Vanessa Hudgens Shops For Home in Montreal

Vanessa Hudgens Shops For Home in Montreal

Vanessa Hudgens keeps herself warm in her brown leather jacket as she strolls through the streets of Montreal, Quebec on Wednesday afternoon (June 3).

The 20-year-old actress, who is in town to film Beastly, made a quick stop at Starbucks and also stopped by Ogilvy department store, where she picked up a new bottle of perfume. Vanessa was also seen with a realtor, looking for a summer apartment in the historic Old Montreal district.

Also spotted was Vanessa‘s “Beast,” Alex Pettyfer leaving the film studios.

It was just announced that Mary-Kate Olsen would join the cast of Beastly as Kendra, the witch.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens in Montreal…

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Credit: Todd G / John K; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Susanna

    1st! u look lovely, Vanessa. Hope the shoot goes well. Love u.

  • i love vanessa

    YEY ! thanks JJ!!
    love her so much she looks stunning , as always!
    love her hair like that !
    soo cant wait till this movie , bet its gonna be awesome !!

  • Kea

    seconde. :)
    She looks great. So cool that she got to shoot with MK. :)
    Love her.

  • Felicia

    OMG !!!! I live at like 20 minutes from Montreal !!!!!

  • istar

    yay!! some news of V. she looks awesome. can’t wait 2 see beastly :)

  • R*

    Wow i cnt w8 4 BEASTLY nd V looks amazing

  • emma

    Vanessa has said she admires Mary-Kate’s fashion aswell. So good to see her again.

  • pink sugar

    Hope she has a good shoot.

  • jo

    YES it’s starting y’all


    Good Luck, Vanessa! *-*
    That guy is just strange, but he looks cool

  • nicole

    love, love, love Vanessa

  • QueenBee


  • Masbonita

    YEAH!!!! ALEX AND VANESSA …. MORE PICTURES , PLEASE . She looks so cute ! Does alex have a cold ??? Even with a cold he looks good . GOOD LUCK !

  • zane

    Lovely Vanessa. She’s looking for Apartment for Zac to stay when he visits her! He!He!he!

  • michelle

    loving her style! i miss zanessa though!

  • Caroline

    I’m happy that she’s here..i live in Montreal who knows I might see her on the street.

  • Destiny

    OMG! She’s one province over from me! I was in Montreal like 2 weeks ago. She looks gorgeous!

  • zane

    thanks JJJ for updating us Vanessa’s whereabouts! We will surely miss her if no V sightings!

  • Carol

    Gorgeous as always..Even with no make-up
    Gosh I can’t wait for that movie!

  • nikii

    she looks great! and i love her style!
    alex looks great too!

  • Lauren

    ok why isn’t anyone writing about the fact that he looks like he’s about to throw up? lol. unless someone else has a better explanation.

  • Cass

    shes in montreal!?
    im gonna go find her LOL :)
    most probably downtown

  • bee

    Gah! So excited && she’s not even filming yet lol.

    Awh Alex <33

  • sheila

    i thought it looked like he was blowing his nose, sans kleenex…..

  • julia

    Oh yeah! ready for the beastly (L) .
    and vanessa how always look so pretty, i love her.

  • elle

    as much as i like vanessa, i’m really not excited for this movie.

  • ashlee

    vanessa is renting a house so her family and zac can come spend time with her. she probably doesn’t want to stay in the same place alex does to keep fanatical tweenie nut cases from starting rumors about her and alex being “so hot” together and shipping them into being a couple.

    this girl ain’t no fool. she may not read what young nut cases say on fan sites, but you can bet she hears about it from her sister, friends and management. fan sites that are filled with 10 yr old kids have become vanessa’s worst enemy. they do her far more harm than good. they are the ones who get all the nasty rumors started. because the tabloids cater to them and their sick, delusional fantasies.

    is alex blowing his nose into the street? eweeeee. hope he washes his hands before he touches anyone. yuck.

  • Sharkmanatee

    natural beauty……

  • brooklyn

    She looks great! It’s cool that she’s looking for an apartment for the filming time. Hope she has fun in Montreal, it’s a great city!

  • Russian girl

    I adore ALEX PETTYFER! He is sooooooooooo HANDSOME!!! This monkey (no, Vanessa is pretty but she is really looks like monkey) is so lucky )))

  • Sofia

    @ashlee: life and death of charlie st cloud is gonna star filming in june-july, i’m not that sure zac will have time to spend in montreal with nessa.:(
    but i do agree with all your comment about fan sites and 10 yr old kids.

  • Anne

    Vanessa looks so gorgeous!!!!
    she looks like a runway model in some of these pictures! and her close up face without make up is precious! Love it

  • tina

    Ashlee, Thanks for saying the truth. Of course, no one really likes to hear that.

    Vanessa looks great as always. Very excited for this movie for her.

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks really beautiful! ;)

  • Athenais

    she ‘s so pretty …

    Personnaly I don’t want Alex and Vanessa candids, I want only Zanessa candids but I’m happy to see Vanessa

    I love her t-shirt

  • Rosa

    Awww ..
    she’s so adorable ..
    and so cute *.*

  • paris H

    goood she’s So HOOOOOOOOOOOOt

    ican’t wait to see her new movie bandslam and beastly new

    love you nessa

  • pan

    shes cool and all but she just doesnt stick out to me. she looks plain…shes not pretty at all…without makeup she looks like a typical filipina just waking down the street. boring. she only looks good when she’s all done up with make up and hair.

    dont get me wrong i like her. i love the way she dresses herself up. but she isnt a great actress…sorry just my opinion

  • sony

    she looks stunning¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • undiscovered

    and evryone is entitled to their opionion !

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    Been waiting to hear about her!
    She still wears her ring…so cute (:
    Can’t wait for more pics and the movie!

  • Susie

    I like the fact that she is confident enough to walk around without make up more! Go baby V! YaY!

  • zanessa4life

    I didnt even look at the pics of Alex.
    I’m not interested in him at all :D
    V looks so cute and gorgeous and… everything.

    Well, kinda sad, I thought that she was still in LA and that she’d watch the Lakers game this evening with Zac.

    But anyway.


  • kami

    zac’s movie st. cloud starts filming mid july. he pretty much has june free except for some meetings and maybe reading with the people who audition.

  • Ava

    Everytime i see her i get more and more jealous. SHE’S GORGEOUS! Her beauty is just effortless.

    Can’t wait to see both films, Bestly and SuckerPunch. I heard that in SuckerPuch she will have blonde hair? …Mhmm if it is true, can’t wait to see.

  • vancrazed

    this is just the start of a very busy life for ms. hudgens. It fixin to get crazy. filming, promo for Bandslam, more filming (SP), album working and then possibly filming again, before promo for Beastly. she literally won’t stop till next summer. She is in demand right now, and I am loving it.

  • francesca

    i hope that she can shed her high school musical image soon…maybe in with this role? she has alot of potential…she just needs the right movie to show it! btw she looks stunning as always!

  • karishma

    Ahhhh Alex :) our British Heart-throb :)

    Hope the shoot goes well for them and she looks so pretty :)

  • adriana

    her hair looks shorter! she looks so much better with her bangs out of her face though!
    anyone know what kind of phone she has?

  • Karen

    The filming for Beastly start on June 15 I believe. Zac’s movie starts filming around July 15 or just a little later. I would not be surprised if he would go see her before going off to start his filming. Nevertheless, they will both be in Vancouver filming movies by August in August.