell it irritates the hell out of her. her expression in one of the pics is like “seriously guys, your here again”. stay strong kristen!!! :D

  • ATwilightKiss

    Take care of that ankle, Kristen! :-)

  • listen to mayday parade

    yeah she is def gorgeous, but i cant stand her. shes so annoying and her style is frumpy… but she is growing on me.

    although i wish her and rob would just admit that they are dating. i dont think twilight fan girls will be that mad

  • katelynn

    shes soo pretty!! but i doubt this is true, but that shirt sure does look like a guy shirt, say robert pattinsons!

  • michelle

    She’s so naturally beautiful! No one can pull off an oversized t-shirt and jeans like KStew.

  • jee

    wash your hair kristen and rob!!

  • jgjg

    shes pretty but I hate her fashion sense.

  • Anna

    Wow she looks really pretty!! I love her as Bella!

  • Jackie

    I love how chill she is. She’s not like other stars where they wear their designer clothes and have their hair and makeup perfect at all times they think they are so hot and whatever. Kristen is just like in her jeans and t-shirt all the time her hairs a mess and she just looks amazing shes not big headed and shes looks so nice I’ve herd shes really nice. You go Kristen and dont let the haters get to you!!
    btw november is sooo long away

  • Cyn

    she doesn’t even have to try and she still looks good

  • Dee

    She’s pretty but I just want to punch her in the face. There is something about her that just annoys the hell out of me.

  • :P

    is that a cigarette box ? ciggs again ? :|
    kristen is awesome. she should just stop smoking.

  • trix


    Hey Dee could the reaon why you want to ‘punch her in the face’ be that she’s gorgeous, talented, popular, AWARD WINNING, drives a coooooooool mini cooper …… and oh yeah has Rob Pattinson all to herself ???? Just a theory !!!!

    Crazy fan girls, they are quite amusing really because if any of them even met Kristen they’d be giggling, autograph seeking sycophants.

  • brenda

    Follow the real Twilight stars twitter pages: @greeneash @kristenstewart9 @PattinsonRT @peterfacinelli @nhoustonreed @OfficialTL @CGigandet

  • brenda

    how she twist her ankle?


  • Julie

    she’s awesome! but did she seriously park in a driveway entrance in Santa Monica? Looks like she got away w/ it – those people out there are parking nazi’s! that’s funny! ha ha ha ha!!

  • Dee


    Oh please!!!! I don’t give a rats ass about Robert Pattinson, he’s a greasy, smelly guy. There are I’m sure millions of guys just as good looking if not better who actually shower. Sorry to dissapoint you, I want to punch her in that face because she’s a shit actor who’s getting all this attention for a movie that was absolute crap. I’m a big fan of the Twilight BOOKS but she ruined Bella for me. The fact that she won over Kate Winslet in her category is so hilarious and just ridiculous. What can you expect from the MTV Movie Awards though? It’s a popularity contest. I’m sure you including voted over 10 times for her. And believe me if I saw her in public I’d either give her a smack for being a crappy actor or walk away.

  • annnnnnnnnna

    She is great, I love her movies!

  • ida

    i really love her style…she is sooooo HOT and casual….i just wanna be like her